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The Best Online Blog Courses ReviewUpdate 10/October/2020

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Blog Courses Review

7 Day Website Conversion Challenge

Blog Courses


In this Special Video Course you will find:

  • How to captivate visitors with an emotion that makes them want to know more
  • Understand exactly why people buy
  • Know why people will choose your business over your competitors. (This has NOTHING to do with USP!)
  • How to drill down into a problem so your visitors feel you’re speaking to them.
  • Understand the Circle Of Money and where your target market is on it, (so you can meet them there. Mismatch this and you’ll lose most of them.)
  • How to sequence your website’s message so visitors feel compelled to take action.
  • Know exactly how to follow up and keep your emails being opened for years to come if you want.

Blog Courses Review


As soon as you register, you’ll get immediate access to the login information,

which will give you lesson 1 and access to the Facebook group.

All you have to do now is to consider what a customer is worth to you over a lifetime of business.

A few thousand a year?

And that would be ONE new customer.

There’s no need to spend a single cent or penny more on your advertising or promotions either.

Which means you’re getting $1000 worth of coaching for an absolute steal!

Blog Courses Review

2020 Google Ranking Secrets

2020 Google Ranking SecretsBlog Courses Review
Google Ranking Secrets

This very interesting course we tried out will explain it to you:

What is the methodology behind Google Ranking and How to Earn it?

How To Get To Number 1 On Google Without Breaking The Rules.

Analyzing Keywords for high Popularity in Google

How to boost the SEO of your WordPress site?

Content writing tips for your blog for high google ranking

How to rank in Google Local Business Results

The complete list of over 200 Google Ranking Factors

Link Building Tips for High Google Ranking

A 10-Step SEO Plan for Higher Search Rankings

How To Check Your Rankings On Search Engines?

Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Google Ranking

How to boost your overall traffic on Google News

Reasons your blog site isn’t ranking high in Google

Tracking SEO Metrics for improving Google ranking

How Can you Check your Website For Compliance With Google’s Recommendations?

How to Rank Higher on Google for Absolutely Any Keyword

Successful business Case Studies

And so much more

Blog Courses Review

Monetize Your Blog – Blogging Video System

The Best Online Courses
The Best Online Blog Courses – Blogging Video System

You Get 10 Complete Video Modules +
Plug-N-Play List Building System!

Blog Courses Review

What You Will Learn:

Video Module 1:

Introduction & Getting Started:

Quick overview of setting up a free blog to generate passive income from many sources

Video Module 2:

Ad Placement Strategies:

The different ad sources you can use to monetize your blog and where you should place your ads for getting the most exposure. 

Video Module 3:

Blog Monetization Strategies:

Effective monetization strategies for creating passive income from your blog,

the advantages and disadvantages of each,

plus how to generate DAILY blogging paychecks without much effort

Video Module 4:

Getting Your Visitors To Take Action:

Step-by-step how to pre-sell your blog visitors so they want to take action on your offers

Video Module 5:

Affiliate Networks:

Step-by-step how to find high paying affiliate networks that pay generous commissions,

plus discover how to make money even when your visitors DON’T make a buy!

Video Module 6:

Affiliate Links:

Step-by-step video walkthrough of how to redirect visitors to your affiliate links,

so you can earn commissions from the traffic you get to your blog

Video Module 7:

Building A List From Your Blog:

How to collect the names & email addresses of visitors who are interested in your blog content,

so you can follow up with them to earn greater commissions

Video Module 8:

Monetizing Your Subscriber List:

How to make money immediately when subscribers optin to your list, 

plus learn the TWO best ways to monetize your list and how to do this for massive conversions

Video Module 9:

List Building Automation:

How to automate your follow up marketing and further monetize your list to generate long term profits

Video Module 10:

Building A Complete Marketing Funnel:

How to take your blog monetization to the next level with your own marketing funnel that pays you 100% profits!

Blog Courses Review

Very Profitable Secret Sites for your Website or Blog – Lion Listings

The Best Online Courses
TEN secret sites to get FREE advertising on demand for any offer in any niche

You know that there are very profitable secret sites for your website or blog,

where you can advertise any of your products or content on your website!

We have tried this course, and we assure you that it is a valid course,

and “different” from the usual courses,

it will give you the opportunity to bring free traffic to your site or blog,

no more google ads, microsoft advertising,

with this course you will have the opportunity to stop spending more money on paid advertising,

A unique product that all site or blog administrators should have in our opinion.


  • Discover the TEN SECRET SITES to advertise for FREE
  • Step by Step easy to follow videos
  • Learn how to choose the right offers to promote
  • Advanced techniques to scale up your results
  • All the resources you need included for FREE
  • How to drive traffic to your offers using entirely FREE methods

Plus 5 Special Bonus

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