Affiliate Marketing: What is it? Which are the best programmes to get started

Affiliate marketing is still one of the most profitable methods of earning money on the web,

In this article we will give a brief explanation of what it is and how it works,

and then give you a list of the best affiliate programmes on the web,

Programs that still today, in 2021, make their members a lot of money completely free of charge, with no initial expenses,

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing basically allows you to earn a commission by promoting other companies’ products.

The affiliate is a reseller who earns a commission for each product they are able to sell.

There are 3 parties involved in this market.

  • The advertiser, the one who provides the ad
  • The publisher or the one who promotes the ad
  • The consumer, the end user

Affiliate Marketing: how it works

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

The company provides a product to sell through its own site or through an affiliation network (Clickbank, Warrior Plus, etc.) which generates a link ending in a reference (ref=””).

This reference means that any user who starts navigating on the company’s site via this link will do so in the name of the affiliate, who will earn a commission on any purchase.

The only thing the publisher has to do is to promote the link by all means available.

As an affiliate you do not need to create anything,

You simply sell an existing product, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Getting started as an affiliate is extremely easy,

just sign up to the affiliate programme of the product you want to promote and get the identification link to your account,

which will track your movements via cookies.

Bottom line:

  • You don’t have to spend time and money to create a product
  • You don’t have to buy physical products or have a warehouse to store them in
  • You don’t need to manage eCommerce and payments
  • You don’t have to deal with customer support
  • Basically, your only task is to drive quality traffic to the product landing page so that the user converts.

Through affiliation you can earn commissions of up to 70%, depending on the type of product and the network.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Complete Tutorial From Ahrefs

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Programmes: Top 2021

1) Hosting Services

If you work on the web, promoting web hosting services could be interesting.

Almost all web hosting services offer an affiliate programme, the percentages are usually around 40%,

Others, however, pay a fixed fee for each membership that usually starts at 40/50$ and goes up.

Not bad at all.

Recommended type of promotion: Specialized Blogs, SEO.

2) Envato Market

If you are a web designer, graphic designer, video maker or marketer, you have surely heard of this portal.

Envato Market is the largest and most popular marketplace for digital products such as website templates, videos, photos, plugins and also video tutorials.

Joining this portal is extremely easy and fast. You will receive 30% on every product sold.

Recommended type of promotion: Blogs/Specialised sites, SEO, Email Marketing.

3) Info-Products

The eLearning market is booming, with more and more people deciding to train online via video courses or ebooks,

so why not try selling these kinds of products?

One of the most famous portals in the world for sharing video courses is Udemy, which is supported by the Rakuten affiliation network.

Skillshare is another very interesting portal, offers 10 dollars for each member, it would seem little but the membership costs only 8 dollars per month and gives access to all the videos,

a real bargain and certainly will not be too difficult to sell this service,

Recommended type of promotion: Specialist blogs, Email Marketing, Facebook groups.

4) MyLead

MyLead is an affiliate network that was founded in 2014 and is gaining more and more recognition every year.

MyLead offers over 2000 campaigns in over a dozen categories and 5 different types of remuneration for affiliates.

At the moment, there are about 150 thousand publishers working with MyLead.

On MyLead, you can find affiliate programmes from large global companies, such as AliExpress, Amazon, Puma, or Microsoft, as well as smaller ones that perfectly fit your needs and niche.

MyLead has been particularly successful and is known for its adult and gambling campaigns.

Although MyLead is a European network, you will find a lot of US/global partnership programmes.

In addition, in early 2020, MyLead officially launched its free Content Locker,

a tool to monetise websites, blogs and mobile apps. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to even more useful tools.

5) Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network is an affiliate network that focuses on digital goods and software, rather than physical products.

For example, you will have access to popular software merchants such as:

  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Hide My Ass (the VPN)
  • Awario

In total, Avangate Affiliate Network gives you access to 22,000+ software, so if your site promotes a lot of digital products, you’ll definitely want to join them.

6) Builderall

If you use Builderall for your business, you know how their comprehensive tools can help you generate leads and increase your sales.

But you see, Builderall is not just a marketing platform.

It’s also an affiliate programme that gives you an additional opportunity to earn money online.

And by being part of this programme, you can earn commissions through sales and scale your business at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing: What is it? Which are the best programmes to get started

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Affiliate Marketing: What is it? Which are the best programmes to get started


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