Flywheel Prices Update 2021

Flywheel Prices Update 2021 – Introduction

We have taken a break for a few days, but today we are going to restart our price update on the best web hosting on the market, which we use and which we have tested to create your websites.

Today we see all the features of the hosting currently in use on this site. Flywheel Web hosting

Before we begin here are our latest updates, in case you are interested in looking at other hosting for your new site or for migrating your current site

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Flywheel Prices

Flywheel Prices Update 2021

Flywheel Prices

Flywheel was started in 2012 by three web developer friends, Dusty, Tony, and Rick.

It differs from most other managed WordPress hosting companies,

By offering many features that make life easier for web designers and developers. What’s more, these features are wrapped up in a stylish, easy-to-use interface.

Flywheel provides servers and services that are tailored for WordPress. This means your sites will experience the highest quality of performance,

and security because every server is optimized for a single CMS.

Beyond the servers, you’ll get extra features with a managed WordPress host,

like automated nightly backups,

and WordPress upgrades that help you manage your sites (or rather, help Flywheel manage them for you). Plus, 24/7 support team of WordPress experts is always on standby whenever you need help!

Flywheel Prices Update 2021

Managed WP Hosting Plans

Here are the current plans for Flywheel. They offer managed WordPress hosting plans build on the Google Cloud platform. So server settings are configured and WordPress already installed when you sign up.

1 WordPress site1 WordPress siteUp to 10 sitesUp to 30 sites
5,000 monthly visits25,000 monthly visits100,000 monthly visits400,000 monthly visits
5GB disk10GB disk20GB disk50GB disk
20GB bandwidth50GB bandwidth200GB bandwidth500GB bandwidth
Flywheel Prices


Flywheel promises to be up for 99.9% of the time and keeps its word.

During the time of our testing, it hadn’t gone out even for a second, scoring 100% uptime.

Flywheel Prices
Flywheel UpTime Performance

The situation with response time is worse. It averaged at 1006ms. And this kind of result is a straight way to increase your bounce rate.

It takes 1 whole second for a website to even start loading. Not to mention loading itself.

We also ran another test on a fully working site with regular traffic levels, caching tools and CDN on.

It showed us what you can actually expect from Flywheel.

With 50 virtual users and testing from the US, the response time of Flywheel averages at around 200ms and keeps stable.

Flywheel Prices
Flywheel Prices

Content Delivery Network: Performance and Safety Guarantee

Flywheel Prices
Flywheel Prices

It creates a network of servers that can deliver your website contents from locations, closer to your visitors. And the closer the server is to the visitor – the faster the page can load.

Also, if anything happens to one server – a bunch of others is ready to jump in and save you from downtime.

Another thing that’s able to improve page loading speed is the possibility to choose one of 10 server locations,

in the US, Singapore, Canada, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or London.

Reviews Conclusion

Flywheel is a solid hosting option. The intuitive and easy to use interface combined with extras,

such as backups, staging, ability to add free SSL certificates, multisite compatibility,

and optional CDN makes for quite a good deal.

Also Flywheel offers one of the least intrusive methods for setting up domains and DNS and that is a nice gesture.

Plus if you are a freelance web designer there are some extra features,

like the option to choose client billing and Local (which you can use to connect your local development site to you live client sites).

On the other side of the table the storage space is very limited,

but if you don’t need tons of space, it’s a good service with excellent performance and tech support. For more information, be sure to visit their website.

Flywheel Prices Update 2021

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Flywheel Prices Update 2021


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