Why do you need to put the privacy policy on website? What is the best tool you can use?

Privacy Policy on website Introduction

No risk of heavy penalties, nowadays it is very easy to underestimate this aspect if you have a site, and it is very easy to receive penalties.

We have prepared this article to give you a detailed explanation of what a privacy policy is and how to put one on your website in a simple and automatic way, without you having to write the legal text yourself.

The privacy policy is one of the most important points not only for the legality of your website but also for a seriousness factor,

Users will be more inclined to make purchases if they know that your site is protected by law.

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Privacy Policy on website

Privacy Policy on website
Privacy Policy on website

It is a document that describes in the clearest and most detailed way possible how the website owner handles and processes the personal data of users and visitors to the website.

By personal data we do not only mean name, surname or email address, but also cookies used by Google Analytics to track user behaviour on the website.

The document is divided into several paragraphs, in which are indicated:

  • The OWNER of the data processing,
  • the RIGHTS of the users,
  • the PLACE and PURPOSE of the processing,
  • the TYPE of data processed,
  • the COOKIES that are issued by the website,
  • the STORAGE of the data,
  • LINKS to external content and also how to change the settings.

Privacy Policy: fines and penalties

Privacy Policy on website
Privacy Policy on website

It is compulsory by law, and a website that does not have a privacy policy could be liable to very heavy penalties and fines,

These range from a minimum of $3,000 to a maximum of $50,000.

And who checks this? The Privacy Authority.

How? It can act on the basis of a report from a user,

so if a nice ‘friend’ of yours decides to report your website currently lacking, it triggers a mechanism of immediate checks (and penalties);

or for other controls, such as those carried out by the Financial Police.

In your opinion, is it worth the risk? Mmmh, not in our opinion!

Who writes the Privacy Policy document?

Privacy Policy on website
Privacy Policy on website

We recommend two possible ways to our customers.

The first, which is more expensive but certainly more careful and precise

is to contact a lawyer who is an expert in the field and have him or her write it directly.

The other, cheaper option is to turn to dedicated websites

(e.g. Iubenda.com)

They generate the document on the basis of the information given, after obviously having contacted the site’s reference technician in order to fully understand its behaviour.

Please note: Privacy Policies are not standard texts, they must be drafted by examining the actual data processing methods within your site.

Therefore, “copy-paste” (which many websites use) is often counter-productive if it does not correspond 100% with your company’s reality.


Iubenda help with the legal requirements, so you can focus on the business

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Privacy Policy on website

A complete set of solutions to make your website or app compliant with the law, in multiple languages and legislations.

A professional solution that will take your mind off and many problems related to the rules you need to comply with if you have a website or app,

We are using it and we assure you that it is a quality product, it updates automatically,

if you add new features to your site that must be reported in your privacy Iubenda will email you telling you to update your privacy policy, and you will be in compliance with the law with a click.

Remember that the privacy policy and the cookie policy have become a mandatory requirement, you could receive really heavy sanctions if you don’t put them on your site.

Iubenda is the simplest and easiest solution we have found, they do it all!

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What is GDPR?

Privacy Policy on website
Privacy Policy on website

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, the European regulation on privacy, which came into force on 25 May 2018.

It is a text that tries to harmonise all European laws on the processing of personal data and, therefore, on the control of our information.

But is it really a revolution compared to the previous rules?

Yes, absolutely. Even on small companies it has had a big impact. Among the main obligations of the GDPR are:

  • requesting consent in a clear and explicit form
  • establishment of a register of activities
  • notification of violations within 72 hours

But let’s get to the interesting part, the fines:

depending on the seriousness of the offence, the sanction is set at a maximum of $10 million,

second step up to a maximum of $20 million

We have given you one more reason not to underestimate the topic, that’s for sure!

Why do you need to put the privacy policy on website? What is the best tool you can use?

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Why do you need to put the privacy policy on website? What is the best tool you can use?


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