Direct Email Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips

Dem stands for ‘direct email marketing‘ and includes the strategies and tactics used to create and distribute email communications,

with the aim of implementing relationships between brands and audiences or sending promotional information and updates.

The benefits of a direct mail marketing campaign are related to the high conversion rate,

Because the message is sent only to a specific target group and has lower costs than other forms of traditional promotion.

In addition, Direct Email Marketing can be used for customer loyalty, lead generation and nurturing of users in the database.

Results can be measured through campaign analytics,

and their high level of personalization and segmentation allows for targeted messages to be sent to a well-defined target audience.

The ‘open rate’ of a Direct Email Marketing campaign email indicates how many people read the message,

and combined with the ‘click-through rate’, which measures how many people responded positively to the call to action,

Provides an overview of the effectiveness of the campaign.

How Direct Email Marketing works

direct email marketing
direct email marketing

A true email marketing campaign must first be done with the consent of the people to whom we send our newsletters,

Then it must be done in a respectful and generous way.

We divide our campaign into 3 basic steps:

  • Create the mailing list
  • Treat your list well
  • Analyse and improve our results

How to create a mailing list

direct email marketing
direct email marketing

The mailing list, or the list, is of course the list of email addresses that you slowly and carefully collect with the consent of interested people,

people potentially interested in your products and services.

But how do you collect these email addresses and these consents?

By offering value, something useful that immediately and concretely resolves a curiosity,

a desire for knowledge on a subject or a financial saving (coupons, bonuses, etc.).

Usually, in exchange for a subscription to the newsletter, you offer:

  • Ebook
  • Video guides
  • Audio guides
  • Special discounts
  • Bonus
  • Training material with exercises
  • Registration for contests, webinars, etc.

In short, there are really many ways to encourage a person to fill in one or two fields for a newsletter subscription.

The page containing the form + the presentation of the gift is usually called the squeeze page,

While the gift is usually called Report or Birbe.

In reality, in addition to the squeeze page, it is also a good idea to invite users who arrive on our site to take action by means of forms inserted in the sidebar,

or with pop-up effects using various plugins such as PopupAlly (for wordpress) or similar.

Inviting users to take action is fundamental, we must never think that the user will take an action spontaneously and autonomously.

Ideally, you should also create several reports and insert links to the relevant pages in the most-read articles on your blog site,

in guest posts and on the various social channels.

Squeeze page Tips

Direct email marketing

On squeeze pages, it is a good idea to eliminate all distractions such as sidebars, links within the text and anything that might lead the user away from the page.

Give a lot of importance to the title

Write an effective and detailed text in which you raise a problem, give an answer and a solution (your report of course).

Use lists to highlight important points and clearly describe what the user will find in the report.

If you have the opportunity, invite a few people to leave testimonials about the benefits they received from your giveaway.

Invite action and make the sign-up form as simple and immediate as possible,

I recommend email and submit button or at most name, email and button.

Don’t enter too many fields, the more fields you enter the lower your conversions will be.

In addition to WordPress, you could also use the free or pro version of Elementor,

a plugin that allows you to create very graphically beautiful pages without writing a line of code.

You can do everything visually with a very intuitive interface and, if you wish, you can also use ready-made templates that you can customise.

If you don’t have a website, you could also collect email addresses using Facebook ADS Lead ADS campaigns.

These are campaigns that allow you to create an internal Facebook form and show ads to users of the platform who can conveniently leave their details without leaving Facebook.

But leaving Lead ADS aside and returning to our squeeze page…

The module? How do I do that?

Don’t worry, there are services and plugins for this too…

The Form for Email Collection

direct email marketing
direct email marketing

The module is generally created with the same services that you are going to use for email marketing management and then integrated into WordPress,

There are many services, but if you want to name the most famous and well known I can tell you AWeber, MailChimp, Sendinblue and GetResponse.

On this page you can find their reviews, plus other email marketing services,

These four mentioned above all have a free plan, with limitations but still very interesting.

Direct Email Marketing: Treat your list well

direct email marketing
direct email marketing

If you have created a good list and you have collected only addresses of people interested in your products and services you are already well on your way but you have to understand one thing:

When a person leaves you their email address they are giving you trust, they are giving you something valuable that they don’t willingly give to everyone.

You must be careful not to betray this trust and be faithful to the pact you have made with your users.

Have you asked for an address in exchange for guidance, for useful information?

You have to go back to your supporters only to give them useful information with real value,

you must give your users a real reason to keep following you, to open and read your emails.

Above all, you need to take advantage of the very first emails to ‘really’ bring people into your world.

Use the first few emails to inform new subscribers that you have exclusive content for them,

lead them by the hand through your articles,

tell them about yourself and make them understand who you are and why they should follow you, what benefits they could get from it.

Don’t think about selling, talk about the brand, tell stories, be human.

This is the only way you can earn their respect and carry yourself in their minds as an expert and a brand-person they can trust.

Losing a user’s trust and setting yourself up in their mind as a nuisance is much easier than convincing them to give you their address and is the most damaging thing you can do for your brand.

Email marketing if done incorrectly can be a real boomerang!

Don’t think that you can be sneaky,

don’t think that once you have the email addresses you can send out blind offers and hope that someone will buy, this is not what email marketing is about!

People will put you in spam, associate you with a negative emotion and you’ll have a nice empty and useless list, as well as a nice image damage.

So get a nice service with autoresponders, set up a nice funnel for subscribers and analyse the results to fine-tune every detail.

Here you can find all the tools you need, with our reviews:

Direct email Marketing: Training Courses

One of the most important books and video guides on email marketing,

This ebook is selling like crazy and is helping many to become very successful in this industry,

We recommend that you take a look at the official video page.

Secret Email System

Email Marketing Platforms
Direct email Marketing: Training Courses

Direct Email Marketing: Analyse the results

The important metrics are:

The Open rate: the percentage of opens

Click through rate: which is the percentage of clicks made on links in the newsletter

Soft and hard bounce: which basically indicates the inability to deliver emails temporarily (soft) or systematically (hard) to an email address.

By monitoring these factors you will be able to understand if you are working well,

if your subscribers are following you and in what way they are following you.

We strongly recommend that if you want to start this kind of marketing you read the ebook we mentioned above,

It will allow you to do an excellent job with your leads, take care of them and bring concrete results to your business.

And if you don’t have them yet, it will enable you to implement your new list with various strategies.

Direct Email Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips

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Direct Email Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips


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