30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources

30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources – Introduction

The most important thing for a website? Traffic of course!

Without traffic, your business, your blog will have trouble starting and growing.

In order for your website to receive organic traffic, it needs to be configured perfectly in terms of SEO,

We have created many guides to this, but as far as SEO is concerned, it is a slow process, you will not get traffic to your site immediately.

We have selected and tested a really useful product for those who have trouble getting traffic to their site and need to launch their business immediately.

Before we start if you want to learn more, or want to improve the SEO of your site, here are our latest articles

30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources

Commission Blaster

FREE Traffic Sources
FREE Traffic Sources

Commission Blaster offers a really interesting service for anyone with a site or anyone who wants to promote a particular link (perfect for affiliate links).

In three simple steps you can promote your link to 30 really powerful traffic sources with a conversion rate of over 70%.

With google ads, it is very easy to lose control of your campaign,

in fact, many users have reported many problems in this regard,

if you do not know the platform at its full potential and do not know how to make the most of it, it is very easy to have problems,

especially with regard to the performance of your ads and the amount you have to pay at the end of the month.

This is why we are looking for a service that offers a complete promotion of your site or link,

but which is very easy to set up and brings immediate results, even for beginners.

For much more detailed information, please watch the video below by James and the very interesting video on the official page,

it is a truly unique product that we recommend to all our affiliates!

Commission Blaster Review from James Kennedy

FREE Traffic Sources

Free alternatives to increase traffic to your site

Comments on other sites in your niche.

For this technique you need to be aware of the most successful blogs in your industry.

When these blogs publish new content, read it and write a comment that is as relevant as possible and will help people.

Then insert a link to your own post on the same topic.

Users who click through will find a page they are really interested in because it will complete the information they were looking for.

Guest posts.

If one of your competitors manages to get a guest post published on a major website in the industry and gain great visibility, don’t despair.

On the contrary, it means that the site is interested in such content and accepts guest posts.

At this point, you can also contact that site and propose an article of your own.

Obviously it must be something original and different from your competitor.

This also works in reverse.

If you host a guest post from an industry authority,

who will naturally share the content on their channels, you will get more traffic to your site.

Include links to industry bloggers in your articles.

Maybe some will ignore you, but others will be happy with the mention and will mention you on social media or share the article.

Don’t forget to notify them via email or social media about your article.

Be active in the forums of your niche.

Identify the forums in your niche and, in the appropriate topic, try to give some useful information to the participants.

You can then include a link to your post.

Of course, you should first check the guidelines of the forum itself, as some forums prohibit the insertion of links.

Groups on social platforms.

The same as for forums also applies to groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms.


Readers love visual content.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create infographics, there are easy-to-use online tools (Canva for example) that are free to use.

Case study

By creating a partnership with another like-minded brand, you can get a backlink that generates constant traffic.

Companies are always looking for testimonials to prove that their service or product works.

Don’t forget to send them the link and ask them to share it.

Ask readers to share your content.

Just insert a plugin that makes sharing easy.

You could also include article sharing buttons in your newsletters.

30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources

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30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources


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