Get #1 Google Rankings with this SEO Link Building Software: Backlink Beast

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Get #1 Google Rankings with Backlink Beast

Another truly excellent service that came under our radar,

There are many services that offer this type of tool,

But one of the most important things about this type of service is that it offers quality links to your website,

Along with Wp Backlink Machine they are definitely the best,

But backlink beast also has many more services and is probably the most complete,

Before choosing a service to try out and then reviewing it, of course, as everyone does, we look at the reviews on Youtube,

How many there are and especially if the service is of quality, we can confirm that the service works very well.

We also invite you to look at the various Youtube reviews, because they are very interesting,

We haven’t officially landed on Youtube yet,

because writing takes up a lot of time (if you already have a site, you know very well what we’re talking about)

and giving you brand new and original reviews and guides every day does not allow us to have much time at our disposal.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some important things about the Backlink Beast service

Google Rankings
Google Rankings – From Backlink BeastOfficial page

The most important thing to say about this service is definitely that it creates links automatically day after day,

This should be of more interest to you as it will allow your site to grow naturally and smoothly.

Backlink Beast’s multi-threaded submission process is like having 100 employees creating your accounts,

Submitting your content, building your links and generating your reports at the same time!

Backlink Beast is very easy to use, but as you can imagine with everything it does,

everything that Google looks for when it updates its algorithms and all the changes made by the sites you link to, there’s a lot in the software.

And there are several SEO strategies you can use to make the most of it.

That’s why they’ve created step-by-step training videos to take you through Backlink Beast,

showing you exactly how to set things up, start building links and boost your rankings in the RIGHT WAY.

We invite you to continue on their official website because they have a very interesting video that will explain in depth how it works and how to use it.

Get #1 Google Rankings with this SEO Link Building Software


To place your site as high up on Google Serp as possible, we know that several operations are necessary.

One of these is the presence of backlinks inside external pages that, according to many, seems to be among the first factors that influence Google.

A backlink is a hyperlink that links one page to another and is inserted naturally by a webmaster.

So, when we talk about links, it is necessary to make a distinction between external links (those coming from external sites) preferred by search engines,

and internal links (present inside the site) less relevant.

The purpose of backlinks is to give some importance to the pages in terms of popularity and authoritativeness.

As we said before, backlinks are links between a receiving page, called destination page, and another donor page, called resource page.

Through these links the destination page receives and obtains value from the page from which the link comes.

Once we have received and put into practice this important information,

we try to analyze what are the link preferences of the various search engines,

so that we can try to optimize our site as best as possible, maybe looking for some tricks.

Get #1 Google Rankings

Search Engine: Factors that influence it

Age of links

In addition to the distinction made previously between external and internal links,

you should also make the distinction between old and new links.

The answer between the two would seem trivial, but it is not at all, search engines prefer the former to the latter.

Anchor Text

The anchor text is the part of the text that accompanies the backlink.

We can insert a link within a page by putting the exact web address (

or we can decide to insert a clickable text that leads to our site (MpRN – Best Web Hosting Sites Review).

The anchor text must be “natural” if it is perceived by google as forced this will penalize your positioning.

Authority of the resource

An important element to define the value of the page is given by the authoritativeness and popularity of the resource page,

in terms of popularity of the single page and authoritativeness of the domain.

If we receive a backlink from “Amazon” surely Google will notice the importance and authoritativeness of this website and will start to consider your website and your content as well.

Number of resource page links

The algorithm also takes into account the number of links from the resource page to other web pages.

Logically the more links contained from the page the less value they have.

Quality of the destination page

For the search engine is also relevant the quality of the destination pages of these links,

if the resource page has links both to our page and to low value sites, the received link will be of little value.

Links from multiple resources

One of the most relevant factors are the links from different sites.

If your website or some pages have backlinks coming from different authoritative sites this will undoubtedly help your search engine ranking.

Position of the link in the page

Search engines assign a different weight according to the position of the links on the page.

Usually the higher value is given to the links present within the actual content,

while the lower value is usually given to those present in the footer, which are only useful for navigating the page.

Link shape

A link can take different forms,

these are the main ones in order of relevance:

text links (so html with tag ), links within the image, links via javascript

Geographical location of the link

Google is also able to detect the geographical location from which the link comes, through:

  • Server IP address;
  • the language code of the TLD extension of the domain;
  • the language present in the content;
  • the presence of maps or addresses entered within the pages of the site.

Type of relationship between resource page and destination

Upon detection of an unnatural relationship between the two pages, therefore artificial, Google subtracts value from the link.

Links from penalized sites and spam sites

A web page that has been penalized by the search engine or classified as spam,

does not pass value to the destination pages for this reason it is suggested to try to delete this type of link even if it is not always possible.

Are your links bad or good?

There are specially created software that tells you whether the link on your page has a positive feedback or not. One of these is HubSpot.

The presence of backlinks is very important,

but it is only part of a long list of operations that you have to do to optimize your site and reach the position of your dreams within the Google Serp.

How to Build Backlinks Without Paying for Them From Neil Patel

Google Rankings

Get #1 Google Rankings with this SEO Link Building Software: Backlink Beast

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Get #1 Google Rankings with this SEO Link Building Software: Backlink Beast


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