The best tools and courses for email marketers

Email Marketers, I’m talking to you!

Whether you are just starting out and therefore looking for courses to improve your performance and learn all the tricks of email marketing,

Or you are already an expert in this field, we have found some tools that your luggage can’t miss!

Before starting this list of the best tools and the best courses for email marketers we offer you some of our latest articles, always related to this topic that can be useful to you:

The best tools and courses for email marketers

In first place we put this course, which is very useful for those who are just starting out in this world.

It is not the usual complicated course where you will find a lot of misexplanated information,

we have read it, it is well done and very important,

Thanks to this book and all its advice and all the well done explanations you will be able to increase your results immediately from day one,

if you already have a list of contacts by putting the author’s valuable advice into practice.

If, on the other hand, as we said before,

You are at the beginning and you need to create a list of contacts as soon as possible to start selling and advertising your products,

With this book you will be able to do it in a few simple but extremely effective steps,

As we want to be honest with you and offer you only courses and tools that really work we want to show you our results,

After having put in place some explanations that you will find in this ebook

email marketers

We created a free account on SendinBlue and used it for our test, in a few months we have attracted about 68000 contacts with various techniques,

so if you are at the beginning we recommend you to read this book and you will most likely have the same results as us!

1) Secret Email System

email marketers
The best tools and courses for email marketers

The best tools and courses for email marketers

In second place we put a training for those who already have an email list but can’t get great results,

Or have simply neglected this list and would like to start using it again for their promotions


email marketers
The best tools and courses for email marketers

In this training, you will discover 6 DIFFERENT METHODS on how to REVIVE YOUR EMAIL LIST and PROFIT at the same time!

Method 1:

How to clean-up your email list to avoid hitting the SPAM box. This is essential if you want a healthy and responsive list from the ‘get go’

Method 2:

How to spot potential ‘Spam Traps’ and ‘Honey Pot’ emails and how to get rid of them before it does damage to your email list.

It sounds tecky but it’s so easy that anyone can do this, even complete beginners

Method 3:

The GUARANTEED method that will revive your list and put more money in your pocket.

Will be showing you step-by-step how ‘I do it EXACTLY TO THIS DAY’

Method 4:

How to maximize the ‘interest potential’ and ‘profit-pulling potential’ of your audience without being invasive, tiring or annoying.

You might not think that you are, but your subscribers may think otherwise

Method 5:

The 1-step you need to do each time before giving-up on inactive leads.

If you don’t do this,

You are almost guaranteed to fail online and almost everyone I know do not know about this money-making trick

Method 6:

The type of traffic you have right now may also be a contributing factor to why your list is not responsive.

This method will be showing you what traffic sources to look for and most importantly, the traffic sources to completely avoid.

By this I mean that I prefer having 1,000 leads of potential buyers… over 20,000 dead-beat leads and I’m sure you do too. This method will show you exactly how I do it

The best tools and courses for email marketers

3) Email Fire 3: A Premium 4-Week Engagement Email Series

Email Marketing Platforms
Email Marketing Platforms – Email Fire 3

Would you like to warm up your new email list with a sequence of emails written by professionals in the field that invite your user to open and click the links in your emails?

Then this is the right tool for you!

A premium 4-week email engagement series.

It is designed to take cold leads and build rapport, produce engagement and increase click through rates with your list.

Tests for engagement and click through are built into the series.

The best tools and courses for email marketers

4) My Lead Gen Secret – Email Marketing Platform and Best Lead Generation 2019/20

email marketers
The best tools and courses for email marketers

My Lead Gen Secret is a completely customized marketing platform for everything you need to get started, the platform makes you available:

Leads per Day

The system gives you 100 to 200 leads every day for only $1 a day on complete autopilot:

email marketers
Email Marketing Platforms – My Lead Gen Secret Leads

Integrated Autoresponder

There are quite a few attractions to this system worth mentioning:

Include a browser free mailing facility for sending your promo’s to your growing list.

If you think of what it costs you per month at Aweber or GetResponse then, you can start to see the value.

Affiliate Program That Pays

Collect healthy commissions on all referrals for you and your team. Banner ads, text ads, email swipes, plus other tools to assist you if needed

We tried this platform…

It gave us incredible results, in two days we only gained with the affiliate it offers. For those who start affiliate marketing is paradise

Other Reviews to Watch absolutely

We didn’t try this platform, but we read a lot and saw a lot of reviews on YouTube,

all extremely positive with evidence of gain and lead data,

we noticed that a lot of people underlined the fact that it was a serious platform and so we also did an article if you want to read it:

The best tools and courses for email marketers

5) Thrive Leads

Email Marketing Platforms
The best tools and courses for email marketers

We usually deal with websites and everything related to them,

and so we also want to show you a really useful tool for those who have a site and want to increase registrations to their forms,

this is a really useful WordPress plugin for all Webmasters

For building Mailing lists. This plugin is a package of all that you can do to inspire your readers to opt-in.

The form can be displayed using different options. For an example: You can opt for a sidebar widget, or a pop up opt in form.

Moreover, you get the reports to provides you with insights on how your strategy is working with your audience.

The best tools and courses for email marketers

5) Profit Fundamentals Email Marketing Course

The best tools and courses for email marketers

The best tools and courses for email marketers

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The best tools and courses for email marketers


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