Social Media Marketing VS Social Media Advertising

Today we will focus on a very important topic, social media advertising, which is essential to increase visits to your site.

Social media occupy a large part of the market and so if you have a site it is right to use them to increase visits and increase your followers.

At the end of the article we will see a very interesting software that we tested recently, it allows you to have an increase in social media visits.

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Social Media Marketing VS Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing

social media advertising
LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

SMM is a powerful resource for businesses, professionals and organisations of all sizes to find and connect with existing or potential clients/users.

Social marketers create corporate Facebook pages and accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other major social networks.

However, not all of these professionals really have clear objectives and defined strategies,

Neither an in-depth knowledge of how social media interacts with consumers to increase brand awareness, drive up sales and profits, create brand loyalty.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you understand how to get into social media training and take a look at the Social Media Marketing Courses,

Here are some very interesting ones:

So that you can understand how to do all this successfully.

Know the ABC of social media marketing, understand exactly what social media marketing is, how it works,

what it requires in terms of time, human resources and budget,

is the fundamental premise for those who want to do social marketing in a professional and effective way.

SMM: definition

social media advertising
LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

Social media marketing or SMM is a branch of online marketing applied to social networks.

This discipline exploits the ability of social media and web-social applications (apps) to generate interaction (engagement) and sharing (social sharing),

in order to increase the visibility and notoriety of:

  • A brand,
  • a product or service,
  • a freelancer
  • a public figure.

It includes activities such as the promotion/sale of particular goods and services (or of oneself: Personal Branding),

the generation of new business contacts (leads) and increased traffic to a brand’s official website.

For promotional purposes it is good to integrate a social media marketing strategy with other forms of online promotion, such as:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO),
  • Social Media Advertising (SMA) or Social ads,
  • and Digital Public Relations or Digital Pr.

Social media marketing, together with social customer service, social selling and others, is considered a component of Social Business,

therefore also includes PPC marketing activities.

Social Media Marketing VS Social Media Advertising

social media advertising
LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

SMM is not social media advertising.

In the second case, reference is made exclusively to paid strategies:

Most social platforms, in fact, have over the years developed paid tools (such as Facebook Ads),

that allow marketers and other business entities to modulate their investment and set up campaigns aimed at reaching their target,

improve conversions,

succeed in the lead generation, etc.

SMM, however, lives on more than just sponsored content:

Its “mission” is to improve the digital presence of the brand or subject in question,

in a perspective in which the digital presence of a brand is intimately linked to its own visibility and positioning,

in a long chain process, including the end user’s purchasing decisions.

What it means to do Social Media Marketing

social media advertising
LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

The daily routine of a social media manager is much more complex than you might imagine.

Among his main tasks, and among the activities in which social media marketing takes shape,

there is the definition of a content strategy and a dedicated editorial plan.

The content is, in fact, the basis on which to build your digital presence and ask yourself what can really be of value for your fanbase is fundamental if you want to get involvement and visibility.

Having a constant rhythm of publication and being able to find the best times for your posts are among those practical tricks that allow you to retain more users.

The complex of activities that help to create a lasting and profitable relationship with your online community is also a good part of a social strategy.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing

LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

Understanding what social media marketing is,

let’s now see what the main benefits of this discipline are:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty (brand loyalty)
  • Improvement of Customer service
  • Increased business contacts (sales leads) and sales
  • Increased web traffic to the site or a blog
  • Better positioning of the site (ranking) on search engines
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Connecting and developing interactive relationships with your target audience
  • Development of a reputation as an expert or leader in the industry (brand authority)

LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

Here is a short description, which you will also find on the official page, of this incredible tool,

The impact it can have on the SEO of your site is formidable, we started using it a few days ago and we already have incredible results.

LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

What is LinkCollider?

LinkCollider is the only FREE SEO tools with social media advertising to improve SEO and increase website traffic as well as your primary source of likes, tweets, shares, subscribers, followers & blog posts.

The SEO tools will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social media networks by pairing site owners who want to increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings,

and get free Facebook likes & shares with users who will genuinely interact with their web platforms.

You can use LinkCollider as an SEO tools to increase website traffic and connect with real people from more than 350,000 active users from more than 200 countries.

Social media plays a role in your site’s popularity, and LinkCollider can also help you get:

  • Free Facebook likes,
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  • Blogger/Blogspot posts,
  • and Stumbleupon/Mix posts.

You cannot imagine how social media could change the fate of your website SEO.

Nowadays, most search engines use social media stats to calculate the popularity of a website.

It’s been tested and proven by many site owners, and now,

LinkCollider is here to guide you how you can get more social media shares, followers, and likes which can lead you to the success and improve your website SEO at the same time.


LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

How to use LinkCollider to improve SEO for free

LinkCollider: A SEO tools with Social Media Advertising to increase website traffic

Why invest in Social Media Marketing

Low costs:

Creating social profiles is free as well as creating and managing social media management, social networking campaigns with your own social media management.

High ROI (return on investment) from advertising investments:

The ROI generated by social media advertising is the highest of all forms of paid advertising.

Social ads are also a type of advertising that allows high target profiling and personalization:

the “ads” will be shown only to users really interested in the products/services promoted by the advertiser.

High conversion rate (CR) or conversion rate:

more than 51% of social media marketers say that the development of meaningful customer relationships has a positive impact on sales results.

Improved Customer Insights:

Unlike content shared through private channels such as email, tools and instant messaging apps, which are therefore difficult to measure,

various social media marketing tools allow precise monitoring of activities on the various company social profiles.

From the analysis of the numerous data collected (insight) through tools such as Google Analytics,

it is possible to obtain important information on the “sentiment” towards the brand,

as well as the demographic composition, interests, behaviour and needs of clients.

The importance of Social Media Marketing

Why is social media marketing important?

Social networks have become a virtual meeting place for people:

  • They exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics,
  • read reviews about products and services they want to buy,
  • look for information on places they want to go, such as restaurants or hotels.

Once, when these social platforms did not yet exist,

this exchange of news took place in bars or other social gathering places.

Today, however, people spend much more time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn and that is where they often “meet” and talk to each other.

What does this mean?

It means that companies and professionals should increasingly work on the ability to intercept and engage users in online social discussions,

because in these online environments it is possible to make them become their customers.

People’s opinions are increasingly influenced by conversations on the internet and this is a fact to take into account if you sell a product on the web,

if you do online marketing, or if you just want to become important and relevant as an influencer.

Why is this trend affecting us?

Who is a business man, or an online marketer, to reach his audience, his possible clients must become good at getting noticed where he can find them, on social networks.

He must be present and be able to direct the opinions of those who have to make decisions and must do so online,

because it is there that purchasing decisions are increasingly being made.

Being proficient on socials is also important for those who are looking for new professional opportunities:

  • find a job,
  • be desired by companies,
  • have career opportunities and increasing earnings.

To be interesting and attractive for companies, you should also become good at handling: software, tools and platforms,

through which you can reach prospects interested in a product or service on social networks.

Social Media Marketing VS Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Marketing VS Social Media Advertising


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