Content marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Content Marketing! The most important part for a blogger or webmaster!

Today we will look at its definition, how to do profitable content marketing, with a gift from one of our colleagues at the end of the article.

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What is Content marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content marketing is the branch of marketing that includes:

the set of techniques to create and share relevant and valuable textual and visual content around a brand or product/service,

so as to create an engagement that also guides the buying process of users.

Content Marketing is king is the new slogan that is spreading:

Digital marketers and companies have discovered the importance of using quality content, (that can educate, explain, entertain, inform) to attract visitors, increase qualified leads and generate revenue,

so as to attract and retain customers and turn them into spontaneous brand promoters.

Especially in the American market, many have seized the huge opportunities related to content that can sell

Why content marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

There are many reasons for this, but let us look at some of them:

Markets are back in conversation:

And your potential customer or constituent, is not looking for hammering ads,

not looking for seductive ads,

not looking for billboards or flyers,

they want something more capable of linking them to your company or your person throughout the process of choosing the service/product.

Your audience doesn’t want to be interrupted but attracted.

We have moved from interruptive advertising techniques to less invasive and hammering strategies that seek the permission of your potential audience.

The size of the company is relative:

Being engaging is not the same as having a large budget.

This does not mean that creating quality content is cheap:

Producing scientific research, for example, can be challenging,

and even maintaining a blog or interacting with a community is not free of charge.

Nor does it mean that economic resources cannot influence the success of a campaign.

Differences between B2B and B2C content marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

B2B companies are those that offer services to other companies,

while in B2C they are directly focused on the consumer.

Content marketing is increasingly used by both,

but talking to companies or end consumers requires completely different content, language and forms.

Let’s see the differences and similarities between B2B and B2C Content Marketing.


The starting point is always brand awareness,

but the B2B strategy focuses on lead generation, the creation of a limited number of useful contacts,

with a real interest in the services offered.

Content plans are often channelled through LinkedIn and wide use is made of ‘gated’ content, accessible after registration.

In B2B both the topic and the tone of voice of the content should be technical and formal.

The aim is to meet the needs of potential business customers on the one hand, and on the other hand to establish yourself as an industry leader.


B2C also starts with brand awareness, making the audience aware of the existence of the brand,

but content is more about engagement,

to surprise and engage the audience, trying to get shares, comments, etc…

B2C content marketing is therefore more emotional and aims at conversion, through appropriate calls to action for activities such as subscribing to a newsletter or a website,

a new like or follower, all activities that help you get to know your customers better and increase sales.

Inbound Marketing e Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

By using the Internet and search engines, consumers have learnt to find out about products and companies on their own, orienting their searches according to their interests and needs.

Inbound marketing focuses on producing content that is relevant to the customer when they search the web.

There are different approaches, from blogging, publishing articles, eBooks, guides or creating videos.

Although content is key in both cases,

content marketing is only one part of inbound marketing,

which is a broader methodology capable of generating positive business results,

which includes activities that are necessary in any case:

optimising the website, focusing on email marketing, managing social media, monitoring results, A/B testing, etc.

How to optimize your content marketing strategy

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Study your target audience

Do you want to optimise your content marketing strategy but don’t know where to start?

I suggest you prioritise this element: the target audience.

That is, the audience for whom you are creating your work.

Having in mind the audience that is going to receive your work is always useful.

Adapt your content to your target audience

You now have clear data about the target audience you want to reach.

And it is an infinite waste of resources if you continue to invest in content creation without considering the relationship between target audience and content.

Studying your target audience means giving your online content a precise direction.

Clear objectives for content

Each action must be directed towards a clear objective,

without forgetting the possibility of secondary benefits related to the final result.

Target your content marketing strategy by widening the perspective and scope.

Reuse and exploit your publications

This means that a work can be adapted and turned into something different.

To animate another channel and save time.

Some examples?

  • Videos become podcasts by extrapolating the audio.
  • Blog articles become ebooks.
  • Slides become extra content to download.

Obviously, you must not fall into the temptation to recycle without adapting, improving and optimizing.

Video Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

How many times have you been told to invest in videos when working on Facebook and to open a YouTube channel because today’s kids,

those who belong to Generation Z,

Only watch clips on this platform?

Content marketing on YouTube should not only be about getting views.

This is a parameter that stops at brand awareness, brand and name knowledge.

This is important but not decisive:

We also look at watch time (time spent on the video) and the actions that follow. Such as clicks on links or other calls to action

A call to action or CTA is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response.

SEO and content marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

A very broad topic, true.

But the summary is clear, I will make it explicit with a question:

In your opinion, is the task of SEO only about positioning for an interesting keyword?

Yes, if we only consider On-Page and Off-Page optimisation.

But this is a short-sighted perspective.

Whoever does SEO, at least from my point of view, must work closely with the general perspective of strategic digital marketing.

Tips and tricks for content creation

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Get into the content mentality

Whenever you’re thinking about your business or industry, look for inspiration.

Could that discussion you had in a marketing meeting or with friends last week be turned into a blog post?

Look for these kinds of opportunities and that’s where content marketing starts.

Don’t be Shakespeare, be useful

Many people who are new to content marketing try to turn their content into an art form,

But you don’t have to.

If you find yourself getting caught up in this mindset, simply ask yourself:

“will my target customer find this useful?” If the answer is yes, you’ve done your job.

One person is not enough

Often, in companies, the blog manager takes on the entire burden of the blog and this is not a scalable process.

Instead, it might be useful to find creative ways of involving other people throughout the company to contribute to the blog.

Take advantage of people’s competitiveness or desire to stand out to motivate them.

Insert guest post

Invite a guest blogger to write on your site or contribute guest posts on another site.

Publishing guest posts is an easy way to create content with minimal effort.

When you contribute a guest post, you show yourself to a new audience and increase your SEO effectiveness.

Create an infographic

Infographics have good reach and are easy to embed on other sites,

which means there is a chance for your content to go viral.

Include your name and logo and make the infographic available under a Creative Commons licence,

so that others can easily share it, giving you more visibility.

Content Marketing from

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

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Content marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

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Content marketing: A Beginner’s Guide


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