The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate

If you are here it is because you are an AliExpress Affiliate, either you would like to start or you are just curious,

so before we show you the Amazing AliPlugin Pro that will boost your sales as an AliExpress affiliate, let’s make a small premise for those who are new to the industry

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What is AliExpress

AliExpress Affiliate
What is AliExpress – The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate

Aliexpress is a Chinese portal that deals with the online sale of products of Chinese companies.

In reality, it is a site that brings together many small manufacturers who distribute all kinds of items, from clothing to electronics, from accessories to sporting goods and much more.

The portal was created as a brand of the international oriental group Alibaba in 2010 and brings together a very large number of small independent Chinese manufacturers who,

thanks to this ecommerce platform, can sell their products directly to consumers all over the world.

The functioning of this site could, therefore, be compared to Amazon or Ebay with the particularity, however,

that the sellers are mostly Chinese and the site does not sell any products of its own, but only functions as a showcase for others.

This is not the first Chinese ecommerce portal to go online.

In fact, some time before, another well-known site, Taobao, had been baptised, but while the latter was aimed at a purely Chinese audience,

Aliexpress sells exclusively outside mainland China:

Chinese customers have no way of connecting to the platform.

Among the countries where Aliexpress is most successful are Russia, Brazil, the United States and Spain.

In the last year Aliexpress has also been enjoying a certain amount of success in Italy and more customers are looking for many articles on this portal,

especially electronics, small household appliances and clothing products.

There is currently an Aliexpress platform in all the main languages spoken worldwide such as English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, French and Polish.

How Aliexpress works

AliExpress Affiliate
How Aliexpress works – The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate

Aliexpress works exactly like all other generalist platforms that deal with the sale of products online.

In practice on Aliexpress you can find all kinds of products of all kinds.

All articles are divided into categories, so as to help customers who need to be able to find their way around the platform easily.

More specifically, these are the product categories that are most explored by users:

  • clothing for men, women and children
  • consumer electronics
  • sporting goods
  • beauty and health articles
  • accessories for motorbikes and cars
  • shoes and accessories
  • jewellery and valuables
  • computer
  • telephony and telecommunications
  • home accessories
  • gardening

Within each category there are other subdivisions with the aim of making the search easy, fast and intuitive.

Each product, then, has a detailed sheet that is also accompanied by photos and explains each of the features as well as the purchase price

If you like one of the products you see in the Aliexpress window, all you have to do is put it in your shopping cart and proceed with the payment.

Aliexpress accepts all types of electronic payment, from credit cards to prepaid cards, but also other methods such as Paypal and Western Union.

The preferred payment method, however, is Alipay, a virtual system very similar to Paypal but everything, completely Made in China.

AliExpress AffiliateHow It Works

AliExpress Affiliate
The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate – AliExpress AffiliateHow It Works

Let’s make another small premise: we are not Aliexpress affiliates, we are mainly involved in Website, WordPress, WebHosting,

but we wanted to create an article about Aliexpress for those who have perhaps opened their first blog or website and want to earn money through affiliations,

in our opinion this is a great way to start!

If you don’t have a website or blog yet, what are you waiting for to create one!

In just 10 minutes you will have a window on the world where you can easily earn extra money with Aliexpress (or other affiliates).

Or simply show your passions to the world!

Here is a very useful guide:

Bluehost WordPress for Beginners – How to Start in 10 Minutes

Well, back to us

What makes AliExpress stand out is the possibility to buy a wide variety of products at low prices compared to European standards:

from tech products to clothing, car gadgets, furnishing accessories and many other pieces.

For this reason AliExpress receives millions of visits from users every day,

thus consolidating its status as the most popular e-commerce in China, but perhaps with ambitions that go far beyond Chinese borders.

As with other affiliate programs, if, once you become an affiliate, you promote the products in e-commerce and generate sales,

AliExpress will pay you a percentage, just like with other affiliate programs.

Commissions vary according to the product chosen:

in most cases they are around 5%, but as AliExpress itself points out, commissions change according to the income you generate and, for some products,

you can reach a commission rate of 50%. Keep in mind that, of course, the percentages may be subject to further variations over time.

According to AliExpress, top sellers earn $20,000 a month. Within the platform there are millions of products, 130,000 sellers and buyers from more than 200 countries.

The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate – AliExpress Official Video Promotion

Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate
AliExpress Affiliate

If you want to start earning money through the AliExpress affiliate program you need to sign up, follow these steps:

Once you have completed your registration, after logging in, go to the “Account” section.

For your convenience, you can manage your registration not only from your PC but also from smartphones and tablets. Inside the “Account” section:

  • Click on “Earn by sharing”;
  • Search for the product or category you are interested in in the store by entering the relevant keywords;
  • Make sure the product is included in the list made available for the affiliate program;
  • Select the product of your choice;
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of each product;
  • A new screen will now open: press the red “Share” button.

The procedures may vary slightly depending on the device used and the operating system.

At this point, you will be able to:

  • Copy the link and insert it into the articles on your website or blog.
  • Share the link directly on your social profiles.

My advice is to copy the text of the link and insert it into one of the articles on your blog,

maybe you could write the review of the product itself and insert the text link into the article so that when the user reads it,

if they are interested in the product, they can access AliExpress by clicking on the link you shared.

Ok now that we understand the essentials of AliExpress affiliation, we can move on to the main theme of this article,

we remind you that if you don’t have a blog below you can create it quickly and easily (10 Minutes),

Bluehost WordPress for Beginners – How to Start in 10 Minutes

There is a video of a colleague who will explain how to register and get started.

The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate

AliPlugin Pro

AliExpress Affiliate
AliExpress Affiliate

Let’s see together some important features of this very useful plugin for the AliExpress affiliate, which you will also find on the official page

New features:

  • New built-in themes
  • Direct import from AliExpress
  • Import any product from AliExpress
  • Import customer reviews

Automatically generate expert reviews

Really important function for anyone who has a blog, it allows you to save time writing reviews and concentrate on choosing the right products!

  • Import products in other languages supported by AliExpress
  • Import products from with variations

Plus good old features:

  • Products auto-updating.
  • Non-existing products removal
  • Two import options: selective and bulk

Professional design:

  • Brand-new templates
  • Wide customization options
  • Contact Us page with contact form
  • Subscribe form
  • SEO settings for all pages
  • Single page settings
  • Mobile friendly

With AliPlugin Pro You Get:

  • Stable Passive Income
  • All Support You Need
  • Earning From Day One
  • Full Autopilot Business
  • Unlimited Profit
  • Reliable Business Partner

In addition there is an absolutely incredible special bonus!

On the official page you will find all the details

The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate

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The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliate


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