How to Get Backlinks?

In this guide we will find out how to get quality backlinks with simple methods and quality software we have recently tested

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How to Get Quality Backlinks

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

Links have a fundamental influence on how Google and other search engines determine the credibility of a website. Each of them is seen as a testimonial, a kind of advice.

For this reason, the more links to a website, the more authentic it is considered and the higher it appears in the search results.

Learning how to get backlinks to improve a website’s ranking is the oldest and most efficient SEO technique. And while it is one of the most productive ways to achieve your goal, you need to pay attention to the quality of these links.

In the early days of SEO, website owners regarded backlink hunting as a kind of “game” and organized questionable tricks to achieve their goal. Since then, most updates to Google’s algorithm have been aimed at eradicating these suspicious methods.

Today only “benign” techniques are considered reliable and ethical. And if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves a bit, it won’t be a problem to boost your positioning (and credibility).

Glossary Terms

How to Get Quality Backlinks

Link Juice:

When a web page links to one of your articles or the home page of your website, it passes “link juice”.

This link helps with the ranking of the article and also improves the authority of the domain. As a blogger, you can interrupt the link pass using a no-follow tag.

Link not followed:

When a website links to another website, but the link has a no-follow tag, that link does not pass the link.

Links without follow are not useful when it comes to page placement as they do not contribute in any way. In general, a webmaster uses the tag not to follow when linking to an unreliable site.

No-Follow Link:

A no-follow link is a link where the linker tells search engines not to pay attention to that link. Brands or sites usually use the designation “no-follow” when they purchase links for promotional purposes.

Do-Follow Link:

By default, all the links you add to a blog post are follow-follow links and they pass the link.

Root Domain Link:

Refers to the number of backlinks that arrive to your website from a unique domain. Even if a website has been linked to your website ten times, it will only be considered as a linked root domain.

Low quality links:

Low quality links are links that come from collected sites, automated sites, spam sites or even porn sites. Such links do much more harm than good. This is one of the reasons why you should be careful when buying backlinks.

Internal links:

Links that go from one page to another within the same domain are called internal links. The process itself is called an internal link or link.

Anchor text:

Text used for hyperlinks is called anchor text. Anchor text backlinks work perfectly when trying to classify for particular keywords.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

One of the first factors that Google used to evaluate the ranking of a site was the number of incoming links that a website had, as this could give an idea of its popularity.

Soon webmasters found a way to cheat the search engine algorithm, using numerous links to sites created specifically to be linked to others.

This phenomenon soon became a business, as it was easy to make money by creating large numbers of links to these sites and selling the packages of links to those interested, but this led to a drastic increase in the number of low quality sites.

Google decided to fight by starting to analyze the quality, not the quantity, of links leading to a website.

Google’s new algorithm checks the relevance of backlinks leading to your site.

For example, the site of a hotel that has a link from a travel agency will have a better ranking than a restaurant with a link from one that offers Viagra or other medicines.

This new algorithm will automatically evaluate links that are not relevant as purchased or obtained illegally and may even penalize the site for using them.

Quality links create a network of recommendations equivalent to word of mouth, an important marketing tool.

Backlink: What is?

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

To place your site as high up on Google Serp as possible, we know that several operations are necessary.

One of these is the presence of backlinks inside external pages that, according to many, seems to be among the first factors that influence Google.

To start with, let’s try to understand what we mean when we talk about backlinks:

A backlink is a hyperlink that links one page to another and is inserted naturally by a webmaster.

So, when we talk about links, it is necessary to make a distinction between external links (those coming from external sites) preferred by search engines, and internal links (present inside the site) less relevant.

Backlink usefulness

The purpose of backlinks is to give some importance to the pages in terms of popularity and authoritativeness.

As we said before, backlinks are links between a receiving page, called destination page, and another donor page, called resource page.

Through these links the destination page receives and obtains value from the page from which the link comes.

Once we have received and put into practice this important information,

we try to analyze what are the link preferences of the various search engines, so that we can try to optimize our site as best as possible, maybe looking for some tricks.

Search Engine: Factors that influence it

Age of links

In addition to the distinction made previously between external and internal links, you should also make the distinction between old and new links.

The answer between the two would seem trivial, but it is not at all, search engines prefer the former to the latter.

Anchor Text

The anchor text is the part of the text that accompanies the backlink.

We can insert a link within a page by putting the exact web address ( or we can decide to insert a clickable text that leads to our site (MpRN – Best Web Hosting Sites Review).

The anchor text must be “natural” if it is perceived by google as forced this will penalize your positioning.

Authority of the resource

An important element to define the value of the page is given by the authoritativeness and popularity of the resource page, in terms of popularity of the single page and authoritativeness of the domain.

If we receive a backlink from “Amazon” surely Google will notice the importance and authoritativeness of this website and will start to consider your website and your content as well.

Number of resource page links

The algorithm also takes into account the number of links from the resource page to other web pages. Logically the more links contained from the page the less value they have.

Quality of the destination page

For the search engine is also relevant the quality of the destination pages of these links, if the resource page has links both to our page and to low value sites, the received link will be of little value.

Links from multiple resources

One of the most relevant factors are the links from different sites. If your website or some pages have backlinks coming from different authoritative sites this will undoubtedly help your search engine ranking.

Position of the link in the page

Search engines assign a different weight according to the position of the links on the page.

Usually the higher value is given to the links present within the actual content, while the lower value is usually given to those present in the footer, which are only useful for navigating the page.

Link shape

A link can take different forms, these are the main ones in order of relevance:
text links (so html with tag ), links within the image, links via javascript;

Geographical location of the link

Google is also able to detect the geographical location from which the link comes, through:

  • Server IP address;
  • the language code of the TLD extension of the domain;
  • the language present in the content;
  • the presence of maps or addresses entered within the pages of the site.

Type of relationship between resource page and destination

Upon detection of an unnatural relationship between the two pages, therefore artificial, Google subtracts value from the link.

Links from penalized sites and spam sites

A web page that has been penalized by the search engine or classified as spam does not pass value to the destination pages for this reason it is suggested to try to delete this type of link even if it is not always possible.

Are your links bad or good?

There are specially created software that tells you whether the link on your page has a positive feedback or not. One of these is HubSpot.

Concluding this short introduction, the presence of backlinks is very important, but it is only part of a long list of operations that you have to do to optimize your site and reach the position of your dreams within the Google Serp.

Do you want to optimize your website? Find out how to best optimize your site with this guide

How to Get Quality Backlinks?

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

Backlink and Seo are a constant combination for the correct positioning on search engines.

To be visible in the Google world is not enough to create a website you need to adopt a series of SEO actions that include backlinks and Building link techniques.

Many backlinks help me to position myself on search engines?

The principle always applies that quality is always better than quantity.

We are talking about the quality of domains that link to your site and the number of domains themselves.

In addition to this we must necessarily consider whether the domains that send us backlinks deal with content related to our website.

We will list 50 techniques to obtain quality backlinks. An approach based and oriented to generate value to your website and your audience.

How to Get Backlinks

1) WordPress Backlink Machine v2 (Plugin)

Classifying your sites in Google can be very difficult. Especially for those who are on their first site.

You have to create the right content, add images, videos and then create 100 backlinks to rank your site at a higher level.

This is what everyone does.

You need to contact 100 bloggers who deal with your own niche and ask them if they can put an article of yours in their space, it is a very tiring process, and many times these bloggers refuse.

Wp Backlink Machine is your solution, in one click the plugin builds 1000 high Quality backlinks to your site and makes you get a higher ranking.

Wp Backlink Machine is a fully automated Plugin

All you need is 3 simple steps:
1: One click on the “Get Backlinks” button next to the blog post you want to build backlinks

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

2: Enter the keywords you want to use for backlinks and select how many backlinks you want…

How to Get Backlinks
How to Get Backlinks

3: Press “A BUTTON” and you DONE

WP Backlink Machine will build your backlinks in the next 24-48 hours and give you a report with all the details.

We have tried it and we can assure you that it works perfectly, very easy to use this plugin offers an extremely valuable service to everyone, beginners and experts alike.

Here is a video that explains how it works:

WordPress Backlink Machine v2 (Plugin)

2) Asking costs nothing

When we talk about backlinks we actually talk about relationships. The business you manage could be interesting and/or useful to some company and its audience. Study and analyze not only your sector but also the “neighboring” sectors.

Identify thematic areas that might be of interest to your content.

Create a list of websites, portals and services related to your world and contact them.

Backlink exchange collaborations may arise. These types of relationships are always the longest lasting ones.

3) Take advantage of your network of contacts

In point 2 we said that Backlink is in fact a relationship. We could start with our network of contacts. Who in your circle of contacts/sector can have an advantage in sharing your content?

Many bloggers are against this approach, while others believe that link building between the same sector is not convenient. This is partly correct, it always depends on the difference in “value” of the domains.

Choose what is most appropriate and collaborate in the best way for your industry, your business and your content.

4) Which sites are visiting me?

Constantly check which domains / websites link to your site and try to contact them.

They might be interested in receiving useful articles/contents to their site or need guest bloggers.

5) Interview an Influencer

Find out who are the influencers in your industry and try to contact them for an interview or to write something together.

Most likely they will share your link directly on their social channels or you will get a backlink mention on their website or blog.

6) Educate

Providing quality content with the purpose of educating is certainly another technique that is always worth analyzing. It is obvious that “competence” must always be guaranteed.

Creating detailed, quality educational content promotes search engine optimization of your website. Google wants to present high quality web pages in search results and its ranking algorithm is designed to find them.

7) Differentiate

As repeatedly stated the quality of the content is the main driver. Learn as much as you can. Examine the topics of interest and current affairs and analyze them. Create in-depth articles providing points of view that can stand out from the crowd.

8) Images always like

Infographics work better. A quick way to provide “summarized” information in a nice outfit. If done well they can spread like wildfire.

An example is an infographic that shows trends in an industry, such as the types of jobs available, their salaries, employment rates and so on.

9) Create video

YouTube is the second largest search engine, in addition to Google’s web search engine. In all cases, the power of a video link is massive and must be a priority.

You can create a video, host it on YouTube, for example, and then offer a link for more information from the video that takes viewers to a page on your website.

10) Get a mention on Wikipedia

Getting a link from Wikipedia does not pass the link juice because all their links are nofollow. However, it can give your site a huge boost in traffic, and probably the “state” of expert.

Getting a link may not be too difficult if you are really worthy.

But know that Wikipedia disapproves of self-promotion. Publishers will probably reject any links you try to place on your own. Worse, if you are too persistent in adding links to your site, your website can be added to a spam list.

11) Correction of all 404

A 404 “not found” error occurs when a user reaches a page URL that does not exist.
Check regularly to identify any 404. Then redirect each 404 URL to its most relevant active equivalent page.
This is recommended in Google guidelines

12) Ebook

Writing an Ebook on a topic is one of the techniques to get backlinks. You can take advantage of the many free ebook publishing portals to be published on different online stores.

In this way you can easily get not only quotes from your company but also many backlinks if you launch the news through your website and social channels.

13) Question and answer sites

This is an example of a question and answer website with nofollow links. But the value of these backlinks is high and you control the number of quotes based on the number of answers you provide as an expert.

Another option is a forum. This is only good for the credibility of the industry, and certainly not for search engine links. Look carefully at the audience and the quality of the responses before entering a forum

14) Get votes and reviews

Analyze and locate review sites in your industry.

All reviews can only generate business and possibly quality backlinks if they come from a trusted resource.


How to Get Backlinks

This software will do the job for you, we have tried it and noticed a significant increase and improvement in google rankings

They submit your site to 14.000+ ping services, search engines, social sites, etc.

These sites notify search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo), blog and RSS directories that you have a website online,

Ready for large amount of visitors.

Imagine all the FREE natural traffic you will get over time with this submission service! And the traffic you get, will be from people who are interested in what you have to offer!

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See the list to which your website will be submitted:

16) Replicate the backlinks of your competitors

Your site may be new, but your competitors are not. This means that:

  • They probably got a lot of backlinks
  • They have done some construction of their connections (so that they can better classify themselves)
  • You can use it to your advantage. Find out how they acquired their links and replicate them.

To do this, you’ll need to use a tool in Ahrefs called Link Intersect. This handy tool tells you who connects to multiple competitors, but not you.

17) Use your social media profiles

Your social media profiles have more power than you know! Add a link to your website or a new post just published in your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook profiles etc… These platforms have excellent authority on the web.

18) Search for a domain with the perfect name

One of the questions that haunts any SEO expert is “Do domain names have an impact on SEO?”. From a certain point of view, yes, they do.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can register

A study on the impact of new domains on SEO suggests that a keyword rich name can help websites get backlinks relevant to the topic.

This is good news for companies that want to be discovered organically.

For example, gets backlinks to the anchor text “book store” and then over time helps the site position itself at the top for the keywords “book store”.

Domain names with new and specialized extensions such as .TECH, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, etc. allow companies to get a keyword rich address.

Recently we have made a selection of domain name prices proposed by various web hosting, the best,

if you are looking for a new domain name or want to change the one you currently have we recommend you to look at this guide

Domain Name Check – Best Selection

How to Get Backlinks?

Moreover we point you out that after a careful analysis, in this 2020 the Hosting company that offers the best prices for domain names is Bluehost, below if you want you can check for free if your domain name is available.

19) Become an authority in the field yourself

To ensure that more and more reliable sites integrate backlinks to your page, you need to provide content that invites you to do so (as we said before, but we would like to point this out again in more detail).

In short, in order for the industry authorities to be with you, you need to be an authority yourself.

There is no alternative to creating relevant, quality content, especially as search engines increasingly focus on quality and authenticity to skim good content. Virtually every page on your website that has content must do the following:

  • Achieving the highest standards of grammatical and informative accuracy,
  • the proposal content based on accurate research from credible information sources,
  • be visually engaging and imaginative.
  • Your content should teach the reader something, filling the gap between the consumer’s needs and the information already available outside.

Expanding your horizons beyond the length of the usual articles and offering unique content that other sites can trust is an effective way to get credible backlinks.

Here are some effective types of content in the form of standalone pages or support topics on other websites, which are interesting backlink options:

  • glossaries,
  • detailed and specialized guides,
  • infographic,
  • graphs and diagrams,
  • case studies,
  • comparative analysis,
  • eBooks,
  • white paper,
  • audio recordings,
  • image libraries,
  • video.

20) Makes things easier

Increase your chances of getting a link on a wide range of websites by offering a simple and direct way to link to your content.

Insert a “Add link to this page” button or snippet HTML under your content to encourage you to embed it directly into third-party pages.

Not only will this make link insertion easier for less technically savvy site managers, it will also encourage them to insert a backlink (simply because it is possible and easy to do so).

Often the name of your site will be mentioned in paraphrases or quotes without inserting a link.

In cases like this, often a simple message of thanks for the mention on the site and a request to turn it into a link has a very good chance of getting you a backlink.

21) Backlink .Edu and .Gov?

It is often thought that backlinks from sites with edu and gov extension automatically bring added value because of the extension itself.

The reason is that to register .edu and .gov domains you need to be certified as an official entity.

This leads domains with such extensions to be generally authoritative, and to receive many important links from other websites.

The problem is that often those who aim to make it cheap, sell low quality links from edu and gov sites, which are often useless for positioning purposes.

The reason is that often nofollow links are sold from such sites, created by simply registering an account and a fake profile in the site itself, a bit like in the forums.

It is not the extension of the domain that makes a backlink valuable, but it is the link juice that this can bring.

My advice is therefore to evaluate the link from which a site comes from analytically, without letting yourself be influenced by the edu and gov extensions, which are in themselves irrelevant for link juice.

22) Use the Broken Link Method

The broken link building method is very interesting. It involves research and work, but it can give real gems.

Basically, it consists of finding broken links from other websites, and contacting webmasters and reporting the error to them.

At the same time, you are going to propose your content to replace the one no longer present.

Let’s take an example: you have a site that talks about SEO. You find site A, very authoritative, which links to an article on site B, which talks about SEO optimization of websites.

The linked article B, however, is broken: it doesn’t exist anymore. At this point you create an article on your blog, which talks about the same topic, and contact the webmaster of site A.

You signal him the error and tell him “if you want, instead of linking site B which is no longer there, you can link this content of mine”.

In this way you can get links that cannot be purchased in any other way.

This application is a useful link building tool, and offers link control, up to 3000 URLs per domain:

You can also take advantage of other software such as Screaming Frog and Scrapebox to crawl and find broken links in the sites you are interested in.

The Broken Link Building is a WhiteHat Method

The link building activities are distinguished between:

  • whitehat;
  • grayhat;
  • blackhat.

The distinction concerns the alignment or not to Google guidelines.

Each link, for Google, is a vote. Buying links, or getting low quality links, is a negative SEO factor. Links should be spontaneous and of quality

In practice, blackhat practices are those that exploit spam or the purchase of links, practices that are unfair to Google, and lead to risks of penalty.

Grayhat practices are those that are a bit dirty, but not so much. These methods are not very clean, but they do not really point to spam.

The whitehat, instead, aims at obtaining spontaneous and quality links, obtained through outreaching and the creation of valuable content.

23) Guest Posting

One of the best resources for off page SEO activity is guest posting:

You offer to write an article that is published on someone else’s blog, in exchange for the possibility to insert a link to your site within the article itself.

This takes a bit more time, because you will have to write a good quality article to be published on another blog.

On the other hand, the advantages of guest posting are considerable:

  • You can get links from websites that deal with topics similar to those of your site, and that are very authoritative;
  • The link in question does not appear among the comments, but in the body of the article (or at the end of it). For this reason Google will give it more value;
  • allows you to interrelate with webmasters of other sites, and increase your popularity;
  • not only your blog will be more authoritative thanks to the link you insert, but you will also have direct traffic to your site from visitors of the blog for which you wrote the post.

How to find guest posting opportunities?

Search on Google sites related to the same topic of your site, contact the webmaster by email, asking him directly if he is interested;

search on Google words like “guest blogger”, or “write for us”, etc…

In this way sites will come up looking for someone to write articles for them, in exchange for a link;

leave comments on blogs that are constructive and quality, this will make the guest posting request much easier, since we will not be strangers, but people who have actively participated on his website;

attend forums and Facebook groups: in this way you will get to know the owners of other websites, who will sometimes be willing to give you a guest post.

Guest posting is a very powerful resource: you will be able to base most of the positioning of your site on this kind of links!

24) Web2.0

Hyperlinks from Web2.0 are easy and fast to obtain. Once they were powerful enough, now a little less so.

I don’t use them, frankly, anymore in my strategy. But let’s see what they consist of.

You know sites like,, etc.?

They are blogs created for free, using wordpress and blogspot services.You can then create sites of the same type for free, write an article about them, and insert in this article one or two links to the main site.

Example: you opened a blog has as main topic “purple Cats” (yes, I suggest everyone to make a site on this topic! :D).

Then go to, subscribe and create in 2 minutes a blog entitled, for example,

Then write a short article (400-600 words), inserting inside 1 or 2 links to the main blog.

I repeat: this technique was in vogue years ago, but currently I do not recommend using it, unless you really create small quality sites.

In my opinion, it takes too much time compared to the results it offers.

Using authoritative services, such as livejournal, tumblr, weebly, and the wordpress and blogspot themselves, the links will be indexed by Google in a short time, and will help you position the main site.

Web2.0 list:


25) Private Blog Network, PBN

The technique of link building with PBN is rather risky and contrary to Google rules, although effective.

I do not recommend it to beginners and those who want to carry out long-term projects.

In practice PBN are Private Blog Network, websites that, in reality, belong to a single person.

The domains that are part of these networks are often dropped domains, domains expired and recovered at auction.

Domains with a rather strong backlink profile are chosen, and then a website is created related, as a topic, to the site to be pushed and linked.

Once the website is recreated, a link to the target site is inserted, giving it trusts.

Link schemes are prohibited by Google’s rules, and therefore, if discovered, can lead to penalties.

26) Web Agency or SEO Specialist?

If you want a professional service, it is necessary that the web agency or SEO specialist consultant to whom you turn is competent in the matter.

By now there are also specialized professionals, i.e. link builders, who offer only this type of service.

If the web agency and the SEO specialist are of value, the result will still be of quality.

The only difference is in the price: going to a SEO specialist cuts prices, because you eliminate the middle ground, the SEO agency, and go directly to the person who will get the links.

It’s a bit like shopping: instead of in the market at home, directly from the manufacturer: the product is the same, but the price is usually lower.

You have everything you need to get started, so get to work, the results won’t be long in coming!

How to Get Quality Backlinks?

How to Get Backlinks

How long does it take to see the results of the link building activity?

Usually, a little bit. This means that it does not take three days and it does not take a year.

Being an activity that requires a constant commitment of time and not an investment of money, as is the case with search engine advertising, you need a lot of patience and the results are not immediate.

The important thing is to detect the starting position so that you can then analyze the changes.

Even using the plugins and software we proposed before, you will need time before seeing results, in any case these two tools will save you a lot of effort,

they are really interesting software that will give you quality links related to your niche.

How To Get Quality Backlinks – Conclusion

Backlinks may not be a top priority for SEO specialists, who tend to focus on page related aspects,

such as keywords, anchor text and meta text, internal links and site architecture, all features over which they have direct control.

To make an SEO strategy strong and effective, operations beyond the page, such as obtaining links, play an equally important role.

After all, in the digital world, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity worth taking.

If you have any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to write to us below in the comments,

Let us know your experience on the article

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