Paid hosting: What is it? How do they work? What are the best choices?

Paid hosting: What is it? How do they work? What are the best choices? Introduction

A few days ago we examined the services offered by free hosting, today we will look at paid hosting,

why it is necessary to rely on a paid service, the advantages and security offered by this type of service.

This topic may not seem important, but it is actually the basis of everything.

This topic will influence the quality of the service you offer, and your performance on search engines.

As we have already mentioned in the article about free hosting,

it is very important to spend a few dollars at the beginning in order not to end up with all kinds of problems after a few months,

or even have your blog or site blocked by Google and the major search engines.

All of us at the beginning we thought that relying on a free service is the best thing, making a strange argument that if in a few months things will go well I will switch to a paid service.

Well, you are on the wrong track, you need to start off on the right foot, and in total safety because Google does not allow mistakes.

In addition, today there are several promotions on the web,

which will allow you to have a professional and performing service with a few dollars,

In addition, with our links you can get further discounts, some regarding the activation and others to the renewal after a year.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at some recent articles we have written that may be of use to you:

What is the difference between free hosting and paid hosting?

Paid Hosting
Paid Hosting

Blog hosting providers that make web space available free of charge are an excellent starting point for novice bloggers.

Without having to worry about any registration fees or monthly costs,

you can gain initial experience with a content management system, write in your blog, layout and edit – all for free.

Apart from the economic advantage, there are also other benefits of choosing a free blogging platform:

a hosted blog can be created in just a few steps and in a short time.

In addition, the configuration is quite simple and requires little basic technical knowledge.

You choose from a range of appropriate layouts and templates for the blog, which can be further customised,

without having to worry about technical aspects or updates, which are almost always done automatically.

The major limitations of a free blog are:

  • Limited choice of plugins and layouts
  • No data backup
  • Limited memory
  • Low visibility on search engines
  • Limited number of web pages
  • In websites such as Blogger the blog does not have its own domain, the page is set up as a sub-domain of the provider.

For example, in Blogger, the Internet address is constructed as follows: www.[Blog-name]

For those who only want to use the blog for private use, this is not necessarily a disadvantage;

However, if you want to run a professional blog, you should buy a domain to give it a more serious appearance.

  • In many free blogs, it is not possible to regulate the appearance of advertising independently:

It is the blog provider himself who manages this in order to finance the free service.

Bloggers have no power over the frequency and content of advertising.

In order to block advertising, the only option is to switch to the premium version or to host your blog yourself.

With free hosting solutions, regardless of which provider you choose, you are still dependent on them and must comply with certain guidelines.

It is only when you decide to host your blog yourself that you can decide whether or not to include advertising.

What are the best Paid hosting choices with Discount Price?

#1 – Bluehost

Cheap Web Hosting Sites 2020
Best Paid Hosting

When it comes to high quality hosting at the cheapest possible price, Bluehost wins hands down.

Many other hosts that offer rates this cheap or cheaper, end up having poor performance, are unreliable, provide lousy support, or have other unforeseen issues.

Bluehost is the exact opposite. They’re one of the best web hosting providers in the world for the price. Value for money is exceptional.

Bluehost Plans start at just €3.30/month

With this price you will have included a number of advantages that many web hosting does not give, some of these advantages are:

  • 1 Website
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 50 GB SSD Storage (No other Hosting offers so much space)
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • 25 Subdomains
  • $200 Marketing Credit
  • FREE Domain for 1st year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

Bluehost has been recommended by since 2005. By partnering with Bluehost, you receive all the power of WordPress along with innovative plugins, themes, and seamless 3rd party integrations.

These features are what make Bluehost the best place to build, grow, and manage a beautiful WordPress website.

We have tested this Hosting, and we can assure you that:

Your website will load very quickly and rarely (if ever) will be offline

You can choose from a range of top-level domain extensions such as .com .space .org .tech .online and many others.

The control panel and interface are very easy to use for beginners, and from site configuration, to the management of your hosting account you will be accompanied step by step by Bluehost

From Start-up to Success
Paid Hosting

#2 – SiteGround

Cheap Web Hosting Sites 2020
Paid Hosting

This is a great Overall Web Hosting Service.

SiteGround is one of the Fastest growing independent hosting companies.

They regular priced plans start at $5,99 per month on a one-year subscription.

A monthly subscription is also available if the annual subscription is too expensive for you.

Let’s see in detail what their basic plan offers:

SiteGround Shared Hosting – StartUp Plan
5.99 $/month
1 website
10 GB web space
Suitable for ~10,000 monthly visits
Unlimited data transfer
Free Domain
Free SSL
Daily backup
CDN for free
Free email account
WordPress Managed
Unlimited MySQL Database
100% balanced renewable energy
30 days money back guarantee
Best Paid Hosting

SiteGround has elevated the industry standard when it comes to high performance web hosting and WordPress hosting services.

What sets SiteGround from the pack is their service speed.

With all the work you put into designing your website and making it user-friendly will suffer greatly if they site speed is sluggish.

The Websites Hosted with SiteGround load even 5 time faster than being hosted on many other sites.

One of the reasons for the incredible speed bump is that Siteground uses SSD Storage for all the databases and sites.

They also use NGINX web server technology and other features to focus on bringing better speed to your website.

If you find you need assistance, you’ll find their costumer service and support amazing with average response times of under 10 minutes whereas the industry averages around 45 minutes.

Live chat, Live Phone and support tickets make sure you’re always looked after.

We have tried SiteGround in previous months, and we assure you that it confirms everything it says on its official page, you can be sure that:

Your site will load incredibly fast, and rarely will it be offline, even on the cheapest plan

If you are migrating a site from another host, you can take advantage of the free migration for one site

You will have access to a free SSL certificate, along with FREE access to the CLOUDFLARE CDN

#3 – GreenGeeks

Paid Hosting

Being one of the most popular and renewable energy conscious hosting companies,

GreenGeeks tries to preserve nature and at the same time offers some excellent features

Let’s see what his basic plan offers:

GreenGeeks Lite Plan
1 Website
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain Name for 1st Year
Free Nightly Backup
Free CDN
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
 WordPress Installer/Updates
Unlimited Databases
Standard Performance
LSCache Included
300% Green Energy Match
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Scalable Computing Resources
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Optimized LiteSpeed and MariaDB
  • Free CDN Integration
  • HTTP/2 & PHP 7
  • LSCache Support

Security & Reliability

  • Hardware & Power Redundancy
  • Container-based Technology
  • Hosting Account Isolation
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring
  • Real-time Security Scanning
  • Automatic App Updates
  • Enhanced SPAM Protection
  • Nightly Data Backup

GreenGeeks is a great choice, if you are looking for a host that is easy to use, suitable for beginners and also has excellent environmental protection credentials.


Paid Hosting
Paid Hosting

If you want to set up a blog, you have to evaluate, which functionalities and possibilities you consider to be important and then decide on the orientation of your blog.

If you want to realise a small, private project without any commercial ambitions, a free website is a good solution.

The blogger, being able to leave out the technical aspects, saves time, concentrating only on the content.

A free blog is a good alternative if:

  • do not want to invest too much time and want a quick solution
  • You have little technical knowledge
  • You want to create a blog for fun and not for work.

If you want to create a professional blog, you should always use a self-hosted solution.

Not only is the professional aspect enhanced, but there is also the possibility to adapt the site to your own needs and expectations.

You should use paid hosting when:

  • want to create a professional blog
  • want to give your blog a serious appearance
  • You do not exclude earning money from the blog in the future
  • You do not want any limitations in management and design

Paid hosting: What is it? How do they work? What are the best choices?

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Paid hosting: What is it? How do they work? What are the best choices?


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