The Easiest Video Maker ever

The Easiest Video Maker ever – Introduction

Youtube is the most widely used platform for showing videos,

In this article we want to help those who are approaching this platform for the first time,

by first explaining the basic concepts of video editing and then introducing you to some really interesting software,

This extremely complete software is the most used by youtubers and has very good features to offer a professional and complete video.

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The Easiest Video Maker ever

Easiest Video Maker
Easiest Video Maker

What is video editing

Video editing is the set of operations leading to the creation of an audiovisual product (video, film, clip).

The rapid evolution of hardware and software makes it possible for everyone to create and edit videos quite easily.

The possibility of uploading videos to sharing platforms such as YouTube has encouraged many people to take up video editing.

Video editing has historically been divided into two types, depending on the tools used:

Non-linear editing

Non-linear editing, which has come into the limelight in recent years and is now the main method, is based on the fact that the clips to be edited are first selected, cut, trimmed, ordered and associated by software and only at the end are they transferred.

This is only possible by using a hardware device (a PC) that allows you to store the raw clips, apply effects to them and then compile everything.

Even the big TV stations have migrated to non-linear systems that also allow the insertion of accurate and highly configurable special effects.

Linear editing

This is carried out using analogue devices (editing units, titling machines, etc.) that interface with VCRs and cameras and allow effects to be applied to the video signal that passes through.

This technique is very expensive and requires particular skill and experience since cuts, effects and so on are applied “live”.

The whole process is chronological and “linear”.

It is therefore easy to see how much cheaper and easier it is to edit a film in a non-linear way.

Not only that, but it is more versatile when working with digital data, allowing the application of complex software effects and the maintenance of the initial quality.

A thorough knowledge of the tool you use (video editing software) will enable you to make the most of it and achieve surprising results.

Video editing software

Unfortunately, there is no satisfactory free software for video editing as there is in other areas. But something is moving.

If you want quality and professionalism, you will have to choose a paid software,

This way you will not be limited and you can edit your video in a complete way with very good results.

Free solutions have a lot of limitations, but fortunately there are some excellent softwares that cost very little and allow a serious and optimal processing of your video.

Total beginner’s guide to video editing from YouTube Creators

Easiest Video Maker

The Easiest Video Maker ever


Video Software… So EASY even a 10 year old can use it!

You’ve probably seen a LOT of video builders… BUT trust me – nothing beats the simplicity of this one:

Creating a video has never been easier:

1: Enter a page link into the cloud based interface
2: Include Natural Sounding Voice Narration (built in)
3: Upload and auto share
4: Enjoy red hot traffic for years to come

And if you think those steps above are “MAGIC”… then wait till you see the rest:

What it’s not…
[NO] Complex Software
[NO] Monthly or Yearly fees
[NO] Expensive Cost of Purchase

… And all the training you’ll ever need is included right inside the software (how cool is that?)

View the full features here

The Easiest Video Maker ever

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The Easiest Video Maker ever


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