Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates

Envato Market is the largest resource on the Web in terms of: Plugins, WordPress Themes and much more, in this review we will analyse the most important factors and the best products that this company offers.

Envato Market
Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates

What is Envato Market?

Envato is a company founded in Australia in 2006 with the aim of creating a portal in which to sell and buy content necessary for the creation of websites, Envato Market.

Over the years the company and the portal have grown enormously,

so much so that it has established itself as a market leader for the purchase and sale of graphic templates, digital assets and numerous other product categories.

Nowadays, when we talk about Envato Market we refer to many marketplaces, each for different product categories, but all under the Envato brand.

In particular, there are 7 different categories, within which you can find many digital products both free and paid for. Let’s see them in detail in the next paragraph.


This is the WordPress theme portal for excellence,

in fact it is absolutely the most used to buy a theme suitable for your needs. Just think that there are more than 44000 themes to choose from.

The advantage of using this platform to purchase a professional WordPress theme is that there are so many reviews,

comments and questions answered to problems already encountered by other users that it is impossible to run into inconvenience.

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In this portal you can buy and sell many plugins that can be used on WordPress or other CMSs, php scripts,

and in general different components for a wide variety of languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, ASP.NET and Java.

All these elements have a cost depending on the complexity, quality and overall use of the file, as well as a commission charged by the marketplace for the sales and advertising service provided by Envato.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


The perfect platform for those who are passionate about music and want to add an extra touch to their projects.

In fact, here you’ll find more than 700,000 usable audio tracks, created by music professionals and carefully crafted by sound engineers.

There are also jingles available for video marketing, special sounds to match your brand in promotional videos, which are royalty free so you don’t have to worry about copyright.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


VideoHive is a library of animated videos and graphics, some of which have been created specifically with the program that is used by professional graphic designers, After Effects.

You will find ready-made templates of logos, video intros and reactive objects (motion graphics).

There are more than 500 thousand products, all aimed at creating quality graphic content for the presentation of your projects, through any video editing and animation requirement.

In addition to this, there are also video tutorials on After Effects.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


Another important Envato Market platform is GraphicRiver, which with 663,000 graphic elements including fonts, logos and icons can easily meet all your graphic needs.

In addition to this you will also find other interesting resources, such as t-shirt designs, graphics for games and many other additional tools to enrich your projects with style and imagination.

The prices for all these products are quite low.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


In this market you will find a lot of royalty free images for any kind of project.

Photos include animals, fitness, travel, corporate themes, food and more.

In short, for each purpose there are all the images and graphic resources needed to improve the marketing aspect.

Of course there are many other platforms with free image stock,

but these photos are taken by experts and guarantee superior quality,

which is essential to achieve the desired results in your social network advertising campaign.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


3docean is also part of Envato Market and is a great resource to create 3D projects on websites and whatever kind of project you have in mind.

On 3docean you can buy and sell royalty-free 3D models, textures, materials and shaders.

This is a real innovation because 3D graphics are a great way to attract visitors, presenting particular products in a striking way so distinct from the rest of the market.

Using 3D Renders for 2D Graphic Designs & Artwork:

Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates

Envato Elements: an additional service

The number of categories available in Envato Market has been indicated several times in 7.

However, there is one additional resource which, although not part of these 7 categories, cannot go unnoticed: Envato Elements

It is a service, available only by subscribing, that offers you over 900,000 resources in digital format, ready for download.

The good thing? The price you are offered is decidedly ridiculous, if you compare it with those that circulate on the Net.

To today, however, the use of Envato Elements is the largest among many operators in the world of web marketing, as well as agencies and designers.

Often, being able to have numerous digital products at one’s disposal, without having to invest considerable sums of money, can be a real bargain, because it saves money. And not just a little.

How Envato Market works

If you are a buyer interested in products on Envato Market (you want to buy a WordPress theme on Themeforest)

you should first know that before buying you have to register for free on the website (you can do it here).

Envato Market
Envato Market

You can also do this after you have chosen the products you are interested in, added an item to your shopping cart and clicked on checkout.

Once you have purchased an item you get a license to use it, and the digital product becomes available for download in your personal area.

Most products that require active use, such as plugins and WordPress themes, also include author support, which can be found on the product page.

Obviously for each type of product there are extensions that can be added to the standard package at an additional cost:

often on Themeforest you can add 6 months more support to the theme, or even the initial installation and management service of the website.

Then of course there are bundles that are very common on Envato Market:

these are packages for agencies that need unlimited use on multiple websites of an element, such as a WordPress theme.

This option is really convenient for those who make extensive use of templates and graphics resources for their work.

Envato Market for Sellers

Envato Market

Here too, as for customers, you need to register on this page to become part of the author community.

Obviously, there are some conditions that you must adhere to in order to sell your creations on Envato Market.

First of all, everything you sell must be an original creation, or one that can be licensed by the main author. If so far everything seems obvious, the publication process is less so.

In fact, before a product is published, Envato with the help of experts analyses all its features and decides according to precise standard measures whether to accept it on the platform or not.

These requirements can be seen in the overall quality displayed by the creators’ portfolio, the presence and activity of the group behind it,

the presentation through detailed and attractive descriptions and a good reputation on Envato.

Finally, the fundamental aspect for each seller, how to receive payments.

All earnings are deposited into your Envato Market account.

With the funds, the author can make purchases on Envato Market or withdraw when the threshold of $50.00 is reached.

Payments are made on the 15th of each month.

In order to be entitled to a payment on the 15th, it is necessary to request a withdrawal by the last day of the previous month.

You can Register HERE

Envato Market: Pros

Envato Market ensures a reliable service, as all the products on sale are first tested for quality and efficiency,

on the other hand it offers many products thanks to the 7 categories present.

Secondly, there is something for every pocket.

I’m referring to the themes, plugins, free images that you can use without license costs,

the possibility of subscribing to Elements to pay less for items, and the fact of finding resources for every purpose.

Finally, I want to underline once again the importance and usefulness of being able to consult thousands of reviews, questions and problems solved within the portal,

useful to choose more quickly and more effectively the template or the digital product suitable for our needs.

Envato Market: Cons

First, given the abundance of products on sale, there is a greater difficulty in research.

Of course, for those who have to choose a theme on Themeforest for example,

the ideal would be to first consult some blogs suggesting which themes are more reliable than others.

Another aspect that is often ignored but that actually deserves to be highlighted is the lack of updates for some products.

Although Envato urges creators to constantly improve their resources, many of them, after achieving a total sales, totally neglect this aspect.


Almost 15 years of history, all made up of positive results, makes Envato Market one of the best known marketplaces in this business.

In terms of reliability,

the gap with the competition is often abysmal, given that most of the time you have to compare a content-rich offer with one that is rather sparse.

Starting from the idea that Envato Market offers highly efficient solutions of excellent quality,

it is worth mentioning that, as far as prices are concerned, the offer proposed is really varied, as it manages to meet different needs.

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates

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Envato Market: 49,903 WordPress Themes & web templates


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