SITEGROUND VS BLUEHOST: Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?

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Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?


These two web hosting are two heavyweights in the web hosting industry,

and this comparison aims to determine which is better than the two.

WordPress itself recognizes SiteGround and Bluehost as powerful providers

and presents both in its very exclusive list of recommended WordPress hosting services.

As a result, SiteGround and Bluehost have both managed to attract a solid following.

Reportedly, SiteGround now hosts over 1.8 million domains, while Bluehost, are feeding more than 2 million domains.

Of course it is difficult to decide which is the best.

We took the time to test them, analyze their individual characteristics, as well as perform all the critical performance tests.

As a result, you will now be able to use this latest impartial review of SiteGround vs Bluehost to make an informed decision.

SiteGround’s performance is impressive,

it comes with many hosting features and excellent customer support. But they are a bit more expensive.

Bluehost offers unlimited memory and bandwidth and lower prices. But their performance and support are not so great.

SiteGround Highlights


All Plans Include:

-Free domain.
-Free SSL Certificate
-Free CDN.
-Free email account
-Unlimited MySQL database
-Unlimited data transfer
-100% balanced renewable energy.
-30 days money back guarantee

Free website migration:

SiteGround’s experts can handle everything and ensure a smooth transfer for customers on GrowBig and higher plans.

They also offer
the free WordPress Migrator tool for StartUp plan users.

Monthly payment:

Siteground offers the possibility to activate the subscription with monthly payment.

Developer Tools:

SiteGround will provide you with tools such as: Staging, Git, FTP, SSH and WP-CLI

For more experienced people and can use them for
simplify their workflow.
Super fast network:

They use Google Cloud to create a powerful and superior hosting service

Google is known to have one of the fastest and best connected networks in the world.
SSD disks on all hosting plans:

Solid state drives are powerful hard drives with data transfer rates up to x1000 download and upload speeds
NGINX server:

Siteground uses web servers with NGINX technology:

The fastest existing techno
SiteGround Highlights

Siteground is a company founded in 2004 that has several locations in Europe and worldwide and provides web hosting, wordpress hosting, woocommerce hosting and cloud hosting services.

As you can see in the map the technology they use, the data centers, only located in various geographical points, to provide maximum performance and therefore the maximum loading of the pages of the websites.

SiteGround Highlights

You’ve probably also noticed that on the web there are many online marketers, bloggers and web designers who recommend Siteground.

The reason is simple and I will try to explain it to you in the best way. When talking about WordPress hosting you should actually consider how important a website’s performance is for search engine ranking.

The best marketers and SEO Specialists know that to position a website there are some SEO optimization factors that affect the positioning.

Among the factors of SEO so-called “technical” or also called SEO off site we have just the performance of the website.

That’s why everyone chooses it, and that’s why given the performance of Siteground’s servers everyone chooses it

Let’s face it, many of the people who are preparing to create a website or open a blog are in principle targeting companies that have low cost packages.

Maybe you did it too (we all did it in the beginning), what I would like you to understand is that a wrong choice can make all the difference in the world.

SiteGround will make you make a quantum leap in this regard

Bluehost Highlights


Bluehost Highlights
– FREE Domain Name for 1st Year,
– FREE SSL Certificate Included,
– 1-Click WordPress Install,
– 24/7 Support.
All Plans provide:

– Unlimited disk space,
– Domain hosting,
– Email addresses,
– Bandwidth.
Bluehost is the Official hosting recommended by WordPress:
– WordPress Integration
– Free daily backups
Bluehost SEO Tools:

Your site on the front page of Google?

Bluehost has the best Tools for this.

Even those with little experience will not feel overwhelmed by this technical side.
Special introductory offer and money back guarantee within 30 days:

On the market has the lowest price now
Service is Very Fast

Recent studies over a 12-month period say:

Their average uptime was 99.99% with a loading time of 406ms.
Bluehost Highlights

There are websites that seem to be born together with the web and that are known by all the people in the sector thanks to their longevity and that do not hint at having periods of crisis.

In the Hosting world one of the “big old” is surely Bluehost. Founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton, is one of the leading companies in the industry and according to the latest surveys is the home of more than 2 million websites.

The site offers several plans, all with one thing in common: lots of space to make the website grow at its best.

For example, the Basic plan offers as much as 50GB of SSD hard disk space, more than enough for a medium sized site.

All shared hosting plans, VPS and dedicated servers include:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Panel cPanel
  • A domain
  • In Hosting Plus and Choice Plus plans, the system automatically performs daily backups and complete restoration operations. In a very short time you can restore the site in case of hacker attack or errors.

A $100 bonus to spend on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaigns that can be obtained by investing $25 in a new account. Very interesting for those who want to try to monetize quickly.


Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?

Overview Their History

Siteground vs Bluehost: Quality, Innovation, Safety, Easy to use, Who will win?

Site Ground and Bluehost might look like twins.

They were founded at the same time and have since grown to offer almost identical hosting packages.

Site Ground and Bluehost, provide managed WordPress hosting along with specialized hosting for WooCommerce sites.

And because WordPress recommends both,

each has managed to attract a considerable number of WordPress users.

But, SiteGround and Bluehost are not only specialized on WordPress.

Their normal shared hosting solutions are very flexible and can handle a wide range of e-commerce applications.

On top of that, both take things to the next level with the SiteGround Enterprise plan and VPS cloud hosting that hosts Bluehost.

Although each of these packages offers sellable resources and better performance, their distinct architectures are quite different.

SiteGround cloud hosting uses resources from many servers, while Bluehost VPS hosting is limited to one server.

With all these similarities between the two suppliers, it is understandable why the comparison between SiteGround and Bluehost can be rather confusing.

You need to go beyond the basics and get to the heart of the matter if you are going to identify the best option.


Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?

Main features

SITEGROUND VS BLUEHOST – The Best web Hosting: Quality, Innovation, Safety, Easy to use, Who will win?

Here is a quick overview of some features of both wordpress base plans:

SiteGround: Basic plan include:Bluehost: Basic plan include:
1 website1 Website
10 GB web space50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited data transferUnmetered Bandwidth
Free SSLFree SSL Certificate
Free WP installationFree WP installation
1 Free Domain1 Free Included Domain
Free WordPress Migrator5 Parked Domains
Auto-updates WP25 Subdomains
Free email accountFree email account
Free CDNFree CDN
100% balanced renewable energy5 Parked Domains
30 day money back guarantee30 day money back guarantee
Unlimited MySQL database$200 Marketing Credit
Siteground VS Bluehost Basic plans


Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?

Ease of use

SITEGROUND VS BLUEHOST – Best Hosting 2020: Quality, Innovation, Safety, Easy to use, Who will win?

One of the most common things that people have to consider when looking at hosting companies is which tool is easiest.

Bluehost, for example,

offers a range of cPanel solutions with common features such as file managers and email accounts.

SiteGround has a more powerful and intuitive custom panel, and is a bit clearer and easier to use in general.

The Bluehost backend can be very easy to use and straightforward,

but it is also a customized version of cpanel, which means there is much more to get used to.

SiteGround and Bluehost seem to be almost identical.

Performing on both platforms is quite simple and beginners should be able to get started in no time.

And since their site management interfaces are based on cPanel,

you can expect a fluid experience throughout.

Another praiseworthy feature on both SiteGround and Bluehost is the one-click installation of CMS.

On your panel, then, you can start WordPress by clicking on the default application icon.

So when it comes to building sites,

it happens that SiteGround and Bluehost have both worked with Weebly.

Then, of course, you can use the resulting drag and drop editor to create and customize your e-commerce website.


Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?

Domain Name

Siteground vs Bluehost The best Web Hosting 2020: Quality, Innovation, Safety, Easy to use, Who will win?

As a hosting provider, one of the basic things you would expect from a Web Hosting is free domain registration.

Well, SiteGround gives you the freedom to enter your domain name, accompanied by any of the standard prefixes for free.

If you already own a website, you may be able to move it for free.

SiteGround is generous enough to offer free site migration to the GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Like SiteGround, Bluehost is simple for both beginners and experienced users.

Here you can check if your domain name is available on Bluehost

In fact, domain registration here is completely free.

And in case you haven’t made up your mind during registration, Bluehost applies the free registration credit to your account.

As a result, you can proceed to enter your favorite domain name at any time.

Unfortunately, you may not be so lucky if you plan to migrate an existing site to Bluehost.

It turns out that Bluehost charges a $149.99 fee for transferring sites via its web migrant.

Seems like a pretty large amount for a typical small business.

Well, you can avoid this charge by managing the migration,

but you need a qualified developer to transfer everything to Bluehost servers.

SiteGround Offer for the most popular domains

We analyze in detail the costs of most popular domain on SiteGround
12,95 €/yr.12,95 €/yr.13,95 €/yr.14,95 €/yr.14,95 €/yr.14,95 €/yr.14,95 €/yr.
SiteGround Offer for the most popular domains

SiteGroundOffer for National Domains

.at – 16,95 €.be – 12,95 €.ca – 16,95 €.cat – 16,95 €
.ch – 25,95 €.co – 25,95 € – 12,95 € – 25,95 € – 16,95 € – 12,95 € – 12,95 € – 12,95 € – 17,95 €.de – 12,95 €.es – 12,95 €.eu – 12,95 € – 12,95 €.fr – 12,95 € – 12,95 €.in – 12,95 € – 12,95 €.mx – 35,95 €.it – 12,95 € -12,95 € – 12,95 € – 25,95 € – 12,95 €.nl – 13,95 € – 12,95 € – 12,95 € – 12,95 € – 25,95 € – 16,95 €.us – 13,95 €.pl – 16,95 €
SiteGroundOffer for National Domains

SiteGround Special Domain Offer

online – 13,95 €/ – 14,95 €/ – 30,95 €/ – 21,95 €/ – 13,95 €/ – 10,95 €/ – 12,95 €/yr.
SiteGround Special Domain Offer

For more information about Domains:

Bluehost – Offer for the most popular domains

Special Offert Bluehost domain
Special Offert Bluehost domain

Each Bluehost Domain Includes:

Easy Management

Once you use Bluehost’s domain name search and find a suitable web address, you can manage the site through a simple interface.

Manage your domain and all its aspects from an easy to use control panel. Easily change DNS records on multiple domains.

Automatic renewal

Protect your domain from expiration and accidental loss by allowing automatic renewal. Return to manual renewal at any time. Using this service ensures that the domain names on your website are always protected.

Domain Blocking

Once you find the perfect domain, block it to prevent unauthorized transfers. Unlock it for transfers at any time. Bluehost’s domain name service will save your favorite name and keep it safe for when you’re ready.

For other domain extensions on offer:


Comparison of two of the best web hosting around for years. What is the Greatest Service?


Siteground VS Bluehost: Performance

In general, SiteGround offers many performance features compared to Bluehost.

Uptime is generally the most critical performance metric to consider in today’s hosting market.

Siteground uptime provides by far the best results in the shared hosting industry. Bluehost is not as impressive.

With Siteground, you get the benefits of knowing your content will be hosted in more than one data center,

with servers throughout the UK, US, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Bluehost, does not have the same helpful add-on as several more data centers.

In fact, compared to other web hosting services,

Bluehost is very enigmatic about where they host their data.


Speed and uptime

SiteGround VS Bluehost: Speed


99.99% uptime

The main resources it relies on to achieve this includes,

secure account isolation,

anti-bot AI,

automatic backup system,

proactive server monitoring

and Linux containers.

Server response times are generally monitored by measuring Time To First Byte (TTFB).

Each of the tests generated a TTFB of less than 250ms. The precise figures were 211ms, 242ms and 245ms.


Bluehost’s 99.9% availability guarantee is like SiteGround. The only thing missing is the more 0.09%.

Even so, 99.9% is still a solid figure.

The test involved tracking four websites hosted on Bluehost via UptimeRobot, over three months.

The next results I obtained were mixed.

Three of the sites had an impressive uptime rate of 100%.

But the fourth, went below the Bluehost guarantee.

Its average uptime was 99.69%.

As for the Server Speed Test

on three different websites hosted on its shared servers the results were:

The shortest TTFB recorded was 269ms, followed by 562ms, then 618ms. Pretty decent, I must say.

But, let’s be honest here: Bluehost’s servers don’t seem as reactive as SiteGround’s.



There’s more to comparing hosting options than thinking about budget.

Before you start transferring your website, you need to know how much you will spend. Features like unlimited storage are great for your hosting provider,

but they won’t help much if you’re struggling to afford your own hosting.

We always see WordPress hosting:


SITEGROUND VS BLUEHOST – SiteGround WordPress Hosting


Provides all the essential functionality of WordPress.

They include:

  • WordPress support,
  • advanced WordPress security,
  • automatic WordPress update,
  • free WordPress installation,
  • free Let’s Encrypt
  • SSL certificates,
  • free cart installation,
  • free phone,
  • chat and ticket support,
  • automated daily backup,
  • proactive updates and patches,
  • server monitoring,
  • account isolation,
  • LXC based stability,
  • SuperCacher,
  • HTTP / 2 enabled servers,
  • free CDN,
  • SSD storage,
  • 5 data center locations,
  • unlimited sub and parked domains,
  • unlimited MySQL DB,
  • free selection drag and drop generator and unlimited data transfer.

This plan includes a website, plus a maximum storage capacity of 10 GB and monthly site visits of 10,000.


Offers all the features of the StartUp plan,

as well as premium WordPress provisions such as one-click WordPress staging,

special WordPress cache,


advanced on-demand backup and free site transfer.

This plan includes unlimited websites, as well as 20GB storage and 25,000 monthly site visits.


GoGeek combines GrowBig plan features,

with Geeky WordPress features such as SG-Git repository creation for WordPress,

pre-installed Git,

PCI-compliant servers and advanced priority support.


SITEGROUND VS BLUEHOST – Bluehost WordPress Hosting


Bluehost offers:

  • $200 marketing credit,
  • 25 subdomains,
  • 5 parked domains,
  • 1 domain included,
  • standard performance,
  • free SSL certificate,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 1 website


Bluehost offers:

  • Unlimited subdomains,
  • parked domains,
  • domains,
  • SSD storage
  • websites,
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • $200 marketing credit.

Choice Plus:

Bluehost offers Plus Plan features in addition to backup of the CodeGuard Basic site.


Customer service

SiteGround VS Bluehost: Customer Service

Customer support should always be a crucial consideration when choosing a new hosting provider.

SiteGround offers 24-hour support on XNUMX via email, phone, live chat and more.

SiteGround support has always been a friendly and reliable choice, designed to give you quick answers to all your questions.

So, the Bluehost support team offers 24-hour support but is not so dedicated.

The company is much slower with migration and orientation.



SiteGround VS Bluehost: The Winner is:

SiteGround offers a much better experience than Bluehost,

with access to everything from free migration to extraordinary uptime.

SiteGround is the best choice if you’re looking for sensational performance, with fantastic speed and uptime.

You should also choose SiteGround if you want a range of backup options, advanced hosting features

and a unique cache storage system to access when you’re taking advantage of website creation and unlimited email hosting.

Bluehost is also ideal if you need a lot of storage space and want to include your domain name in your website.

If you’re looking for something that’s cheaper and easier to access for a small business,

then it’s hard to go wrong with Bluehost.

To summarize,

while the two providers bond when it comes to their ease of use, Bluehost loses with SiteGround, by a small margin when comparing their hosting functionality and WordPress performance.

That said, SiteGround is much better about server performance

From the tests we conducted, it is clear that SiteGround is twice as fast as Bluehost.

Don’t get me wrong though.

Bluehost is not a slow hosting provider.

The performance optimization features we have explored,

along with the related test results,

are proof that Bluehost is a powerful hosting solution.

So, we can agree that SiteGround and Bluehost are both reliable web hosts.

You can use both for your e-commerce site.

But, if you need something more against your competitors,

I would tell you to choose SiteGround.

And you made your choice?Activate the special price


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