Mobile Marketing: Definition and Useful Strategies

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Improve Your Mobile Website!

Mobile Marketing

Before we start the actual explanation of what mobile marketing is,

we want to focus on this video by Neil Patel,

One of the most important things to do is mobile optimisation of your site,

whether you already have one or you need to create one,

remember that we are in the end of 2020 and the percentage of people who navigate with a mobile phone is higher than with a desktop computer.

So you have to be ready to provide an excellent mobile service, not only for the users who will visit your site,

but also for Google…

Yes, Google pays a lot of attention to the speed of a site before placing it on the first page,

and the mobile factor has become crucial!

The most important factor in the speed of a site,

whether desktop or mobile, is definitely the hosting you use.

If you are in the process of creating a website or already have one (but it is slow),

we recommend that you consider moving to a high performance host such as Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the best hosts in terms of speed and security, and is well regarded by both WordPress and Google.

We recommend that you take advantage of the current offer because it is very advantageous,

and also offers free migration of your site.

Saving money on hosting is not advisable if you want to rank with Google.

What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the set of practices

which allow you to communicate and establish contacts with your potential audience in an interactive and relevant way,

through mobile connection tools or networks (smartphone, ipod, ipad, tablet, netbook).

Importance of Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

But why is it becoming increasingly important for all companies or site owners to use mobile marketing?

Mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.).

They are the tool with the highest level of use among the population:

97% of people own one, totalling almost 50 million devices.

It is the most personal tool there is,

90% of users never separate themselves from it and 70% of users consider it indispensable to their lives.

And it is also the most complete medium, since it includes and interacts with each other in a single tool:

  • Agenda,
  • street maps,
  • telephone,
  • TV,
  • radio,
  • newspapers,
  • Web browsing,
  • messaging,
  • email,
  • social media,
  • games.

Strategic Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

At a strategic level, the best way to make the most of mobile marketing is to use applications and mobile websites as the main communication channels.

These are in fact the tools that are best suited to consolidating the relationship between brand and user, in terms of functionality, content and personalisation.

The most common mobile marketing practice is represented by applications for mobile devices.

The advantages of choosing this form of communication with one’s audience are several,

including the fact that downloading applications to your smartphone has become a natural activity,

and that these tools are convenient, easy and intuitive to use.

By sending notifications and geolocation,

it is possible to build personalised, immediate and two-way communication with the customer.

One way of communicating is through the use of SMS.

Through SMS marketing campaigns it is possible to send promotions and offers reserved for subscribers:

Sending communications via SMS could prove to be a winning tactic, as the user, overwhelmed by notifications from apps and websites,

might be pleasantly surprised to receive a more ‘traditional’ message.

Proximity Marketing

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Proximity marketing is another practical side of applying mobile marketing in a successful corporate communication strategy.

This engagement tool makes it possible to promote

through mobile technologies, products and services in a specific geographical area.

The target of the communication is then reached when they are in the vicinity of the place of interest,

This creates a direct and personal relationship between brand and customer.

Mobile strategy: The advantages

What makes an excellent mobile marketing strategy?

Here are some tips for structuring an effective one:

Research and analyse your target customers.

A marketer should always conduct in-depth research on their consumer audience, at a social-demographic level,

to obtain useful information about what they like, the sites they visit, the apps they use, but also the times when they are most active.

This information allows marketers to create effective ads and intercept consumers at times of real need;

Leverage social media opportunities.

To effectively push a brand, marketers should create ads that attract large numbers of users from social media,

Social media being some of the most used mobile applications.

But not only ads in the advertising sense: everything that creates engagement, such as contests and activities.

Have clear objectives.

Measuring the results and progress of a particular mobile marketing strategy is only possible if the objectives of the campaign have been established in advance and in a clear way, consistent with the company’s macro-strategy;

Create mobile-optimised campaigns.

Since the target is to push a brand via mobile devices,

it makes sense to create content, apps or websites that are truly mobile-friendly. (As we said before)

For example, continuing to develop sites first as desktop versions and then adapting them to mobile is a strategic mistake in itself;

Enhance location-based marketing.

One of the most effective ways to minimise the bounce rate is to provide relevant ads to the target audience,

in the place and at the time they might be interested is to use tools such as Google Trends, GPS and Google Local to send geo-localised campaigns.

Consider the special characteristics of mobile devices.

Mobile campaigns have an advantage because they can be truly immersive and engaging,

inviting the user to interact with the smartphone to make the experience truly memorable.

But there are also some ‘limitations’ that need to be taken into consideration:

one example, is always shooting video-content with subtitles, because often the user although online does not have the possibility (in busy places or in the office) to keep the audio on;

Offer incentives.

Providing rewards or offers, in return for interaction or contribution, will encourage potential customers to act more and more happily.

There are several mobile marketing techniques that can benefit companies.

Factors such as budget, specific sector and customer segment determine the success of the strategy:

Mobile Marketing: Training Video

We mainly deal with everything related to websites and blogs.

So, following on from the opening paragraph, as far as we are concerned the most important thing you need to do,

to optimise your mobile marketing expertise is to have a website or blog that performs excellently on mobile.

It’s not easy to find applications or plugins that are compatible perhaps with hosting,

and turn the desktop version into an optimised mobile version of your site.

Our advice is not to rely on free plugins or applications as they could seriously damage your website.

Progressive Apps Builder

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Next Generation of Mobile Apps are here & you Don’t Need any Complicated Softwares or expensive Developers to Create them.

Infact, you can easily convert you current responsive website into a Android & iOS App in few Clicks!

And the best part, you don’t need any Google Play or Apple’s App Store Approval.

Your Website Visitors on their Mobile devices will be automatically asked to Install the “App” Version of your Website.

You can even send them Push Notification Messages and Start Growing your Push Messages List and Drive Massive Traffic on your website/eCom Stores or Affiliate Offers.

This New Technology of Apps are Called as Progressive Apps!

Now you have the Power to convert those websites into Android/iOS Apps which would have been rejected by the App Stores.

It Doesn’t Matter if you have a 1 Page Website or a 1000 Page Blog,

if you are selling eBooks or Just Promoting Affiliate Offers or even if you just have a 1 Page Offline Business Website.

Important Features

  1. Are Superfast
  2. Can be Browsed in Offline Mode
  3. Support Push Notification on all Android Devices
  4. Can be Installed Directly from your Mobile Website. Infact Chrome will Prompt User to Install your App
  5. Can be directly installed on Apple or Android Devices Without any App Store Approvals
  6. Websites in any niche are eligible for a Progressive App [Website Just needs to be Responsive & have a SSL]

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Mobile Marketing: Definition and Useful Strategies

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Mobile Marketing: Definition and Useful Strategies


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