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How do I start my first website?

How to Start a Website in 10 Minutes with WordPress

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Starting a Blog

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Starting a Blog
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How To Starting a Blog

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is the webspace that physically hosts your blog.

With your own hosting you can “host” all the textual and multimedia material that will make up your website.

What is a Domain Name?

The domain is the address that identifies your blog.

When anyone in the world will type your domain will be directed to the hosting that hosts your blog.

All websites work this way

If you want here you have the possibility to check for free if your Domain name is available with Bluehost

(you will get a Special Price with Bluehost)

The buy of a hosting represents, like domain registration,

The initial and most important moment for the launch of a new web project.

Always focus on quality, even if you may find yourself spending a few dollars more.

Our advice is to start from economic and shared plans

(shared hosting: in practice, share the resources of a server with other users)

And then move, once your site is grown,

To more preforming solutions such as semi-dedicated plans

(Cloud Hosting) and dedicated solutions (Dedicated Server).

What will be in the future will be seen, for now try to start in the right way anticipating your direct competitors.

Develop your digital business now,

Static Website vs Dynamic Website Introduction

Starting a Blog

How To Starting a Blog

Advantages for Your Site with Good Hosting

Free solutions? No, thanks

If you go on the web, in addition to the various business proposals of the hosting providers you will find many free hosting solutions.

You want to know why you should avoid them?

  • No technical assistance
  • Poor performance
  • Long loading times
  • No improvement in search engine indexing
  • Inability to guarantee the safety of your visitors
  • Absence of HTTPS

How To Starting a Blog

Why Starting a Site or Blog in 2022?

The best way to start earning online, or turn a passion into a real job, according to us and thanks to our experience:

Is to create a site with quality content,

We have everything for this, competence, professionalism, seriousness, every day we will offer guides for the most inexperienced.

And more in-depth material for those who are already at a more advanced level.

We have been dealing with Web Hosting for years, and we adopt a serious and rigorous policy on what we review to our customers,

Mirko Rota Nodari – MpRN