Socrates 5 – Super Fast & Responsive WordPress Premium Theme

Your site as you’ve never seen it before with this great Responsive WordPress Theme,

Socrates was developed by marketers to meet the needs of other marketers,

One of the most important parts of having a responsive site is the hosting, for sure,

but for the most part, what makes the difference is definitely the WordPress Theme you’re going to use,

We tried Socrates, and had a considerable difference, from our current free theme,

Especially regarding the speed of the mobile version, absolutely incredible,

In this article we’ll look at some of the features that made us want to buy Socrates,

but before we start, here are some articles that might interest you:

For the more malicious: we use Socrates 5 on one of our leading sites, where we are also testing ScalaHosting.

We want to keep this blog as clean and fluent as possible to provide you with information and reviews on our tests,

and with GeneratePress and the few plugins we use we have found stability.

Also as you can see we don’t have any advertising banners.

Having said that let’s get started!

Socrates 5 – Super Fast & Responsive WordPress Premium Theme

Socrates was released a few years ago, but it is still one of the most widely used premium themes because it is so fast,

Think that it is used by more than 200,000 sites, and the number keeps growing.

20 Reasons To Use The Socrates Responsive WordPress Theme

  1. Over 200,000 Installs
  2. Free 3 Day Trial (No CC) – Instant Demo Site
  3. Easy to Setup
  4. One Time Fee
  5. Unlimited Personal Use
  6. Unlimited Client Use
  7. Less Than 1% Refund Rate
  8. Loads of Rave Reviews and Customers
  9. Easy To “Tweak” with Child Theme
  10. SEO Friendly
  11. Mobile Responsive
  12. AMP Compatible
  13. MultiSite Compatible
  14. Woocommerce Compatible
  15. Works with ANY plugin
  16. Call To Action Widgets
  17. Social Widget
  18. Lifetime Updates
  19. Speed Functions
  20. Super Responsive Support & Handled by Owner 365 Days a Year

Socrates Responsive WordPress ThemeSpeed Test

Responsive WordPress
Responsive WordPress

We have tried Socrates on a site where we are also trying out ScalaHosting, (il piano base) and the result is absolutely excellent:


  • PageSpeed Score (98%)
  • YSlow Score (97%)
  • Fully Loaded Time: 0.8s
  • Total Page Size: 144KB
  • Requests: 10

If you are aiming to have a fast website, as well as thinking about a great hosting, you must also think about a great WordPress theme,

Socrates represents almost perfection in this respect, and has a lot of compatibility features.

Toolkit Plugin

One of the benefits of becoming a Socrates Customer is you get access to additional themes, plugins and bonuses.

You might think you’re just buying a theme, but it’s more like club or membership.

Since Toolkit Plugin works with any theme some people will join just to get the Toolkit.

You get the same rights as the theme, so even by itself it’s a great deal.

We really can’t blame them as it replaces a number of plugins, reduces load time and has all kinds of neat features.

You can view ToolkitPlugin to see some of the features and can also test it out in 2 minutes using they demo install.

Oh and if you like the theme used on ToolkitPlugin, that’s built with Speaker Theme, which is also included in Socrates membership.

Socrates 5 Demo Landing Page Template

How to make a simple landing page in a couple of minutes.

Responsive WordPress

Other features

Socrates is a one-time fee

It sells every day and has several online companies operating on Socrates themes.

Finally, Socrates is built on a clean and simple WordPress code base. Easy to maintain and update.

Socrates layout is SEO optimized, FAST and Mobile Responsive

In Socrates Official Page download area they have several videos which show you how to install they recommended SEO plugins, and setup Socrates to be more SEO friendly.

How about 100/97 page speed scores.

Last Updates

Responsive WordPress
Socrates 5 – Super Fast & Responsive WordPress Premium Theme

New Drip Content Featured Added To Toolkit Plugin

We have read that recently a customer of Socrates 5 requested the Drip Content functionality to the membership functionality of the Toolkit Plugin.

Support is very attentive to their customers’ requests and after a very short time launched a Drip Content feature in the Toolkit Protection shortcodes.

Built in a simple way for beginners and experts, if you want to learn more on the official page you will find all the info,

We wanted to give you this information not so much to give you one more feature,

but because very few WordPress theme programmers listen and update their themes once they’ve sold them,

This is a point in their favour, with Socrates 5 you can be sure that for all your needs there is a team of experts who will try to meet them,

All free of charge!

Importance of a Fast Website

One of the most important technical aspects that needs to be taken into account when creating a website is page loading speed:

A feature that is sometimes overlooked by web designers at the design stage.

Companies invest a lot of time and money in exciting graphic effects and extreme customisation of their website,

but often completely ignore one of the user’s main interests:

Getting to what you are looking for as quickly and conveniently as possible.

The loading speed of a website also influences its ranking in search results.

Today, loading speed is one of the most important factors in the ranking of a website.

All other factors being equal, the faster a site loads, the better the position of that page in the search results (SERPs).

Indeed, one of the fundamental objectives that Google openly states is to provide the best answers to its users’ searches.

If slow-loading websites were placed among the first search results, what would be the quality of the service offered by the search engine?

Google puts users first and gives increasing weight to certain factors that are directly linked to the optimisation of one’s own website;

In addition to loading speed, there is also the number of pages visited by each user.


Internet browsing from smartphones and tablets has now overtaken desktop browsing.

Those who surf the web from mobile devices often do so when there is no WiFi connection and therefore with much slower connections,

These users therefore need lighter pages that load in less time.

The loading speed of a site is therefore an even more important feature when it comes to positioning on the mobile SERPs,

which can be very different from desktop SERPs precisely because they give greater and different weight to certain factors,

including page responsiveness and loading speed, which play a key role.


The speed of a website is crucial for good search engine rankings,

It contributes, along with other elements, to the ranking in SERPs, and for this reason it cannot be underestimated.

The loading speed of your pages is also important because the faster a page loads,

the more satisfied your customers will be.

Socrates provides you with a professional and fast theme, with a minimal expense,

you will never have problems with speed and loading ever again.

Socrates 5 – Super Fast & Responsive WordPress Premium Theme

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Socrates 5 – Super Fast & Responsive WordPress Premium Theme


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