Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

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Hostinger is one of the cheapest and most popular hosting on the web, probably contends the first place of the cheapest hosting with Namecheap,

in this article we would like to explore what Hostinger offers regarding domain names,

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Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

Domain Checker
Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

To give you an idea of how big Hostinger is, here are some statistics:

the company currently has almost 30 million customers not only in the USA, UK, India and Indonesia, but also in more than 170 countries (almost every single country in the world!).

And there are no signs of stopping; according to their data, Hostinger is still expanding at the rate of 1 customer every 5 seconds.

At the moment Hostinger uses high-performance hardware for websites in different data centres around the world. Respectively, in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia.

An additional datacenter focused on Eastern Europe is planned for the near future.

However, as you can imagine, Hostinger has not always been the international giant it is today.

It started in 2004 as a modest “Hosting Media” in the small and rapidly developing state of Lithuania, located in the northeastern part of the European Union.

The founders of Hostinger did not intend to follow the masses and create another hosting service of any kind, but based the new company on an innovative idea:

Important Features

Domain Checker
Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

Get domain privacy protection

Protect your personal data.

When you register a domain name, your personal information is available on public databases like WHOIS.

Avoid spammers and the public eye by using Hostinger domain privacy protection service.

Hostinger replace your personal data with generic information that will keep you protected.

We have compared many domain checkers from various Hostings and it results that the lowest prices for a domain name are offered by Hostinger.

So if you plan to buy a new domain name this is the right hosting.

Hostinger also provides free domain names that are included in most web hosting packages, but that’s what all hosting does now.

Here are the prices of some of the most popular domain names that might suit you better:

Domain extensionPrice
Domain CheckerThe most popular domain names

Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

Domain Checker
Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains


How Should I Choose My Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is important for your website because it represents your brand or business online.

We recommend choosing a short domain with relevant keywords so visitors can easily access your website.

While your domain can include letters, numbers or hyphens, you’ll want to avoid any special characters so it’s easy to remember and type into a web browser.

Is Domain Name Privacy Worth It?

When you purchase a domain name, your personal contact information is registered to your domain and can be found in the public WHOIS directory.

In order to keep your information private, you want to utilize Hostinger Domain Privacy which helps protect you from spam and identity theft.

Domain Privacy scans the website you created with your domain and alerts you if there any changes are made or if there is any harmful malware.

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

Your domain name is connected to a series of letters and numbers called an IP address which solidifies your online address.

Domain names not only add credibility to your brand or business, but also help visitors find you online. Having a branded website can help attract visitors to your business.

You can increase your online visibility through marketing and rank higher on search engines with the help of SEO. Without a domain name, people would have to remember your IP address.

This could be confusing to remember or easily forgotten and would ultimately prohibit you from ever-growing your website audience.

Can I transfer my domain name to Hostinger?

Yes, you can transfer your domain name to Hostinger. The process of transferring a domain is easy.

Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains

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Hostinger: Use Domain Checker to find unique domains


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