Keyword Researcher: Discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google

With Keyword Researcher, everything is more simplified, and by trying it we have noticed that it also gives very good results as far as Google SEO is concerned.

But before we start this review, let’s see some terms for those who maybe start now in this world:

If you already know the topic you can skip it directly and go to the Software description here:

Keyword Researcher Software

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the discipline that makes a user, by writing a keyword,

find a particular website among the top positions of the results offered by Google.

Let me explain it better by asking you a question.

Have you ever wondered why when you search for something on Google there are some sites that appear in the first position and others that appear lower down?

This is not the result of coincidence.

When you search for information on Google, you are given a list of results (this list is called SERP).

The web pages in this list deal with topics associated with the keyword you entered.

So we will find web pages that are at the top of the list and others that are at the bottom.

Google defines the positioning of a web page at the top or bottom of the list using a secret algorithm unknown to anyone.

However, SEO specialists know the main factors used by Google to position a page.

Keyword Researcher
What is SEOKeyword Researcher

They therefore try to define strategies to make the web page they are working on appear in the top positions.

This is because the user generally puts his attention and clicks on the first three or four results offered by Google!

One of the factors used by Google to place a web page at the top of the list is the presence of certain keywords in the web page itself.

So Google, after a client has typed a keyword,

Will make sure that in first place appear results that are as consistent as possible with the keyword typed and that provide the most useful information possible.

This Video from Ahrefs (An Excellent partly free platform for Webmasters like you) is very interesting:

What is SEO – Keyword Researcher

Suppose you are an SEO specialist, and you want to place a page that sells mobile phones.

So the first thing to do is to understand what users write on google when they want to buy a mobile phone.

For example they can write “smartphone”, “mobile phone”… etc.

So as a SEO specialist you will have to “optimise” these keywords within your web page.

This means that when the user writes one of those words, they will find your web page in the first place.

This will only happen if you have been good at identifying the keywords used by the user, inserting them into the web page,

and also inserting linked keywords such as synonyms and related words.

In other words, you have to make Google understand that your page is talking about the mobile phone topic,

Which is the topic explicitly requested by the user.

Obviously the first position of a page within the SERP depends on multiple factors, operations to be performed and strategies used by SEO specialists.

In this regard we prepared a very interesting article days ago:

The Best Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

What is SEM

Keyword Researcher

The acronym means Search Engine Marketing,

it is a discipline of Digital Marketing that deals with paid advertising campaigns for the promotion of a website, product or brand.

Keywords are also important in this discipline.

In this regard we have also created an article a few days ago very useful for those who want to know more about it:

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how does it work?


Keyword Researcher
What is a keyword? – Keyword Researcher

Keywords are those phrases (consisting of one or more words) searched for by users using search engines like:

  • Google,
  • Bing
  • Yahoo to find what they want.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Researcher
What is Keyword Research? – Keyword Researcher

Keyword research is the set of techniques needed to identify the best keywords for which a site or a particular web page needs to be optimised.

The keyword search shows where the organic search traffic comes from, but contrary to popular belief, keywords are not just about SEO.

In one way or another, keyword research concerns all digital marketing activities.

  • Correct keyword research will help you to:
  • Understand and reach your audience
  • Finding new relevant topics to deal with
  • Obtain qualified leads
  • Increase sales
  • Improve advertising campaigns, get clicks and impressions
  • Increase your brand awareness

Why you should regularly search for keywords:

Keyword Researcher
Why you should regularly search for keywords: – Keyword Researcher
  • Keywords change: there are different ways to say the same thing.
  • Your audience grows and evolves and the way people use search engines changes over time.
  • Search engines also evolve, algorithms become more complex to better understand content and interpret users’ intentions more precisely.
  • You need to keep updating your content so that it is always relevant.

Keywords in Content Marketing

Keyword Researcher
Keywords in Content Marketing – Keyword Researcher

Some might say that content is just an SEO tool, which is partly true:

Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand and often overlap, and the success of one is largely determined by the quality of the other.

SEO is more technical, while content marketing is a broader and more holistic activity.

Searching for keywords for content marketing is not about obscure metrics and unknown algorithms, but rather about what interests your audience and what is trendy.

Now that we have clarified the most important terms we move on to the main topic of this article

Keyword Researcher: Discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google

Keyword Researcher

Have you ever wondered how to find the keywords Long Tail for your website?

When using Google, you may notice a small drop-down box that represents their attempt to predict what you are going to type next.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to save all these keywords, so we can add them to the content of our website?

Well, that’s where the Keyword Searcher comes in!

Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use tool for discovering keywords.

By clicking on the button below you can download it for free and try it as we did. We highly recommend it!

Once activated, it emulates a human being using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google.

Each time a partial sentence is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole sentence might be.

The software simply saves this prediction.

And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you end up with hundreds of big Long Tail key phrases.

Keyword Researcher
Keyword Researcher

Or do you need to organise keywords and import CSV files from Google’s Keyword Planner?

Do you want to manage keywords and article content? Plan a web content strategy?

Say goodbye to the boredom of manually exporting CSV files into complicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

This app was built by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers.

Keyword Researcher

It’s designed (from the ground up) to be an all-in-one SEO solution – allowing you to manage both keywords and website articles.

Need to manage thousands of keywords?

Need help writing articles for SEO-optimised websites?

Do you want to organise an entire SEO website?

As Internet Marketers, we all understand the value of working with clear and concise keyword data.

If you have ever done SEO, then you are already familiar with Google Keyword Planner,

Google’s extraordinary keyword tool that spits out a lot of big data about keywords.

It is the “first step” of ANY online SEO marketing campaign.

You probably downloaded the CSV files from the Keyword Planner, and maybe imported it into Microsoft Excel. (as everyone does)

Perhaps you have tried to separate good and bad keywords.

Perhaps you have tried to organise your keywords into logical groups.

Doing manual keyword searches with various keyword tools can take a lot of valuable time!

Trying to sort, segment and make sense of a list of thousands of keywords takes forever.

The keyword searcher can turn a list of thousands of keywords into a viable SEO strategy.

It is designed to ensure that the entire SEO process flows smoothly, from keyword generation to content publication, and all the intermediate steps.

We have extrapolated the most important parts from the official page,

by clicking on the button below you can download it for free and try it as we did

We highly recommend it!

Keyword Researcher Introduction Video – SEO Software

Keyword Researcher

Keyword Researcher: Discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google

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Keyword Researcher: Discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google


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