Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs

Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs – Introduction

If you want to create a profit Blog in 2020 you have to rely on tools that tell you which niche is the most profitable.

In this article we will analyse which are the best strategies, to earn serious money every month with a blog,

Whether you want to deal with Cooking, Fitness, or affiliate marketing, this article will help you find your winning strategy.

Clearly this article is for those who want to create a blog and earn money, if you want to create a blog just for passion, you may well create one on

Remember however that on you will have many restrictions, you won’t be able to use Plugin, and your visibility will be very reduced in search engines, just to create a personal diary,

We tested a special niche search tool for the blog and at the end we will show you the review of this very useful Software,

Which, by the way, we have already mentioned in our previous articles

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Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs

Niche Blogs
Niche Blogs

This article is also intended as a way of disproving some of the rumours that have been circulating in recent years,

Still making money with the blog?

Absolutely yes! We are tired of hearing people frustrated by their results who shoot sentences against this great tool!

The Blog is more alive than ever! Before people buy any product either on Amazon or in any other online e-commerce, they look for reviews, comments,

and do not stop to read the comments of those who have already purchased or a brief description of a product,

they want the complete picture, written by people who give a complete information service to future buyers,

And this is where we take over!

Whatever niche you are an expert in, rest assured that if you have carefully selected the sector where you want to put your blog online, success is guaranteed!

And there are many profitable niches! We can assure you…

What is a niche in a blog?

Niche Blogs
Niche Blogs

The niche consists of the primary topic around which everything you write about on your blog will revolve.

Among the most common niches you can find them:

methods to earn money online;
special diets;

Actually there are hundreds of topics to focus a blog on, we will see this at the end of the article.

Niche Blogs VS Generalist Blogs

Niche Blogs
Niche Blogs

You might also consider opening a generalist blog, which will depend on the evaluations you make based on your ultimate goal.

The generalist blog may, however, be too wide in range of topics and may reduce the quality of your publications,

while with a niche blog, the central topic chosen will be treated with greater accuracy and depth.

For example,

if you open a blog that deals with fashion, marketing, sport and gossip at the same time and over a certain period of time you publish a post for each of them,

They will be synthetic and disconnected from each other;

If, on the other hand, you deal exclusively with sports,

You will have more time to focus on the specific topic, which will certainly be more complete.

The generalist blog would be characterised by a total absence of targets,

While in the case of the niche, the latter would be well-defined.

A niche blog is more appreciated by followers, who read the page visited more carefully, as it is the result of a targeted search.

They are therefore more likely to return to the same page in the future and perhaps buy a product you are proposing;

in the generalist case, on the other hand, you would only be interested in some topics covered, and consequently fewer future clicks.

For a generalist blog, the positive thing is that getting new ideas to update it will be less challenging,

it is therefore more unlikely that you will be affected by so-called “writer’s block”.

Your pages will also have a much larger number of keywords, so they will be more indexed by the search engine.

Choice of Niche

Niche Blogs
Niche Blogs

One of the aspects that should definitely be taken into consideration,

is the choice of a topic that is part of your interests, your passions,

of what is part of your life and that you know in depth.

But you have to be very careful about this: you must not risk running into a topic that is too vertical.

What does this mean?

Your niche may be too small, with few ideas and little content to fill your pages with.

Remember that a blog needs constant updates, and you may reach a point where you run out of ideas.

On the other hand, however, one should not make the opposite mistake, namely choosing a subject as a niche exclusively because it is trendy:

In this way the object will be able to attract a wider audience,

Thanks to more frequent searches by users and more extensive advertising,

but first of all if it’s not part of your main interests,

After the initial enthusiasm your dedication to the care of the pages will decrease.

Moreover, even if you have more readers, it will still be more difficult for you to emerge, as more readers will have more competition,

which will cause you more stress to beat others to the punch.

How profitable a niche can be

Niche Blogs

You will first need to be able to check whether a given topic has three main factors:

Presence of affiliation programs;

Affiliate programmes are special services obtained from the collaboration of two sites,

one of which offers the other the promotion of its products and obtains a percentage of its sales.

To verify their presence in relation to the niche you are considering,

Simply search on Google for “Affiliate program” followed by the topic of your niche.

In order to get more reliable results it is better to do more searches using synonyms and some different languages;

in any case you are interested in at least one of the above mentioned searches providing positive results.

Existence of advertisers;

Advertisers are ads or banners that appear at the top of Google searches and on social network pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

To verify that the niche you are considering has advertisers working in its sector,

All you have to do is search using Google for keywords related to your theme and evaluate the existence of sponsors at the top of the results.

Finally, it is from the success of others that you will understand if a certain niche is profitable or not.

Others are not only bloggers, but also youtubers and marketers.

Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs

But let’s move on to the main topic of this article.

It is not easy to find a profitable niche, we have given you some fundamental points for research but the factors are many.

If you are a novice you will surely need a guide to show you the right way,

And this is where we take over:

We have selected for you a very interesting software that will allow you to find extremely profitable blog niches,

is a software certified and used by millions of people, who have been successful in the blog world, useful for those like you who are looking for the right niche,

Extremely precise and will allow you to have very important details!

The Niche Blogs Software

Niche Laboratory Pro – Research Niches In Seconds

Long Tail Keywords
Niche Blogs

To give you a complete overview we have taken the most important parts from the official website, because it is explained very well:

So that you will click on our link only if you are really interested in this software

What Is Niche Laboratory Pro

Niche Laboratory Pro for Windows PCs researches entire niches for you in seconds.

Find long tail keywords, related topics, influencers and hidden opportunities today.

Blog Spy shows you which blogs you’re competing with, and what they’re blogging about.

Find More Long Tail Keywords, Analyse URLs and Find Low Competition Phrases!

When you buy the software you get FREE updates (for as long as the product is in active development).

Plus there’s a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee.

To get started, simply download and install the software on a PC running Microsoft Windows.

Add your initial keyword phrase and click on the Research Niche button.

After a minute or two the Niche Laboratory will then generate you a report with a lot of useful information about your keywords.

You can use this report to give you ideas when brainstorming a new micro-niche site.

There’s also a Random Niche button if you’re all out of ideas and need some inspiration.

Extra Features

  • Supports usage via a VPN so you can find keywords from different countries. This is particularly useful if you want to find keywords to target a lucrative market like the USA.
  • Has many more keyword data sources so you’ll find huge numbers of keywords for any niche.
  • Option to research adult and NSFW niches. There’s huge money to be made in these niches!
  • Save the reports to your local PC so you can easily refer to them, even when you don’t have internet access.
Long Tail Keywords
Niche Blogs

Reporting Options

  • An executive overview of that niche
  • LSI inspired keywords and phrases associated with that topic. They have now have over 15 sources of keyword data
  • A word cloud which gives a visual representation of which words are most important in that topic.
  • A list of the top 10 ranking websites for that topic.
  • The page HTML title tags of the top 10 ranking websites.
  • Meta description and keyword tags from the top 10 ranking websites.

A Website Competition Matrix table which shows how easy it could be to rank for the keywords, based on how much SEO has been done by the current top 10 ranking sites, plus how much Social Network activity they’ve attracted for their content.

  • A list of some Amazon and AliExpress products that people might be interested in regarding this topic. Amazon and AliExpress products are a great way to monetize websites in certain niches.

If you’re specifically interested in adding featured products to your blog or drop shipping site then check out the Product Laboratory.

  • Links to a few discussion forums that may be relevant to that topic. Forums are a great place to get traffic to your niche site, and you could of course start your own forum.

Google News articles associated with the topic. News articles are a great way to make your site more current.

  • A list of keywords and key phrases associated with the topic that may be copied and pasted into other keyword and SEO tools.
  • A list of key influencers in that niche (Twitter and Instagram accounts). Check out what these people are doing in your niche.
    • Also reach out to them to get more followers for your own site(s). These people are super important!

Tutorial from Niche Laboratory Channel

How To Find Low Competition Drop-Shipping and Affiliate Niches

Video kindly offered by Niche Laboratory Channel – Find your Niche Blogs

Price: $17

Brand New Super High Quality Niche Blogs

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