TemplateMonster: 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics

TemplateMonster, one of the biggest marketplace for WordPress Bloggers and Webmasters. We have to make an article about it because it offers 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics.

We have also recently reviewed the competitors of this great marketplace, if you are interested in the articles you will find them below:

We all know the importance of quality WordPress themes or plugins, and we all want a fast and reliable website,

True, the most important factor in this respect is definitely hosting,

But a very important thing not to underestimate is our WordPress themes, how much they load, and how much functionality they have.

We have several sites where we test the best themes to give a service to those who follow us,

on this site we are using a free version of GeneratePress and we notice a big difference with the paid version,

In addition to the features that paid themes offer, as we said before they allow the site to flow more smoothly, and this means,

a great service for our customers and an extra boost in search engines, as far as Google is concerned,

After this brief introduction let’s see in detail what TemplateMonster offers:

TemplateMonster: 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics

What is TemplateMonster

Fastest WordPress Themes with Template Monster

Template Monster was created in 2002, when only internally developed templates were sold.

Only later did it become a marketplace where you can sell and buy themes from external developers and designers.

Template Monster offers users the possibility to search by category,

Users can search by category, filtering results according to price, plugin compatibility and key features such as display adaptability and ease of installation.

Before finally choosing which product to buy, it is usually a good idea to read some reviews about it,

the average rating and what the premium package contains, just like buying a product from Amazon.

Template Monster has a very attractive interface that is fun to use:

In fact, you can navigate effortlessly through a menu that allows you to switch from reviews to user comments, from theme description to support, all with one click.

Theme preview

On Template Monster you can see the theme live as a demo, so you can find out how the website would look.

Thanks to this fantastic website feature, you can see various templates for the homepage, the online shop, the available elements and many layouts in general.

Useful filters

On their official website you can select and move between different categories of digital products, easily identifiable and well divided.

You will be able to search for content using filters that will help you find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time and without too much effort.

These filtering tools will allow you to select the different products according to various factors:

  • Price range
  • Integration with different plugins
  • Adaptability with mobile devices
  • Installation mode of the theme

This is an incredible advantage because it allows you to go straight to the theme that is right for you.

All you need to do is know what you’re looking for and you’re done.

Customer service

On TemplateMonster, users who are experiencing difficulties with the purchase of any product,

or have problems with their order and delivery, can rely on the 24-hour support chat.

In addition to this, you can send an email to ask for more specific information or call the support number provided on the website directly.

If you want a quick response, I recommend using the live chat,

where you will be assisted by competent people ready to solve any problem you may have.


Many of the Themes featured on Template Monster range in price from $55 to $120.

Prices are slightly higher than those found on other markeplaces such as ThemeForest or ThriveThemes (you’ll find our reviews at the top of the page).

The initial price only covers a licence for one website.

If you wish to use the theme on multiple sites you will need to purchase multiple copies of the same theme,

although there are some that offer licences for up to five websites at an additional cost.

Top 5 Fastest WordPress Themes tested by us that we recommend

If you’ve chosen WordPress as the platform on which to build your website,

you’ll have access to lots of beautiful, pre-made themes that you can download and use right away.

Here’s our top 5 of the fastest, most functional and beautiful WordPress themes you can find on templatemonster.

Note that they are all easy to customize and manage, so any of these themes can look just the way you want them to.

All these themes are easily found by going to the TemplateMonster home page and typing in the name of the theme you will find in our ranking.

Please note that you can get a special discount by using our link

1) Monstroid2Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes
Fastest WordPress Themes

The first theme I’m gonna show you is one of the biggest sellers one can find on TemplateMonster Marketplace.

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose WordPress theme, meaning it can be utilized for any type of a website.

It features a collection of 16 various and ready-to-use skins that You can use for both personal and corporate projects.

Every single page of this theme is fully editable, so you can easily change any element you want.

It’s also responsive and mobile friendly so will be performing of mobile devices with no trouble.

You also get a ton of pre-installed widgets and plugins, a possibility to run a web store, a 24/7 professional customer support.

2) EasyJet – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes
Fastest WordPress Themes

The next theme we are having a look at is EasyJet.

It’s also multipurpose and offers over 12 homepage layouts.

The built-in Elementor page builder makes it really quick and effortless to bring the personal style to the layout as you drag and drop multiple elements.

As the cool bonus, the theme is loaded with 90 free high-quality images and premium extensions.

3) Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes
Fastest WordPress Themes

Woostroid is a WordPress theme going with woocommerce plugin,

that allows you to run on online store right from the WordPress dashboard.

You get 10 pre-design skins and Elementor page builder which makes page customization extremely easy and quick.

As all the others, this theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

It goes along with pre-installed plugins and widgets, so you can use the theme right upon the purchase.

4) BuildWall – Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes
Fastest WordPress Themes

BuildWall is a WordPress theme having tons of pre-made demos and ready-to-use pages.

It’s intended for construction companies, but with this theme, you get full creative freedom and create any type of a website you want.

BuildWall goes with drag and drop Elementor page builder.

As always, you get pre-installed plugins and widgets and fully responsive design.

Plus, you can easily create your online store with a fully-loaded WooCommerce package!

5) Hazel – Clean Minimalist Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes
Fastest WordPress Themes

Hazel is a minimal, clean and modern WordPress theme, going with 9 pre-built skins with tons of ready-to-use pages.

It’s easy to install and setup, packaged with awesome premium plugins and has fully responsive design.

You can customize it the way you want and give it a unique look to reflect your creative personality.

It’s perfect for blogs, portfolio websites, and more.

TemplateMonster: 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics


The reviews issued by those who use this platform (and we confirm this) for buying and selling templates are mostly positive.

Template Monster includes high-quality digital products.

We can therefore compare this marketplace to a shop for selected and therefore slightly more expensive but high value products.

Overall, it seems that the features most appreciated by Template Monster’s customers are as follows:

Possibility to see demos of many themes

So you can see what they look like and what the final effect might be.

They are very useful because they leave a lot of room for more concrete and immediate decision-making aspects

Good and efficient customer support

Organised in such a way as to always provide you with targeted and professional assistance.

This is a very unique feature for this type of provider, especially if you consider that Template Monster’s support is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

The prices

Although at first glance they may seem a bit above average (especially when compared to ThemeForest’s).

However, it is worth remembering, in this case, that the quality is very high and therefore it is always worth investing a few extra dollars.

At this point, we can only conclude that Template Monster is one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling themes.

The themes are many, professional, easily filterable.

Attention to the customer is a must and there are demos to help the user in the decision-making and purchasing process.

Activate your discount now:

TemplateMonster: 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics

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TemplateMonster: 80,820 Fastest WordPress Themes, Plugins & Graphics


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