Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers.

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Launched in 2011, Google Cloud Platform came a little behind the market leader Amazon Web Services, its most direct competitor in the tough challenge to enterprise cloud platforms.

But Google has never had much experience in services for large companies, which is why it has spent several years “studying” the raw material for offering its proposal to the market.

Rather than being an AWS clone, GCP has become a platform that provides services on a large scale, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The benefits of Google Cloud Platform include a much faster network connecting its data centers, real-time migration of virtual machines and a variety of redundant backups to ensure that storage is always available.

Bandwidth and Latency

It is important to understand these two concepts first: bandwidth and latency.

Bandwidth is the capacity of the network, measured in Mbps;

while latency is the delay or sum of all the delays that different routers add along the way to our web requests and responses.

Figuratively speaking, bandwidth or flow rate can be represented as water pipe capacity to allow a certain volume of water per second.

The latency can be compared to the delay from the moment the water pipe is opened until it starts to exit.

Due to the short wait in establishing the connection between different routers, each “jump” along the way adds latency to the final requests and answers.

So the further away the visitor and the server on which the site is hosted, the greater the latency. Also, the more fragmented the network is, the higher the latency.

Why Google has invested so much in its Network Infrastructure

We all know that Google is the number one search engine, but also that:

  • It has the largest video platform
  • It is the largest e-mail provider (Gmail and G Suite)
  • Earn a lot of money with its cloud computing products (annual rate of over $8 billion)

That’s why it needs the minimum possible latency and the maximum possible bandwidth.

Google also wants to own the real infrastructure, because its “insatiable hunger” for more bandwidth and latency puts Google,

and its large companies like Amazon or Microsoft, in a position where they need to find fully customised hardware and software solutions.

Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Premium Tier network

With Google’s Premium Tier Network, users can take advantage of the global fibre network, with globally distributed Points of Presence.

All incoming traffic from customers to Google’s data centres is routed to the nearest Points of Presence. These are distributed globally, so demand is routed 100% to Google’s private backbone.

This can mean 30% better latency or 50% better bandwidth.

On the way back, all data sent from the data centre to the visitor is routed using the Cold Potato policy.

Unlike Hot Potato routing, used on the standard level network, where traffic is delivered (or deleted) to other ISPs as soon as possible,

Premium-level routing ensures that outgoing traffic is maintained as much as possible on Google’s fibre, and is delivered to peers or transit ISPs as close to the visitor as possible.

Let’s put it simply. Premium-level packets spend more time on Google’s network, with fewer bounces and therefore better performance.

Kinsta uses the Premium Tier network of Google Cloud in all its managed WordPress hosting plans.

This minimises distance and jumps, ensuring faster and safer global data transport.

Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers

The best managed hosting for WordPress

Google Cloud Platform
Kinsta – Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta defines itself as the “best managed hosting for WordPress available on the market today”.

The definition is certainly ambitious, but will it be so for real?

Kinsta’s technicians have designed the architecture of their servers to focus on 3 features: performance, security and ease of use.

How do you reach the pinnacle of performance and speed? Kinsta’s recipe is composed of several very interesting ingredients:

The stability, speed and reliability of this hosting is based first of all on Google Cloud Platform technology with 24 data centers around the world.

And also:

Nginx: the most performance-oriented alternative to Apache

PHP 7: the fastest and most feature-rich version of PHP

LXD containers: able to meet modern requirements

MariaDB: DBMS born from a MySQL fork able to deliver very high performances

The stack proposed by Kinsta is modern, streamlined and efficient. Everything has been designed with performance in mind and, indeed, the results are very positive.

This technology enables Kinsta to offer you the highest level of scalability and support for sudden peaks in traffic.

Safety and reliability

Kinsta guarantees maximum security to its customers in many ways:

  • DDoS protection
  • Uptime monitoring (every 2 minutes for each customer site)
  • Hardware firewalls: much more secure than purely software firewalls
  • SSL support: now essential to ensure protection and security especially in the web
  • Daily backups: but there are also backups that can be customised with other deadlines
  • Moreover, even if it is not a purely technical aspect, it is good to remember that Kinsta’s technical support is at the highest level.

You can contact assistance at any time of the day (and night): they are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even during the holidays).

Perfect for WooCommerce, large sites and high traffic

Kinsta’s technology is structured to serve large sites that require considerable resources and can have a large daily load of visits,

but also sites that simply need appropriate resources to perform like eCommerce, communities or membership sites.

For example, if you have an online shop with WooCommerce or plan to create one, Kinsta offers everything you need to ensure suitable performance.

To get an idea of the performance offered by this company, here are some sites that Kinsta offers its hosting service to:

  • Ubisoft
  • Buffer
  • TripAdvisor
  • Drift

Imagine how many resources must be guaranteed to allow these web giants to function perfectly!

Why choose Kinsta?

Kinsta will provide you with all the necessary tools to manage your website. If you are used to managing with cPanel you will have access to the same tools, but with a different approach with the MyKinsta control panel.

According to the general opinion of some of our affiliates, managing your webmail accounts has never been easier than with the MyKinsta portal.

You can use the temporary preparation site to test the changes before copying it to your live site. You can then choose from the wide range of plans Kinsta has available.

With this Hosting you will strategically locate the server geographically closest to your visitors. You can choose a server from the 24 Google Cloud Platform datacenters for each of your sites.

Kinsta will provide you with unlimited services such as bandwidth, storage and domain and subdomain names. In addition, your websites will be backed up on a daily basis.

You will find a variety of features that you can access, such as fast loading times, simple administration and reduced downtime.

Is Kinsta a good choice?

Kinsta is definitely one of the best managed WordPress hosting ever.

It has quickly made a name for itself for its quality and for the very high level of support and security it offers to all its customers.

If you are planning to create an ambitious project or if you already have a big site that requires adequate performance, speed and ease of management: then WordPress Kinsta hosting is waiting for you!

Remember that free migrations are available if you want to move your site from another hosting to Kinsta and the process is entirely managed by the team.

In our Hosting Reviews section we have analyzed the best Web Hosting of this 2020, if you want a detailed review on Kinsta we suggest you go here:

Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers.

Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers.


The premium level of Google Cloud Network is the first product to use Google’s innovative networking achievements.

It allows customers to leverage Google’s network and the entire stack to deliver content at premium speeds.

With Google’s guarantees for latency.

Kinsta is committed to providing the best managed WordPress hosting performance on a global scale.

That’s why Kinsta has adopted Google Cloud for WordPress hosting and why they use Google’s Premium Tier Network for all their hosting plans.

Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers.

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Kinsta: Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers.


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