Funnel Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips

Funnel marketing can still be considered one of the most used and most profitable types of marketing if done in the right way,

In this article we will look at the definition and some useful tips for those who want to start using this type of strategy,

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Funnel Marketing:


Funnel Marketing
Funnel Marketing

Independently of your type of business, the user’s journey to the purchase of a product consists of a few steps that are always the same.

Problem/need recognition:

The purchase decision always starts from an emotional state of the user, the need to solve a problem and the recognition of the same.

Searching for information:

when the need is recognised, the user looks for information through search engines.

Evaluating alternatives:

the user evaluates several options before choosing the final solution to his problem.

Purchase decision: the user converts into a customer and decides to buy your product.

Post-purchase behaviour:

indicates the behaviours the company puts in place to gain the customer’s trust (customer service, chat, personalised emails).

A satisfied customer tends to share his experience with other users.

Having said that, now let’s see in detail what funnel marketing is and how you can use it in your Web Marketing strategies.

Funnel Marketing: What is it?

Funnel Marketing
Funnel Marketing

The marketing funnel is a flow that allows you to visualise all the steps consumers go through before buying your product or service.

It serves to schematise the buying process and identify all the stages that make it up.

Visualising each stage is very functional for the company, which can then understand the customer journey and take action to intercept it.

This phased process is actually not a recent invention, but was introduced in 1910 by John Dewey.

The success of the funnel is due to the ability to extrapolate measurable data for each of its stages.

But why a funnel?

The image of the funnel represents the fact that the number of incoming users does not correspond to the number of those who will turn into customers.

During the various stages of the funnel, in fact, some will leave the process, not converting into customers.

This is why the final stage is at the part where the funnel narrows.

The goal of funnel marketing experts is to attract as many users as possible to the initial part,

and to increase the percentage of leads that convert into customers in the final part.

The funnel model is flexible and adaptable, because it can be applied to all measurable processes.

The marketing funnel is especially valid online, for e-commerce, websites and landing pages,

where you can track the movements of users and have metrics to analyse.

4 Steps to Create your Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing


Identify where your contacts come from.

How many come from organic search and how many from campaigns.

And between campaigns, how many through Facebook, how many through Google Adwords etc. etc.


How do I get them to take action?

What is the conversion rate of my landing pages and how can I increase it?


Treat your qualified contacts well. How?

By providing them with useful and valuable information and trying to discover (and anticipate) their real needs.

Thanks to this they will eventually give you their preference over others.


Now you can offer your sale because your users are ready to buy.

Funnel Marketing Phases

Funnel Marketing
Funnel Marketing

Funnel marketing is an essential point for some businesses, especially for those who have the opportunity to sell products or services online.

I’m not just talking about e-commerce.

Even a freelancer can have concrete advantages in creating a similar path.

The basic conditions may change depending on the type of structure, there is no recipe valid for everyone.

But some points are similar in all occasions.

Get yourself a good email marketing programme (you will find the best ones here) and mark these steps.


Firstly, you need to ensure that your brand becomes known in the industry.

Or rather, you need to gain the trust of your audience.

It is very difficult to do lead generation when nobody knows your name, when you are a total stranger spending capital on advertising.

Start with the brand first.

At this stage it is important to work on the tools that are necessary to move in this direction:

Some people limit themselves to the use of social networks, some focus on video marketing and some, instead, work on the company blog.

It all depends on the context. In any case, you have to find the right solution to increase interest in your name.


This is where you get to the heart of the matter. You have to start acquiring leads that are suitable for your purpose.

This term refers to people who might be interested in what you offer.

To achieve this you can work in different ways, with the blog or with social networks.

Maybe using Facebook ADS, which is very useful for this purpose.

But you need, more than anything else, a lead magnet. What am I talking about?

  • Free ebooks.
  • Data and research.
  • White papers.
  • Case studies.
  • Forms and materials.

By lead magnet we mean those free benefits that you can give to a potential customer to make them leave their contact in a form.

There are different funnels that operate in different ways, on the web the typical starting point is email.

In this way you can reach the individual with a targeted, specific communication.

What are the essential tools for funnel marketing at this stage?

It depends on what you use to attract these leads.

One of the best tools is a good landing page to make sure that people come and make an informed decision.

Behind the creation of pages to intercept leads there are advanced techniques to consider:

Every single detail can make the difference in getting the desired result.


The work of lead nurturing is decisive.

Once you have acquired the contacts you have to make sure that the conversion takes place.

The study of the strategy is fundamental because your action depends on how you structure the path.

You may need to work on a direct sale, or perhaps a more structured route.

By acquiring leads, you can turn them into prospects by sending them increasingly specific content,

proposing a sort of path that drives the unknown individual to become first a person interested in what you do, then a potential customer.

You can do this with a specific breakdown of content marketing:

  • Top of funnel content, unspecific and generic solutions.
  • With middle of funnel content you aim for something more focused.
  • Bottom of funnel content, we are at the end of the path.

For more complex products this can be the way to proceed.

You have to make sure that the person following the funnel marketing process acquires a competence,

a specific knowledge that leads to an awareness: I need this good or service.

Funnel Marketing: Fidelity

Funnel Marketing
Funnel Marketing

Once the sale is over you can continue to strengthen the relationship with your followers.

There are extra services you can add to the list of contents, special discounts, benefits:

The way to improve the relationship with your followers can change depending on your targets and objectives.

But remember that in this process you can work on cross and up selling.

That is, sales that involve complementary and higher categories.

Want some advice? Buy the Video Guide or read the book:

Secret Email System

On these pages there are several passages that explain well the dynamics behind sales techniques.

Persuasive copywriting is decisive in these cases, especially when writing the various emails and sales letters.

The Sales Funnel explained From Grumo Media

Funnel Marketing


Funnel Marketing

If you are in the (serious) web marketing business, you will know who Russell Brunson is and what he has been able to do with Clickfunnels.

In case you don’t know him,

you should know that one of his most successful ventures has been to create this online tool,

Which has enabled entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Dean Graziosi to increase their customer base and earn millions of dollars by creating funnels.

Yes, even the much-admired American guru Tony Robbins uses Clickfunnels to promote his events and products;

He uses it not only for this purpose but also to earn passive income from promoting Clickfunnels to other people.

Clickfunnels is a tool that allows you to create sales funnels with the simplicity and effectiveness that few other online services can offer.

It is one of the most powerful, comprehensive and functional funnel builders ever created.

Precisely because of its effective validity, it is also the tool most promoted by web marketers around the world.

Promoting this tool rewards its affiliates with very high and above all recurring commissions.

This tool simplifies the marketing processes involved in promoting and selling services or products online by providing very easy-to-use tools and pre-structured sales paths designed to convert.

Premium Funnel & Templates

Funnel Marketing
Funnel Marketing

If you’re like me you’re probably a little frustrated with the lack of quality templates on the official ClickFunnels marketplace right?

Well the veteran funnel designer, Brent Turner, has just created the ‘Magnus Opum’ of ClickFunnels templates, design assets and marketing tools.

A premium marketplace of ClickFunnels templates where each one is hand-picked for quality and effectiveness.

The ‘ThemeForest’ of marketing templates!

Funnel Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips

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Funnel Marketing: What is it? How it works & Tips


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