Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques

Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques – Intro

The main topic for bloggers or webmasters probably besides what kind of content to create every day, are advanced SEO techniques for optimizing their site on another level.

In this article we would like to recommend some of the best ones, which we have tested ourselves and use to push your sites to the top of the rankings.

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Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

Organic traffic is the best you will ever get and nowadays it works even better than before,

both because search engines are getting smarter and because many companies tend to ignore this aspect.

Many have convinced themselves that SEO is no longer relevant and therefore no further priority.

The truth is that only through careful SEO techniques will you be able to achieve solid and permanent results.

Every second spent on SEO is a second well spent.

Unfortunately, these days people want everything at a fast and easy and don’t have time to spend on these things.

The critical point where almost everyone who tries it decides to give up, is when they realise they are not able to beat the competition.

That is why I want to show you some techniques that will help you in this endeavour.

Create short URLs containing the keyword

The shorter the URL, the easier it is for people to remember.

And it is easier for Google to understand what is the main keyword you want to be targeting.

Ideally, the URL of the page (also known as the slug or permalink) should not exceed 50 characters.

Optimizing the home page

This, among many existing SEO strategies, will pay off in the long run.

Which page receives the most links and interaction?

The home page, right?

It depends on the industry and the type of site, but if you can create content using your main keyword,

you will give relevance to your homepage and you can also take advantage of this strength to create internal links and, in this way, distribute authority.

Your online presence

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

“To do SEO you only need to be famous.”

As absurd as this statement may sound, I can assure you that it works.

Branding is one of the most effective SEO techniques around.

As I told you, search engines are getting smarter and smarter,

They follow you everywhere and perceive your presence on the web all too well.

Brand awareness is always a key point in SEO, so it is important to make your brand as popular as possible on the web.

Social networks are certainly a good place to start.

Don’t ignore some portals just because they are not as popular,

all of them can generate traffic and all of them can increase your popularity on the web.

Then use every method in your possession to get your brand to as many people as possible.

This technique is as simple as it is effective, and has been tested by influential bloggers and SEOs around the world.

There are of course dozens of different methods to promote your brand and make it more popular.

For those just starting out, I recommend participating in discussions on forums, groups and industry blogs.

Leave a link to your site to add value to the discussion whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The goal is to drive traffic to your site as well as provide more access routes for Google bots.

Increase CTR

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

The CTR (click-through rate) is the ratio between the number of impressions and clicks received.

This is by far one of the most important factors for positioning your page at the top of the SERPs.

If your website does not attract the right amount of attention, Google has no choice to give precedence to others.

In order to increase the CTR, it is essential to optimise the titles and descriptions of your pages.

The subject is much broader and more complex than you think,

which is why we recommend that you take a look at the guide at the bottom of this article.

Crawl Budget

Have you ever asked yourself how Google scans the pages of your website?

Well, a crawl budget means the resources that Google decides to dedicate to your site in order to assimilate all the information it needs.

Anyway, here are some quick tips:

  • Increase the performance of your site
  • Fix crawl errors
  • Remove unnecessary or harmful pages
  • Increase the number of backlinks
  • Keep your site up to date

Optimize internal links

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

Internal links are often underestimated, but they actually have a lot of potential.

There are many things to be said about them, internal links alone have allowed me to rank among the top positions for profitable keywords.

Trying to be brief, I can say that:

“Linking” each new article to a related old one, using “anchor text” containing the keyword (or its variants) of the page you want to position,

will create a solid and clear internal structure that will boost the entire site in SEO terms.

Try it to believe it.

Finding backlinks with the broken link technique

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

This technique is definitely ‘old’ in the industry, but if done with heart and sincerity, it still works very well.

Search engines do not like broken links on websites because they consider them to be of no benefit.

Anyone who consciously manages and maintains a website knows very well that you should avoid broken links on your website.

How they can be a marketing opportunity is simple:

If you are on the hunt for backlinks, (links pointing to your site), you could find some authoritative sites in its sector with broken links and report them to the webmaster.

There are many resources, both free and paid, for finding broken links on a site.

One very popular one is Broken Link Check.

Once the report is made, you can ask for the favour of contributing to the site/blog with an article, an interview, a review, a guide where you can insert your link.

If you are asking yourself why the webmaster should return the favour, I will answer you with the Principle of Reciprocity.

A famous American marketer argues in his book The Weapons of Persuasion that reciprocity occurs when we offer something to someone, without apparently asking for anything in return.

Despite this, the person still feels obliged to return the favour,

because this “debt” is so deeply rooted in our culture,

This ‘debt’ is deeply rooted in our culture, to the point of pushing people to induce ‘forced’ reciprocation in some way.

Obviously the quality of this relationship is still to be built, but broken links provide an opportunity for your website’s SEO.

Optimize Images

SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

Image optimization has always been a topic of discussion when it is mentioned in the context of ‘site speed’.

However, not everyone practises this trick today and those who do, do not do it properly.

With the advent of mobile, Google gives a lot of importance to this factor and requires your site to be:

  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Touch Friendly

Images should have the following characteristics

  • Minimum size possible (within the limits of display)
  • A weight of less than 100kb
  • A complete and relevant title
  • An Alt attribute related to the topic
  • Original and useful for the user

Google is able to recognize the origin of images already present on the web, so using original images will make your pages more relevant.

Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI is the process by which search engines identify all other words/phrases related to the keyword.

it finds synonyms and related terms.

In an article of 800/1000 words, instead of repeating the keyword dozens of times, try to use synonyms or related terms.

In the eyes of Google, these are positive signs of identifying quality content.

Quora and YouTube

SEO Techniques

Quora has a very high Domain Authority: 92 points out of a maximum of 100.

A good SEO strategy that I often use is to answer questions on this social forum and, whenever possible, I insert links back to my site.

This way, as well as creating new backlinks to my blog, I direct quality traffic.

Do you have a gmail email? If so, that means you also have a profile on YouTube (owned by Google),

so why not take advantage of this to put up backlinks from one of the three most visited sites in the world (Domain Autority of 100 points)?

Upload YouTube videos in your posts

In case you did not know, the world’s most important video platform and the second most visited website in the world, YouTube, is owned by Google.

Integrating articles with YouTube videos is always a good thing for Google.

Embedding videos directly on your site also has another SEO advantage:

It increases the time users spend on your site (search engine ranking factor).

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SEO Techniques

Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques

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Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques


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