Starting Blog Tips

Starting Blog Tips: What we are going to address is a brief analysis of today’s possibilities,

by opening an online blog and building content on a variety of topics.

As a first approach we analyze and try to understand what are the aspects that are considered negative and positive,

and what role it maintains despite the passage of time.

Currently digital communication has become so diversified,

through the multiplicity of channels available,

that obtaining an audience and important visibility is complex.

Many interesting blogs have been absorbed by online newspapers,

others have disappeared leaving only obsolete traces.

Starting Blog Tips

Some important values remain to be taken into account:

Starting a Blog in 2020
Starting Blog Tips

Starting Blog Tips – First

The blog responds to you, in positive and negative.

Unlike social channels all content produced and uploaded on your blog is yours,

falls within your domain and can be made visible or not at your discretion.

To increase visibility and achieve rewarding results,

you must follow the SEO rules required by Google and other search engines.

Starting Blog Tips – Second

The blog is buildable and adaptable,

to the development of each:

business, topic, content, both on an individual level to increase personal branding,

and within a corporate site.

It is also a platform that keeps your content that you can make more visible through different platforms, such as social media.

Starting Blog Tips – Third

The blog by its very nature is capable of generating communities of readers and enthusiasts,

allows you to share non-superficial experiences,

opinions on popular topics, in-depth reviews and personal opinions.

The goal should always be to establish lasting relationships of trust,

and increase the popularity of your content among readers. Quality content is always considered the first success factor among bloggers.

Starting Blog Tips – Fourth

Being among the first results on Google in organic search is not at all simple, but the content is essential to do so.

The blog, whether it is a container inside your website,

or on an external platform is able to increase the authority over search engines,

and climb positions in the SERP, without having to feed traffic with Ads.

We have seen what can be positive aspects, we discover instead why NOT open a blog in 2020.

Starting Blog Tips
Starting Blog Tips

Do not open a blog if:

You don’t have a specific purpose and you don’t have a perfect and rhythmic planning with clear goals it may not be the right thing for you.

If you consider it only an occasional hobby rather than a business or a showcase.

If you are accustomed to getting everything and immediately.

Planning SEO content takes time.

The more years go by, the more competitors will be present, so you need a targeted, long-term content strategy.

Part of a digital strategy is to take in analysis external platforms that can be like Quora and Medium.

Quora is a platform, which allows you to manage content, answering questions from other users.

Although there is no space of its own within Quora, each user’s answers are rewarding content in Google’s SERP search. Most people who reach Quora do so through organic search.

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Starting Blog Tips

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Starting Blog Tips:

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