The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

In these years we have tried many Keyword Tools, some of them gave us poor results, other excellent results, obviously I’m referring to Google SEO, and free traffic, today we would like to review a Keyword tool in particular that gave us really good results as we said before.

It’s great for both Google SEO and YouTube’s algorithm,

few people know it and it has really useful features for those who want to push their site or video to the top of the charts in a short time.

Obviously like all respectable Keyword Tools,

it is not free of charge, it has a really ridiculous cost,

We highly recommend it, because it is one of the few that has an accuracy of over 90%,

What I mean by this is that the volume and difficulty of each individual keyword is really accurate.

Obviously we have been using this tool for a long time now, so we know what we are saying,

Anyway, before we start, we would like to propose some very interesting articles related to this topic.

keyword tool
The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

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The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

What is keyword research

keyword tool
The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

As the name itself says, keyword research consists of searching for keywords that are in line with the objectives of our company’s marketing plan (or the one we work for) or our business.

To achieve this, specific tools and programs are used to help identify which words are the most used on search engines for a given topic,

such as related keywords (i.e., those that are used together with the word we are interested in, or as its synonym) and other such information.

Specifically, keyword research will make it possible to answer three fundamental questions in each communication plan:

  • What do people look for when they navigate?
  • How many people are looking for it?
  • In what format do they want the information they are looking for?

What are “long-tailed” keywords?

The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

One of the tricks to make your positioning strategy more effective is not to focus exclusively on so-called “dry keywords”, composed of one or at most two words.

In order to achieve better results, you should also focus on the so-called long tail keywords.

Although, as we will see shortly, it would be better to call them keyphrases.

These are, in fact, short phrases composed of 3 or 4 words which, compared to “dry” search keys, have a smaller search volume, but for which it could be easier to position oneself.

Not only: long-tailed keywords are much more specific (they are “niche”, as they are called in technical jargon) and provide, in most cases,

a direct response to specific user needs, and for this reason they are increasingly appreciated by Google.

Long-tailed keywords, for example, must necessarily be part of the development plan for an e-commerce portal or an information portal.

For an online shop selling children’s clothing, for example,

it will be much more important (in terms of converting the user into a client) to position yourself for a specific keyword such as “red 2-year-old T-shirt”. instead of “baby T-shirt”.

The former, even though it has a lower search volume, will have a greater possibility of conversion, since it responds to a precise need of the user (who specifically searches for red T-shirts for 2-year-old children, and not all children’s T-shirts in general).

Similarly, an information portal should also try to position itself on more specific keys,

that help respond to specific user requests (it is more likely to bring traffic by positioning itself for a keyword such as “how to block contacts on WhatsApp” rather than for a generic “WhatsApp”).

What does “Search volume” mean

keyword tool
The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

This is the number of searches made for that particular word.

However, we must be careful:

the volume of searches may vary from month to month,

Especially in the case of seasonal keywords and is an estimated value, since search engines do not provide precise data on their activities

What is keyword difficulty

The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

With the phrase “keyword difficulty” (or a similar name) the various tools indicate the difficulty you will have in positioning yourself on the first page of the SERP for that specific keyword.

Also in this case it is an estimated value determined by factors chosen by those who create the keyword search platform.

How to do it properly

So how to do keyword research so that the marketing campaign gives good results?

First of all, you have to put yourself in the user’s shoes and try to think like him.

You have to get in front of a computer and start doing research online,

trying to identify as much as possible with what our “target audience” should be.

This operation, a sort of solitary brain storming,

will allow you to obtain different keywords from which to start the analysis through the tool that we will show you afterwards

Once you have a list of “target” keywords you need to evaluate their goodness.

That is, what are the words on which to invest (both in economic and temporal terms)

because they will guarantee a return in terms of positioning and visibility.

And that’s where this exceptional plugin comes in.

The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

Keyword Ranking Psychic WordPress Plugin

keyword Tool
The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

One of the most important things is that you won’t need to download expensive software,

this excellent keyword tool is a very light WordPress plugin and currently with our link you can get it for 17 Dollars instead of 67.

Many website owners go a bit blind when creating articles, relying in most cases on google keyword planners,

A great free tool, don’t get me wrong, but they use practically everyone, and this is absolutely not a good thing if you want to classify for a keyword, we know that very well, we used it too……

There are a lot of tools out there, some of them we’ve tried and some we haven’t, but the unfortunate thing is that they don’t offer a great service if we associate them with the price for which they are sold,

The most interesting peculiarity of this very light Plugin

(I say very light because it will not overload the performance of your site and above all the speed)

is that you can find out how difficult your keywords are directly from within your WordPress posts and pages.

With a few simple STEPs you’ll be able to get a complete picture, in terms of volume and difficulty of your Keyword, and with over 90% accuracy.

This is not indicated on the official page but we tell you that we have been using it for a long time, and through various tests we have had our excellent results.

So much so that we use it regularly, to classify certain words of interest to us.

Who should use this plugin?

Those who are involved in SEO marketing, WordPress web content marketing master and those who do affiliate marketing,

But even at Youtuber certainly…

Let’s not forget that the owner of YouTube is Google…

Another peculiarity is that it is very easy to use, in the page you will see an example of its use, in a few steps you will be able to analyze a keyword accurately,

Very useful for those who have just started in the online world with a first blog,

but especially for those who already have some experience and who have already tried thousands of tools, but they have given poor results.

Like us, who have tried many, but let’s face it, it’s not a magic wand,

Keyword search is very important, but many of you will know very well

(but we would like to underline it)

that content is also very important, and nowadays to rank seriously on Google, even length is very important.

60-day trial

keyword tool
The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

You can try this Plugin by downloading it from the official page,

the plugin creator offers a 60-day trial, if you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund,

In our opinion, it will become a fundamental tool that you won’t be able to do without,

we too, given our experience, and we refer to how many instruments we have tried, we were skeptical…

And now after a really long time we are still using it, regularly.

Another suggestion that we would like to give you, in a friendly way, is that the most important thing is the quality not the packaging as something is sold.

And here there is plenty of quality…

The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube

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The best keyword tool for Research for Google & YouTube


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