Chatbot marketing: What is it? How does it work?

ChatBot Marketing introduction

Chatbots: computer-generated programmes that use artificial intelligence (AI) to initiate and carry on conversations with consumers,

emerged to help online consumers, select the most appropriate products and services to meet their needs,

answer frequently asked questions and provide customer support after a sale.

Can chatbots improve the customer service experience?

The answer is yes!

Some things never change, including the fact that customers still want a seamless and enjoyable customer service experience when they are online.

Often, good customer service after a sale can help reduce refund requests and convert a first-time buyer into a long-term customer.

In most cases, a customer simply needs an answer to a question,

and chatbots have become sophisticated enough to provide a variety of answers based on a large database of questions that customers most often ask about a product or service.

Chatbots can also help reduce customer waiting times,

as well as the number of customer service representatives your company needs.

And they don’t sleep, which means you can provide your customers with round-the-clock service,

even when you don’t have a live representative available to answer incoming questions.

Chatbots can engage customers after a sale

However, chatbots don’t just manage incoming customer service requests.

You can use them to engage your customers with outbound marketing as well.

If you’re like many businesses, you probably don’t have the manpower or time to do the proactive customer engagement you want.

But by using chatbots to send follow-up messages, you can:

  • Ensure buyers are satisfied with their purchase by sending routine follow-up messages
  • Announce new products and/or services that are coming down the pipeline
  • Wish people a happy birthday and combine a special discount offer to boost sales

In case your customers have a problem, you can schedule chatbots to send them directly to a member of your team who can help you solve it.

You can even program chatbots to ask customers to type in messages explaining their problem, which is then sent to a member of your team.

Companies should be excited about the marketing possibilities of chatbots,

Chatbot marketing will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years as the technology becomes more sophisticated.

Chatbot marketing

chatbot marketing
chatbot marketing

One of the best chatbots on the market, which will provide you with a complete and professional solution is definitely: is easy and straightforward to use. No hassle whatsoever to get it running on almost any website.

It is very easy to get started and to install easy rule-based processes for inbound lead generation.

Price is good. helps you make chatbots for your website.

Over 10,000 websites use their simple drag and drop platform to qualify their leads,

learn about their customers and to collect feedback.

Chatbots Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Chatbot marketing
Chatbot marketing

Social media marketing, and digital marketing in general, is one of the most dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving worlds.

On this subject, we recommend you take a look at our latest articles:

One of the latest and most interesting innovations in this field is undoubtedly “chatbots”,

These are real virtual assistants that can interact autonomously with users and prospects on Messenger, Telegram and many other platforms.

Simplified” marketing automation systems that can manage requests for:

information, lead acquisition, first level customer care and even complete e-commerce transactions.

The topic is certainly very interesting and topical.

5 good reasons to use chatbots

Interaction is extremely natural

Although Artificial Intelligence has not yet reached even vaguely human levels,

chatbots already allow, in a very simple and direct way,

to access the same information as a website or a book, but through a discursive interface,

made up of questions and answers and therefore more natural and, in the end, more effective and satisfying.

Billions of people already chat, all the time

It is not for nothing that the major messaging platforms have already surpassed the number of monthly users on the big social networks:

People like to ‘chat’, especially through a chat interface such as Slack or even more so Facebook Messenger (which has almost 1.5 billion users every month).

This means that the potential market is truly endless, consisting of practically every single person reached by an Internet connection,

and therefore even larger than those who habitually navigate and consult websites and social networks.

They are always accessible, from any device and at any time

What’s more, at least 75% of people use chat apps from their smartphones:

making a chatbot available to your prospects, users and customers means allowing them to access our information at any time and in any situation,

without having to worry about responsive sites, compatibility with older phones or desktop/tablet/notebook versions.

Without forgetting that, as we know well from our chat conversations,

Messenger and other platforms ‘remember’ what we have said, and the replies we have received up to that moment,

thus allowing the user to continue on the path of conversion towards the objective that the marketer will have defined in a very natural way, without almost noticing it.

There is still little competition

If we have seen so far why it makes a lot of sense to start studying and using chatbots, we will now see why it is essential to get a move on.

Of the more than 20 million pages currently present on Facebook, only 100,000 have an associated chatbot, or 0.5%.

This means that business projects and agencies that are quick enough to understand the potential of this tool have the opportunity to exploit such a powerful channel first,

Remember the first online businesses that were able to use SEO, search marketing (Google Adwords) or social media marketing?

They are easy to use

The last reason is that despite appearances, using chatbots is very simple.

They also have a very low price, solutions like, have a very simple automation process and won’t take you long,

once set up, they will do everything for you.

There are also free solutions if you type in google chatbot, but to be honest I don’t recommend using them,

because besides having a lot of restrictions, in my opinion they will waste a lot of time,

As usual, if you want quality you have to pay a small fee.

p.s I am referring to chatbots for your site or blog.

Chatbot marketing: What is it? How does it work?

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Chatbot marketing: What is it? How does it work?


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