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Start a Cooking Blog! In a Few Steps!

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You are a passionate home cook and want to share your culinary creations with the world. Or you have a website dedicated to food, a cafeteria, a catering service or a pastry shop. These are some reasons why you might want to become a food blogger.

Opening a cookery blog can have creative implications,

or be a way to share recipes and suggestions, or to attract more customers to your business. But like making a soufflé from scratch, opening a blog can seem like a daunting task for beginners.

The food blog is a crowded field, but don’t let it discourage you. There is always a way to add an extra place at the table. Creating a food blog is as easy as following a recipe. Use these steps:

Start a Cooking Blog!
How to Open a Cooking Blog in a Few Steps
  • Give your cooking blog a good name.
  • Choose a blog platform.
  • Design your kitchen online.
  • Write a post.
  • Keep the keywords in mind.
  • Promote your post.

Give your Cooking Blog a Good Name

Start a Cooking Blog!
Give your Cooking Blog a Good Name

First, you will need to buy a domain that will become the web address of your blog. The name of your blog should tell readers what it is about. Also to web extensions such as .com, you might consider .cooking or .recipes. This way you will have more options than ever before to choose the name of your blog.

Be creative and choose a domain name that is short,

easy for readers to remember and not identical or like someone else’s blog name. To make it easy for readers to find you, it would be important to avoid numbers and hyphens.

You may get the impression that every blog name has already been taken, but you have to keep insisting until you find one available. Give yourself a day or two to brood.

Start a Cooking Blog! Choose a Blog Platform

Start a Cooking Blog!
Cooking Blog – Choose a Blog Platform, the best is definitely WordPress

The next step to open a cooking blog is to choose a platform to create it.

The most recommended without a doubt is WordPress, easy to use and that can give good and professional results,

WordPress is the reference point for many food bloggers because it is easy to configure and versatile. It has many plugins that you can use to make your blog more complete,

for example adding a box to make an email subscription or the functionality to sell something.

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SiteGround web hosting allows readers anywhere in the world to see your posts. Your blog will take up space on the server of the chosen web host. It’s like renting an apartment in a building: without a web host, your blog will not be visible to others.

Start a Cooking Blog!

Design your Kitchen Online

Design your Kitchen Online with the help of Siteground and WordPress

The design of your blog is the packaging for your content: it is the way your blog will appear to the world. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll have to choose a theme:

it’s templates with different styles and layouts. A simple Google search with the words “WordPress cooking blog themes”

will show you many options (some free, some paid).

There are also paid themes, they are very professional and quality,

they allow a more relaxed navigation for your readers, these are the two most famous suppliers:

Design is the fun part,

but it can also be frustrating because you will have many decisions to make about colors, fonts and photos to use. Not sure how to create your cooking blog without going crazy? There are some shortcuts you can take, like with recipes. Start configuring your blog right away with SiteGround’s Managed WordPress,

which offers you several “kitchen” themed templates and uses the simple drag and drop functionality.

Cooking Blog – Best Food Recipe WordPress Theme

Start a Cooking Blog! Write a post

Cooking Blog – Write Your First Post with Siteground

Publishing your first post is exciting because you can communicate with your readers. For your first post write an ad for the birth of your new blog,

welcome your readers and tell them what it will be about. To get them back on the page, make sure you answer the fundamental question:

why does the world need your blog? What specific purpose can it have?

Keep the Keywords in Mind

Keep in mind the best keywords for your cooking blog

When it comes to learning how to open a cooking blog, the keyword factor is crucial! Without keywords, search engines can’t find your posts. And since most people use search engines like Google for everything, make sure Google “sees” your articles. If search engines can’t find your post, neither can readers.

So before you publish:

Find a unique keyword/phrase for each post that describes well what it is about.

Add that keyword or phrase to the title of the post, the first paragraph, a subtitle and of course use it for the rest of the post.

You can find keywords with the free Google Keyword Planner tool,

The keyword chosen must be related to the topic of each post. It should have a good amount of traffic (over 1,000 visitors per month), but low competition.

It is also important to choose a different keyword or keyword phrase for each post.

Promote your Post

Promote your Cooking Blog Post

Once you publish your first post, you can get more people to see it by promoting it on your social networks. The way to open a cooking blog and create traffic is a matter of writing posts and promoting them.

Professional tip:

make sure you’re active on platforms that make sense for your food blogger business,

then adapt your posts so that they’re right for each platform.

There are many recipes on how to open your cooking blog,

but the basic one I outlined here is all you need, especially if food blogging.

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