How To Become a Copywriter

How To Become a Copywriter – The Final Course

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How To Become a Copywriter – What’s Copywriting?

Copywriting is the activity of writing advertising texts, within the wider marketing sector, with the aim of attracting and capturing the attention of the target audience in order to obtain a sale or generate a lead. Those who write such texts are called copywriters.

How To Become a Copywriter


The results that you intend to achieve through advertising materials can be many, but these are always and strictly related to trigger a concrete action of the user, first of all the purchase. Whoever deals with copywriting, therefore, must be a seller, to the extent that, through the use of the right written words, can persuade the customer / user to take an action: buy or even respond to a call-to-action oriented to a possible future sale, through the acquisition of a lead, or a contact.

An exhaustive definition of copywriting is then that of Bruce Bendinger, author of the book “The Copy Workshop Workbook”.

How To Become a Copywriter
How To Become a Copywriter – A definition of copywriting that makes it clear that copywriting is a creative work of writing aimed at selling.

How To Become a Copywriter

How copywriting works

Copywriting is what we rely on to capture the public’s attention.

Users don’t have that much time to spend online and the risk is that they will hastily leave your text if they don’t find what meets their needs or curiosity right away.

Beyond any theory, however, the truth is that you won’t understand the importance of copywriting if you don’t understand the importance of words, and you don’t realize the difference they can make in forming a bond, even before selling a product.

How To Become a Copywriter

Valid Resources

Writing great copy is REALLY about:

Strategy, tactics and techniques… Marketing assets (i.e. content)… Persuasion sequences and marketing funnels…
Weapons, tools, hacks and resources to assess the state of the market…

For instance, wouldn’t it be helpful to know the specific questions people had in your market?


Sure, there are websites like Quora, where people can ask questions and get answers.

And then there’s Yahoo Answers. But they leave you overwhelmed, right?

What if you had access to not only ALL the questions people are asking about your subject across the Internet… plus the detailed answers… but also neatly organized and drilled down by category?

Check out when you have a moment.

You’ll be blown away. It’s websites like these that can give you the edge in your market.

Not to mention the questions ARE IN THEIR OWN WORDS. (You’ve probably already heard to write like your market talks, right?)

How To Become a Copywriter – Bonus

How To Become a Copywriter
How To Become a Copywriter – Bonus

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