Siteground vs InMotion – Is SiteGround the best?

Siteground vs InMotion – Is SiteGround the best? Looking for a hosting provider and heard of SiteGround and InMotion? Stuck between them or just want to find out more? You’ve come to the right place!

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Are you trying to decide between InMotion vs SiteGround? If you’re down to these two hosts we know you’ve got the interest of your website very much at heart.

We get your passion for fast, reliable sites. We’ve been through this ourselves. And we have sites hosted with both these hosts…

We host this website ( on FlyWheel hosting (Review) but we also have several other sites hosted on both SiteGround and InMotion.

Performance, security, speed, these are just a few of the buzzwords that may come to mind when you think of either of these hosting providers.

Both known in the hosting community for superior support, SiteGround and InMotion are industry leaders when it comes to helping growing businesses.

They offer competitive packages with powerful hardware, round-the-clock monitoring, and premier service.

Ratings will show they both excel in just about every category, and you can compare specifics below.

Siteground vs InMotion

The difference between InMotion vs SiteGround is that SiteGround has slightly cheaper pricing plans for the first year.

They both have fast servers, free daily backups and a full money-back guarantee.

Both, have great performance, excellent support but with ROOT access on WHM we got better performance from InMotion hosting.

InMotion Web hosting

InMotion Hosting, founded in 2001 has been rated as one of the leading web hosting companies for the last 17 years with an A+ rating on

They offer fast performance for 300+ pieces of software including WordPress hosting, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Prestashop.

The excellent performance of their infrastructure is achieved through a number of conscious decisions:

  • Platform-specific optimized stacks and use of SSD drives
  • Keeping the number of accounts on each server fairly low (compared to other cheap hosts)
  • Hosted in the US catering primarily for businesses or sites with a primary audience in the United States
  • InMotion hosting is fully US-based including its customer support center.

InMotion offers Free in their plans:

  • JetPack Personal in their plans,
  • A free domain name,
  • $50 in Free Amazon Ads
  • $100 in Free Microsoft Advertising Credits and
  • A free business listing with
  • Of course, there is also the whole host of other popular software to power your websites.

Siteground vs InMotion

Siteground Web Hosting

This Web Hosting was founded in 2004 by a group of university friends in Bulgaria but is today headquartered in Washington, D.C, though they still have much of their operations out of their Bulgaria offices.

They use cutting edge technology and their constant innovation has enabled them to grow steadily over the years to become one of the most established names in the web industry.

SiteGround has expanded significantly and now has data-centers in locations in Chicago and Iowa in the United States, Amsterdam, and London in Europe and Singapore in the APAC region.

Recently SiteGround has been moving some of their infrastructure to Google’s cloud hosting platform.

As we have seen from other web hosting providers (such as Kinsta) who use Google cloud hosting, this is great news for performance.

They are also one of the web hosting services recommended by

Speaking of technology, check out this 1-minute video is a great way to showcase what the company does to make your site fast:

Siteground vs InMotion

Siteground vs InMotion

Plans And Pricing

Let’s see the plans that these two have for the masses and the price points they come in at;

Siteground vs InMotion

Siteground vs InMotion

Key Features

Key FeaturesSiteground GrowBigInMotion Power
Storage20 GB50 GB
Site BuilderYesYes
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Free BackupsYes (Daily)Yes (Every 36hrs)
Free MigrationYesYes
Free Email AccountsYesYes
Full FeaturesLearn MoreLearn More
Siteground vs InMotion

As you can see in the price comparisons, SiteGround comes in at a much higher cost of entry compared to InMotion.

Both hosting providers offer plans that are quite solid and come with nice value adds. Do note that they both also offer free web migration services (For SiteGround, free site migration is only available for GrowBig and higher plan.), which I consider an excellent transfer point.

Siteground vs InMotion


Server Location

SiteGround has the support of 5 separate data centres spread across the globe, with one in the US, 3 in Europe and an Asia location served via Singapore.

This is a very strategic spread and offers good latency for their customer sites.

Inmotion Hosting on the other hand is slightly more elusive about their data centres, simply mentioning that they have “data centres on both coasts” – which we assume would be the US East and West.

SiteGround server speed

Inmotion Hosting server speed

Despite the discrepancy in location of data centers that the two hosting providers have, these are excellent speed performance timings across the board.

In fact, these timing are pretty hard to beat and very significant on shared web hosting sites.

To delve down a little deeper into speed performance, do take note that each of them has a little something extra which most hosts do not offer – specialized speed tweaks (or a variety of).

SiteGround deploys a potent mixture of SSD, NGINX, SuperCacher, CDN, HTTP/2 and PHP7.

Combined, each of these helps inch forward speed performance just that tiny bit more to give it an edge over the competition.

Inmotion Hosting however, sells very hard on what it calls ‘Max Speed Zone’.

There is however just a tiny lingering doubt here in the way the company positions this technology.

Inmotion Hosting lays premise that many competitors overly rely on single data centres, which results potential negative speed impacts.

Siteground vs InMotion

Server Uptime

Inmotion Hosting showed a solid 100% uptime over the most recent 30-day monitoring period, but I was a little surprised that there seemed to be a slight glitch in SiteGround’s 30-day period.

It’s a tiny drop in a big ocean, however, since I’ve monitored this host for some time now and it has generally been solid. Even with the bump, uptime remained above 99.95%.

SiteGround uptime

Inmotion Hosting uptime

This is where again we call attention in to the response times shown in the graphs.

SiteGround once again shows its resilience with consistent below 1,000 ms responses.

To penalize SiteGround for a tiny blip on an unblemished record would be a little unfair in my eyes, and combine that with the response time, I’m willing to give the point to them.

Siteground vs InMotion

WordPress Hosting Comparison


SiteGround has thought of everything you need to get your site up and running. Starting with the essentials, users get free email accounts, site transfer, Cloudflare CDN, and cPanel license.

Then the company makes it simple for you to start rolling out content by offering an easy, automated WordPress installation and a unique and powerful WordPress Starter program that walks site owners through site setup.

The custom tool helps customers choose from professionally designed themes and add key functionalities like a contact form, online store, portfolio, or other content.

Selections are automatically installed on the site, delivering a fully-functional website in minutes, without any tech expertise required.

SiteGround’s WordPress hosting also features automatic updates to the core and plugins, with built-in, multi-layer WordPress caching built-in, as well.

Users can easily test and deploy changes to their site with single-click staging, and Git is available for version control.

SiteGround’s unique downtime prevention software monitors servers’ statuses in real-time and resolves more than 90% of server issues instantly and automatically.

Many competitors can take an average of five to 20 minutes to detect an issue, plus up to 20 minutes to react and resolve the exploit.

Siteground vs InMotion

WordPress Hosting Comparison


InMotion offers three different levels to its WordPress hosting offerings, which allows you to tailor the hosting to your needs or budget.

For those needing eCommerce support, the company’s middle or top offerings have you covered, while all three include InMotion’s drag-and-drop BoldGrid page editor.

Each hosting package InMotion offers comes with a free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and free data backups for data security.

If you need it, each plan also has support for PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python, and includes SSH access.

InMotion Hosting has made a name for itself on support and reliability.

While not the cheapest of the budget WordPress hosts out there, the packages offered are solid in performance and feature sets.

Siteground vs InMotion – Technical Support

Customer support is one of the key components of any hosting plan and it is something we rate very highly.

There are other hosting companies, which lack in this department, but we found both InMotion and SiteGround to be top-notch in this department.

InMotion provides Premier Support that offers supports to its client through live chat, e-mail ticketing, and over the phone. They also have a huge repository of online tutorials and FAQ supported by the community, which is appreciable.

SiteGround has consistently offered a thorough system of online chat, e-mail access, and telephone support.

They are set up to answer the majority of tickets within 10 minutes and their live chat responds with 10 seconds, which is the fastest.

They have the best customer support in the entire web hosting industry.

Siteground vs InMotion

Important features

Cloudflare and Siteground

Cloudflare and Siteground
Cloudflare and Siteground

How do I activate Cloudflare?

To use the CDN service as a whole and to always have the site loaded from the closest location to your visitors,

you need to reconfigure your website to redirect to WWW URLs.

  • Go to Site Tools > Speed > Cloudflare
  • To configure your account, click Configuration under Configure your Cloudflare.
  • You have the possibility to create a new Cloudflare account by entering your email account and password.
  • To activate the Free Cloudflare service, select your domain name from the drop-down menu and click Activate Free.

Once the service is activated, visitors will upload your site from the nearest geographical location to them!

Please note that if you wish, you can directly enable the premium version of Cloudflare CDN.

If you are not yet in SiteGround and would like to take advantage of this incredible service for your site,

we recommend you to take advantage of the incredible offer in progress.(Free Migration of Your Website)

Redirecting to WWW

You can redirect your website to open through www from the Cloudflare tool.

If you already have Cloudflare enabled, you must first deactivate it.

Please note that if you are using Cloudflare Plus,

you do not have to deactivate it as this will cancel the service and you will have to order it again.

To аpply the redirection to www,

choose “I want you to automatically reconfigure my site to open via WWW

and click on Activate Free to activate the Cloudflare service.

How do I manage Cloudflare in SiteGround?

Cloudflare and Siteground
Cloudflare and Siteground

On the Cloudflare tool page you will find all the information about your Cloudflare service,

and there you can apply the desired changes to your website.

Free Cloudflare

The settings you can configure are as follows:

  • Cloudflare Caching Level: You can choose between BasicSimple and Aggressive
  • Empty Cache: Delete cached content for your site. You can use it if you want to see the changes made to your site immediately.
  • Development mode: This mode is useful if you are making changes to cached content (such as images) and want to see those changes immediately.
  • Cloudflare Security Settings: Adjust the basic level of protection to change which Cloudflare visitors do not allow to visit your website.
  • Always Online: Your site online, even if your server is having problems.
    • Cloudflare will serve the pages from the cache,
    • the visitor will still see some of the pages and will see a message at the top of the page “offline navigation mode“.
    • As soon as the server goes back online, Cloudflare will send users back to regular browsing.
  • Email Obfuscation Parameters: Cloudflare encrypts email addresses on your web page for bots, keeping them visible to humans.
  • Automatic Minimizing: Removes all unnecessary characters from HTML, JavaScript and CSS files,
    • resulting in fewer scripts and faster loading times.
  • Railgun: Accelerates the connection between Cloudflare and the SiteGround server.
  • SSL Support: Use this option if you want your website to open with HTTPS.

Cloudflare Premium

  • Web Application Firewall: Protects your web application and uses rule sets to block common or new attack styles.
  • Trimmings: Image optimization, compresses images for faster loading times.
  • Mirage: Automatically resizes images according to the visitor’s device.

Cloudflare CDN Statistics

In this section you will find statistics on the domain that Cloudflare uses.

You will find detailed information on the requests and bandwidth offered by the SiteGround server and the Cloudflare CDN.

Allow/Block IP

Cloudflare and Siteground

By default it blocks IP addresses known to be spam and malicious content.

If one of your users is blocked, you have the option to add him/her to your trusted list,

Also, if you notice spam or DDoS attacks from a particular IP address, you can block it.

If an address is blocked by many Cloudflare users, it will be blocked globally.

The IP Access Control section provides you with an interface that you can use to block or whitelist IP addresses or entire networks.

How do I set up Cloudflare CDN with SSL?

To configure SSL,

Go to Site Tools > Speed > Cloudflare.

Then, go to the Settings section under Manage Cloudflare Settings.

Then you will see the configuration for SSL Support.

You’ll find it:

  • Off: No secure connection between the visitor and CloudFlare, and between CloudFlare and your web server.
  • Flexible: Secure connection between the visitor and CloudFlare,
    • but not between CloudFlare and your web server.
  • Full: secure connection between the visitor and CloudFlare
    • and secure (but not authenticated) connection between CloudFlare and your web server.
  • Hard: secure connection between the visitor and CloudFlare and secure,
    • authenticated connection between CloudFlare and your web server.

If you have a Let’s Encrypt certificate installed and configured for your website,

we recommend selecting the Entire option.

Siteground vs InMotion

Important features

InMotion Hosting

Ease of use

Ease of use is an important feature when choosing a web hosting. Inmotion offers ease of use in all its services, which makes it a useful hosting for all new users.

It is important to have this feature even if you have experience, an ease of use can speed up your time of use. It also speeds up the development of your web project.

The interface they offer and the use of cPanel are points that collaborate in ease of use. Inmotion, without a doubt, takes care of this aspect in all its services.

Domain Names

Domain names are necessary to give identity to your website and your project. For this reason it is necessary to get a good name that fits your site taking care of semantics and aesthetics.

Inmotion offers a wide variety of extensions. They have a selected variety designed to satisfy all users and their projects. Specialized extensions for a specific sector or country.

Three Tips to Choosing the Perfect Domain

  • Keep it Short, but Descriptive: Using keywords are an easy way to accomplish this. You want your potential customers to immediately know what services you offer. Using keywords will also help with SEO.
  • You’ll want to add a touch of originality to your domain name. That way it’ll be both easy to remember and unique.
  • Don’t Hesitate: Domains sell VERY quickly. It’s not uncommon for a domain that’s available today to be gone tomorrow. Register your favorite domains ASAP.


Inmotion is a company that excels in offering incredible features in its projects. It offers unlimited emails in many of its plans at excellent prices.

Having a professional email offers you some advantages that should be taken into consideration, especially if your project starts to develop. Having a corporate image gives a great impression to everyone who is interested in working with you.

In addition, the security provided by a professional email is also very positive.


As for the database, being a company based in the United States, it has its data centers located in that same country.

It has two databases, one in Herndon, Virginia, and the other in Los Angeles, California.

Inmotion has state-of-the-art technology in its data centers. This guarantees quality assurance.


InMotion Web hosting offers unlimited storage space on all of its plans, this is absolutely not to be underestimated, there are few Web hosts that offer this

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is a key feature of any website that wants to be taken seriously.That little padlock helps you prove that your site is trustworthy.

InMotion offers the SSL certificate for free on all its plans

Quality Support

The quality of technical support offered by Inmotion is of the highest level.It stands out with the competition for the security and trust it offers all its users

What types of e-commerce solutions does InMotion offer?

InMotion Hosting Review

There are two main options you can choose for e-commerce sites. The first is PrestaShop Hosting, which offers you a wide range of tools and features to customize the shopping experience of your business.

There are over 270 different features to help you get the most out of your site.

Second, InMotion offers OpenCart Hosting, ideal for small businesses that need something simple and easy to configure. OpenCart is included for free with all shared hosting plans and can be installed in a single step for your convenience.

Siteground vs InMotion


Reliability and attentive support being shared goals of InMotion Hosting and SiteGround.

The two providers have catered their offerings to meet a variety of consumer needs, with everything from WordPress-specific solutions to SSD speed and in-house-built software.

The teams bring a stellar offering to the hosting community. The ratings have spoken, but we’re here to tell you:

Serious hosting users truly can’t go wrong with either contender!

Siteground vs InMotion

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Siteground vs InMotion


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