C2C marketing: What is it? How does it work?

After having analysed b2b marketing and b2c marketing in the previous days (you will find the links below) today we explore c2c marketing.

C2c Marketing is an acronym for ‘customer-to-customer’,

used to identify a business model that enables consumers to buy goods or services from other consumers,

Using platforms such as eBay or Etsy or through classified sections of newspapers, for example.

C2C marketing

What is C2C Marketing?

The customer-to-customer model has become particularly popular with the growth of eCommerce but also of the sharing economy,

thanks to the development of businesses and platforms that bring together consumers who wish to sell or buy goods or services.

In this sense, the C2C model differs from the b2c model precisely because of the existence of direct interaction and exchange between two consumers

(rather than between a company and a consumer).

but always with the support of a third party

(an online platform or a newspaper, for example) that facilitates the transaction in some way.

What is C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) From
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C2C marketing

Examples of C2C Marketing

C2C marketing
C2C marketing

The C2C model is today mainly associated with the world of eCommerce thanks to sites such as eBay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, OLX or Craigslist,

based on the auction or online ad system to enable the purchase and sale of products between users.

eBay is one of the best known C2C sites and allows products to be placed in an online auction:

the product ad is placed on the site by the seller and interested users can type in the maximum price they are willing to pay for the good or,

via the ‘buy it now’ option, buy the product at the price set by the seller.

Amazon, on the other hand, functions both as a B2C

(allowing transactions between businesses and consumers)

And as a C2C marketplace (allowing transactions between businesses and consumers).

and as a C2C marketplace (allowing any person to register and sell products online).

Applications such as letgo and OfferUp have also emerged.

The latter is based on a local marketplace typology,

Allowing users who are geographically close to each other to buy and sell used goods,

thus promoting interaction and direct encounters between people.

In the United States, OfferUp has established partnerships with police stations and created ‘meeting points’,

Where users can carry out the transaction safely, within an area monitored by cameras.

Benefits of C2C Marketing

C2C marketing
C2C marketing

In C2C markets, consumers can offer products for sale or purchase them, but also provide and obtain information from other consumers.

Among the advantages of C2C is the possibility for consumers to purchase goods that are particularly difficult to find in the B2C market,

such as products that are no longer manufactured, collectors’ items or vintage items that are no longer in circulation.

This model has become particularly popular with the advent of the Internet, which has enabled this market to expand worldwide,

The Internet has made it possible to expand this market worldwide,

facilitating contact between consumers all over the world, whose supply is able to meet the demand of other consumers.

In this sense, one of the great advantages of these forms of exchange is the possibility of benefiting from competition,

which leads to lower prices as well as to the possibility of finding products and buyers more easily and quickly.

Also because, despite the fact that many platforms impose a commission on the sale of products or the publication of the ad,

this system reduces the costs associated with publishing and disseminating products.

In any case, it is a way of enabling consumers to reap the benefits of online commerce in a simple and convenient way,

ensuring security in transactions by using platforms such as eBay and Amazon and by relying on reviews left by other users.

In conclusion

C2C platforms and sites only act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers,

which is why the former often have limited control over the quality of the products:

Indeed, the policies within these sites tend to counteract the sale of illegal goods or services,

but not infrequently, situations arise where counterfeit or illegal products are bought or sold on platforms that allow transactions between third parties.

In addition to quality control issues, which tend to be overcome thanks to the policies of platforms such as Amazon or eBay,

there can also be problems with payment guarantees.

Although, even in this case,

the possibility of using PayPal and other similar payment systems makes it possible to reduce the risks related to the security of online transactions,

Also simplifying payments within C2C platforms.

C2C marketing: What is it? How does it work?

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C2C marketing: What is it? How does it work?


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