A quick introduction for the future Google Blogger: Notions for newbies

Future Google Blogger, I know, you’re probably wondering if starting a blog at the end of 2020 is still worth it…

Or if you can really make money with a blog these days,

We have been dealing with WordPress and web hosting for years and we can assure you that if you follow some fundamental guidelines when creating and maintaining a blog,

you are sure to succeed!

The Blog is not out of fashion, people look for comments, opinions and especially reviews before buying a product!

And the same goes for a passion, people are looking for bloggers who know how to satisfy all their doubts,

In this review we will see the basics of a blog, with a final gift, a really interesting course that will guide you in creating your own blog for free.

We highly recommend it!

It will reveal profitable niches and much more, but we will see it at the end.

Before we start we leave you with some of our very interesting articles, which can satisfy all your doubts regarding this topic:

A quick introduction for the future Google Blogger: Notions for newbies

What is a blog – Introduction

Recognized by many as the first blogger in history,

Justin Hall, in 1994, began to publish on the Internet a real story, at times even intimate, of his own days,

Google Blogger
Justin Hall, The First Google Blogger

Even today, blogs are much more than online diaries and are also exploited by companies and institutions.

Constant updating,

more informal tones and a certain attention to feedback from the community of readers remain key features for the blog sphere.

if you wanted to expand the definition of a blog a little bit,

this should be considered as a website or web page through which one or more users share personal opinions on facts of general interest,

or on topics and topics relevant to a select niche of other Internet users.

Among the reasons for the success of blogging,

and why bloggers could be considered in some ways the true precursors of influencer marketing,

there’s the trust gained in his community of readers under a certain consonance of interests, tastes, opinions,

or competence matured in a specific sector that makes the blogger a reference figure,

as it happened, for example, for the tech blogger Salvatore Aranzulla, still today among the most popular blogger in Italy and in the World

What is a blog
Google Blogger – Salvatore Aranzulla

Before answering the question “How to start a blog?”

you should ask yourself “Why start a blog?”

The blogger or the writing enthusiast who wants to have a space of his own and to be managed at will should, in advance,

operate a sort of scenario analysis, taking into account how populated is for example a certain niche market,

whether it’s cooking blogs, book blogs, news blogs and so on, into which he is trying to get into,

who are his main competitors and what the needs, his possible audience.

It’s not that complicated we can assure you, the course you will find in the end will put you in a position to have already done most of the work.

Style and language of a blog

Google Blogger
Style and language of a blog – Google Blogger

The style usually used in the blog is quite informal.

Every blogger has his own style, of course, but usually people who read a blog expect to find a friendly and comfortable environment, whatever the topic.

From the housewife looking for a recipe to the “nerd” who wants to keep up to date with the latest technology,

Everyone will feel much more comfortable if, for example, the author addresses the reader in a friendly way.

Be careful, though: a little informal is fine, but overlooked or coarse is not.

Navigation structure of a blog

Google Blogger
Navigation structure of a blog – Google Blogger

To define a blog in the most current sense of the term, we can start first of all from the structure of navigation and orientation within it.

First of all, like any site, a blog must have a menu.

This usually contains a link to the “About” page, which talks about you or your staff.

If you offer services, add a section dedicated to them in the menu, and to any section of particular interest.

Finally, don’t forget the page from which to contact you.

But the peculiarity of the blog is that its contents, the articles, are divided according to certain categories.

A menu item could indicate the categories of your posts.

In order to define a blog a website, the categories must surely be present,

but also other types of content classification, such as tags and date, which make it easy to find a text of interest to the reader.

Therefore, we can define a blog as a site that organizes content according to:

  • Category: the generic topic the post deals with;
  • tag: the most detailed topic the post deals with;
  • date: the date of publication, or at least the month and year.

Structure of a blog page

Google Blogger
Structure of a blog page – Google Blogger

The post page contains elements that should never be missing.

It is divided into well-defined sections, which help the reader to find his way around.

In the header you will find the title, the site logo and the menu.

A sidebar may appear on the side of the page and at the bottom you will find the footer.

These elements are typical of practically any website.

But to define a blog you will need above all a main section with the post and comments.

Specifically, the main section usually includes:

  • Title
  • subtitle
  • date of publication
  • Featured image
  • post
  • tag and category
  • comments area

The title of the article should be clearly visible.

Under the title may appear the date of publication, a subtitle, which summarises the topic to be discussed, and sometimes a prominent image.

The content of the article itself will follow.

Tags and categories will also be indicated in this section.

Finally, the comments area includes the form to submit a comment to the post and the list of previous comments,

in chronological or, more often, anti-chronological order (with the most recent at the top).

How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes)

Google Blogger

A quick introduction for the future Google Blogger: Blogger Basics for Newbies and Secrets

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A quick introduction for the future Google Blogger: Notions for newbies

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A quick introduction for the future Google Blogger: Notions for newbies


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