C2B marketing: What is it? How does it work?

Our new Web marketing programme continues, in the last few days we have covered the topics: B2B, B2C, C2C Marketing, today we conclude with C2B Marketing.

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What is C2B Marketing

C2B Marketing
C2B Marketing

C2b stands for consumer-to-business,

used to describe a type of commerce in which consumers create value for the business,

and to refer to the offering of products or services by consumers to businesses for a fee.

Consumers offer products or services to businesses in return for compensation, unlike in B2C.

According to this understanding, exchanges in which the author of a blog, forum or website offers a company the possibility of placing

within their virtual space, a link to the company’s page,

promoting the purchase of that company’s products, in exchange for a payment

(which may be monetary or represented by a discount or an offer of products).

The expression, however, is then used with another meaning:

At Softbank World 2014, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, declared:

“Opened the era of C2B”,

I mean an era where consumers define what they want and what they need, with companies simply having to adapt in order to survive.

In this sense, user reviews, proposals to create or modify products, services or packaging published by consumers on the Net can be seen as a manifestation of the C2B model.

Indeed, as C2B Solutions vice president Brent Walker told Business News Daily,

the defining characteristic of C2B is precisely the creation of value (for the business) by the consumer,

which “can include idea development, product/service concepts and solutions together with the company through social media”.

C2B Marketing From The Audiopedia

C2B marketing

Differences between B2C and C2B

C2B marketing
C2B marketing

Unlike B2C, a customer in C2B is an individual who has something to offer.

In this part, their role is to offer their services so that another business entity pays them for the services.

There are many ways in which a client’s service is used by a business entity:

A blogger who promotes their skills or services to other businesses so that they can use them

A client with photographic skills can offer their photographic work to be sold as stock photos for companies

A Customer with other skills offering their services through websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

A client who has more than thousands of followers or subscribers on social media offers its popularity to a commercial entity and promotes the products of that company to its followers or subscribers

From the above examples, we can simply define the key to building a C2B marketing strategy as a network, which means that consumers are no longer a market, they are a network.

C2B marketing: What is it? How does it work?

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C2B marketing: What is it? How does it work?


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