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Optimize SEO – What is SEO and How Does it Work? (2020)

Thinking about optimize SEO for your WordPress site for search can lead to being overwhelmed,

Because we’re used to hearing about SEO consultants, Google formulas or algorithms and concepts such as keyword density.

In recent years the world of On-Page SEO has changed a lot,

and you can put aside many of the aspects mentioned before,

because Google doesn’t work that way anymore.

There is no perfect formula for On-Page SEO optimization of content.

To win in the search world, today you need to stay focused on solving problems for people,

And helping search engines find the right content for a given search phrase.

The most important thing you can do for SEO is to optimize all the content in your blog or site,

so that it is easy to understand and useful for the work of the people who will visit you.

Optimize SEO WordPress
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Optimize SEO WordPress – Changes and Variations to On-Page Optimization

Optimize SEO WordPress
Optimize SEO WordPress

In recent years we have seen huge changes in the type of content Google wants and rewards with a placement on the first page of search results.

Here are the biggest changes in modern SEO:

  • The presence of longer keywords that guide the search
  • Pay attention to reader troubleshooting.
  • Need for long content that completely covers a topic.
  • The simpler your text is and easy to understand even if it deals with complicated and technical topics,
    • the more you have rank possibilities
  • A high concentration on accessibility so that everyone can understand the nature of the connections
  • Subtitles and lists are very important for ease of use on mobile devices.
  • Shorter paragraphs for easier reading on mobile devices.
  • Featured images are very important for sharing on social media.
  • Multimedia content (videos, podcasts, images, etc.).

Optimize SEO WordPress – The Importance of Long Content

  • Long content can deepen a topic and can better answer the searcher’s question.
  • Will tend to encourage greater social sharing.
  • Long content is more satisfying to the reader.

Optimize SEO WordPress – Content Length

Despite what many people have led us to believe, in today’s SEO there is no magic number for the ideal amount of words on a page.

The important thing is quality, not quantity,

The trick is to create better content than other sites ranking in the SERP (search engine results page).

If you can do it, you can be the first to place yourself even with only 500 words.

Optimize SEO WordPress – The Semantic Formulation

There is no magic associated with optimization. The key thing is to make sure you are clear in writing your content.

Suppose my keyword is “hosting WordPress” and I want to place this keyword.

The first thing I need to do is think about what things are discussed with WordPress hosting?

Could be: Website or blog, Performance or speed, Cost, etc…

If I am talking about WordPress hosting, I assume that the content includes those elements mentioned above.

They can in turn lead to different variations of my main phrase “WordPress hosting”.

These could include:

WordPress Website, WordPress Blog, WordPress Website Migrations ecc…

Another very important thing could be this:

Saying that “it costs $34 a month” makes sense to the writer.

But search engines and readers might wonder what the subject is and what is included in the “cost” they should pay.

Optimize SEO WordPress – Content structure

You should always have a content structure when writing for the web.

To create a strong web page that talks about WordPress hosting, we need to cover the things that matter to people who read.

For example:

Introduction – This section gives a good overview of WordPress hosting and what we offer, both for people and search engines.

Who – This section highlights who is using our hosting, for whom it is suitable.

What – This section describes what is included in our offer. Such as SSL certificates, daily software backups, automatic WordPress and plugin updates, security features such as firewall protection etc…

How – In this section we provide information on how the above services are performed

Why – This section highlights experience, technical team or 24/7 support staff availability.

Closure – This is a closing paragraph that summarizes everything for the reader.

The main point is that you have a plan and this plan answers your readers questions,

while providing structure and semantic language to help search engines,

understand the nature of the content and who can serve this content.

10 Key Elements for SEO

Optimize SEO – 10 Key Elements for SEO

We refer to the optimization of a page, an article or a product sheet.

Name or Page Title:

Make sure the name is unique and does not repeat the name of another page.

Keep the name short enough so that it is easy to read.


The URL is the site address for a content.

It should always include your keyword.

H1 Title

H1 (Title 1) is the most important element and should never be omitted on a page, post or product.

Subtitles H2-H6

Search engines will use them to better understand the structure of the page.

Keep subtitles with capital letters and do not use long sentences.

Paragraph Text

Include the keyword and its variants several times in the content.

Use the keyword in the first sentence of the page and, if this is not possible, in the first paragraph.


The images are great for SEO, usability and social sharing.

Although not all content lends itself to the use of images, use them whenever possible.


Hyperlinks or hyperlinks are links to other places on the web. These may be within your site or to an external site.

Hyperlinks help the SEO of the page where they are located, so use them if possible.

External hyperlinks are useful to you and do not harm your SEO, so do not be afraid of them.

Although there are no rules set for the number of links to include on a page,

do not add more than is necessary for the reader.

Bookmark Lists

  • Bulleted lists help readers understand the content of a page. I am using them here for this very reason.
  • Google appreciates bulleted lists because it knows that readers like them and make the content easy to use on mobile devices.

Meta Title

The meta title of a page gives Google and other search engines an idea of what the page is about,

and what they should expect to see as they scroll through the content.

This appears on the search engine results page.

The meta title of a page should be a title and not a sentence.

Include the keyword within it.

Meta Description

The meta description of a page provides Google and other search engines with a summary of what the page is about,

and what they should expect to see as they scroll through its content.

This appears on the search engine results page.

The meta description of a page could be a sentence or two or a very short paragraph.

That’s all! There is no magic formula you need to learn to write SEO-friendly content.

And if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that our attention hasn’t focused on keywords, but on readability and semantics,

If you forgot about keywords and wrote only exceptional, educational, easy-to-read,

and better content than anyone else online, you’d still win in the search.

And you would win because you created something useful for people. SEO is all about people.

Your goal is to improve people’s lives, so you’ll win in digital marketing.

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