SEO Yoast

How to Optimize your Website on WordPress with Yoast SEO

Read this guide carefully and learn how to use SEO Yoast. It is a really powerful tool, used by millions of websites.

If you try to ask any SEO consultant, the first advice they will give you is to install this plugin.

WordPress and SEO Yoast

How to use SEO Yoast and Optimize your site for Search Engines

First of all, you will need to install the SEO Yoast plugin on your site.

Check that there is no other active SEO plugin on your site.

If you are using another similar plugin you need to migrate the information you have already entered to optimize your site.

1) Install and Activate SEO Yoast on your site

Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress Board, click on Add New and search for SEO Yoast.

Install the plugin and activate it.

2) Manage the General Settings

In the board click on the SEO option that you see in the left navigation bar.

SEO Yoast
Seo Yoast – SEO option

You can see an overview of the plugin, and start configuring it by clicking on Check SEO configuration.

You can access the configuration wizard.

2.1) Functionality

Here you can choose which options to enable or disable. You can choose to display features such as:

SEO analysis, readability, cornerstone content, XML Sitemaps management and security options.

The sitemap, a list of all URLs of your site that serves as a real map for search engines,

is essential not only for WordPress sites, but for any website. Their management now depends on the settings you choose for content indexing.

2.2) Webmaster Tools

In the third tab on the General Settings screen, you can link Yoast SEO to Webmaster Tools.

SEO Yoast
SEO Yoast Webmaster Tools

To use SEO Yoast together with the features offered by some very useful online tools,

such as the Google Search Console, you need to check your website on all these platforms.

The verification process is sometimes quite complex.

To overcome this difficulty, the SEO Yoast plugin allows you to verify your site via the Webmaster Tools option.

By clicking on Get verification code,

you can choose one of the available methods to verify the ownership of your site.

3) Search Appearance

The options for titles and metadata can be found under the Search Appearance menu.

This is the screen to set the title and meta description of the home page.

Also, choose the type of separator you can use to divide, for example, the title of the article from the site name.

3.1) Content types

Opening the Content types tab, you can set various options related to articles and their visibility in organic search results.

Blog and post titles are key to your site’s SEO.

It is thus necessary to set them from the beginning to get a good ranking on search engines.

In the field called SEO Title I recommend to keep only the code %%title%%.

SEO Yoast
Seo Yoast – Blog and post titles are key to your site’s SEO.

WordPress and SEO Yoast

Date in Preview snippet & Meta Box SEO Yoast

As for the Date item in the snippet preview, leave this option active.

In fact, it does not determine whether the date of posts on the SERP is visible,

but allows you to see what it would look like in the snippet preview.

SEO Yoast
Date in Preview snippet & Meta Box SEO Yoast

Be very careful with the metadata options.

Selecting “No” will mark them as noindex, blocking access to search engine crawlers and excluding them from XLM sitemaps.

This means that your content may not be indexed.

Select noindex only if you know you have duplicate content and do not want to risk penalties,
or if you want your content not to be indexed for any other reason.

3.2) Media

Leave the option enabled to have the URL of a media file lead to the file itself,
and not to a page containing the attached file.

3.3) Archives

In the third and last section of Search Appearance,

you can use SEO Yoast to not index the author archives, archive dates and special pages.

This element usually appears below the title bars and allows you to have a trace of the path used to get to a certain page.

An example could be: Home Page > Products > Offers.

Here you can choose whether to enable or disable them.

3.5) How to set RSS Feeds

Yoast SEO, through this section, allows you to have control over the content of your RSS feeds.

There are also options to add the author link and links to your posts, blog and blog description.

4) Search Console

The SEO, Search Console section is dedicated to the insertion of the

Google Search Console verification code.

Through the Get Google Authorization Code button,

you will access your Google account to retrieve the authorization code.

5) Social Media Optimization

In SEO, Social, you’ll find options to set links to social profiles,

and enable Open Graph Facebook and metadata for Twitter and Pinterest.

Enabling these options is to ensure that content shared on socials is displayed at its best.

6) SEO optimization for individual pages or posts

Each time you are creating a post or page, a box called Seo Yoast will appear,

where you can enter the keyword you have chosen (recommended keywords will also appear).

By clicking on Edit snippet you can customize the SEO Title

(which does not have to coincide with the title of the post, although it is recommended) and the Meta Description.

The best thing is to enter a unique Meta Description for each post. If you don’t enter a description,

Google will select a paragraph from the post (often it’s the initial paragraph, which is not always ideal).

To optimize your site pages and posts first of all to make an in-depth keyword research,

then to insert the keyword you have chosen both in the title and in the Meta Description.

Seo Yoast – SEO optimization for individual pages or posts

Enter the main keyword also in the field provided.

Once you have saved the page or post,

you will be able to see a section called Readability that indicates repetitions, sentences and periods that are too long.

Under Analysis you will find useful information to identify the sections of your post or page that can be further optimized. If you see a green sticker, it means you’ve done a great job.

WordPress and Seo Yoast


In this tutorial you learned how to use Seo Yoast, a great plugin to optimize your site.

Being a technical tutorial,

I tried to simplify the configuration steps as much as possible. I hope that in this way the guide can be followed even by those who are new to WordPress.

By following to the letter the guidelines of this article you can get a basic SEO optimization.

Remember that optimizing your site at SEO level is fundamental to get a good ranking on search engines

and a higher volume of traffic and conversions.

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