Strategic marketing: What is it? How to use it effectively?

Yesterday we talked about what Analytics Marketing is all about, today we’re going to look specifically at the process after that – Strategic marketing.

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Strategic marketing: What is it?

Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing

The meaning of strategic marketing is easily explained:

It is the planning of all activities to be put in place to generate profits and increase the competitive advantage of a brand.

The translation of strategic marketing is the planning of wide-ranging actions,

indispensable for any company that wants to stay in the market.

Thanks to it, you set yourself medium and long-term objectives and put in place targeted action plans to achieve them.

If you are launching a product or brand, you will have asked yourself what your target market is and how you would like to position yourself within it.

This Marketing allows you to analyse and understand the needs of your target audience,

and identify the products and services you need to offer to meet those needs in a consistent and effective way and timeframe.

How does it work?

Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing

A good definition of strategic marketing could be:

A good planning of product and brand structure with the aim of making it attractive to the market.

This type of planning moves with a time horizon of three to five years, involving different aspects of the company’s business.

In this way you will not only study the company’s vision and mission and make sure they are in line with market needs,

but you will be able to anticipate the evolution of the target segment and the context in which your brand operates,

You will be able to anticipate the evolution of your target segment and the context in which your brand operates,

and you will be able to work on various aspects ranging from product design to sales and communication strategy.

In short, it’s a matter of translating business objectives into concrete strategies to achieve them.

This does not only mean working on advertising, but also on many other aspects.

Be careful not to make the mistake of underestimating this phase because it is ‘theoretical’ and you want to jump straight into practice.

Good planning is necessary, regardless of the type of industry you work in and the size of your company.

Steve Jobs – Think different

Strategic marketing: Steve Jobs – Think different

Strategic marketing and Innovation

Strategic marketing

If you are a strategic marketer, you need to have a firm grip on brand identity but don’t forget innovation,

by guiding research and development teams and orienting them towards the company’s long-term objectives.

The aim is not only not to lose, but to gain competitive advantage over the target market.

The Chief Marketing Officer should manage innovation teams and product managers,

so that they are constantly looking for solutions that guarantee better and better results.

Examples of Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing

SEO: The strategy for dominating search engines

When it comes to web marketing strategies, SEO is always one of the first examples to be mentioned.

We mean all those activities that are carried out on a site or outside of it to enable it to reach the first page on search engines.

And, by the way, by the term ‘search engine’ we refer to all those platforms, such as Google and Bing,

that give you access to numerous results after typing in a specific keyword.

SEO activity takes into consideration updates from Google and other search engines,

and the algorithms on which it is based to enable the site to climb the mountain and successfully reach the top: the first page.

It all starts with the idea that most consumers, when searching for something on Google, rarely go beyond the first page of results, which is called the SERP.

Consequently, in order to achieve maximum online visibility and create a solid web presence for your business,

you need to ensure that Google rates the content of your site better than all those of your competitors.

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Why optimize your website’s SEO

Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing

Why and when should you seriously think about starting an SEO strategy?

One of the benefits of SEO on websites is to increase organic visits.

By attracting new users to your site, you can increase your chances of sales.

And, in this sense, we can say that with SEO the website really becomes a useful business tool and not just a showcase of your company abandoned to itself.

SEO, thanks to the very strict Google algorithms to which it must refer, also helps you to improve the User Experience of your site.

And simply speaking, by optimizing SEO you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising,

Which is certainly less effective than organic traffic.


Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing

Other examples of online marketing strategies include blogging,

which in some aspect can also be considered related to SEO.

What do we mean by the term ‘blogging’?

The word comes from ‘blog’, (web log), a place where thoughts are stored on the Internet.

The activity of blogging involves writing a series of articles to be published on a website or on a page created specifically to host them.

How could blogging be linked to SEO?

Through the primary research of the right keywords for your company,

you will be able to create content that is not only interesting for the user, but that can also be positioned within the search engines.

Content marketing, which we talked about a few days ago, is rightfully part of the SEO strategy.

Blogging can really bring in big money if done correctly,

If you are looking for an online start, considering the current situation, blogging is still considered one of the best areas to start,

With our support, if you don’t have a website, we can help you create a successful blog.

That will give you an extra income.

Why blogging

One of the benefits of starting a web marketing strategy based on blogging is an increase in website visits.

As we have already mentioned, content marketing, if carried out with an SEO perspective, allows you to position your site for a number of keywords and, therefore, to be more visible online.

Blogging is particularly useful when you are looking for ways to ‘convert’ a user from an anonymous site visitor to a contact and potential customer of your company.

After piquing their curiosity with interesting content, they will decide to get in touch with you by filling in the contact form or by calling you.

In this way, you will achieve a twofold result: on the one hand, you will have achieved your goal of increasing the number of potential customers,

On the other hand, you will have built brand awareness among consumers searching online.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic marketing

Strategy can also be seen as a sequence of decisions, with respect to the market, positioning, marketing leverage, performance wanted, etc.

The main areas of strategy are:

Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning (STP)

The segmentation of the audience, the identification of the target audience and the definition of a differentiating positioning.

Online Value Proposition (OVP)

The creation of an online value proposition that is consistent and coherent with the brand image.

Relationship building

Creating awareness and a relationship with the target audience.

Web, social media, etc.

Defining the main levers of the online presence to achieve its objectives.

Going into more detail, there are 8 key decisions that a digital marketing manager needs to make:

  • Decision 1: Growth strategy
  • Decision 2: Business and revenue model
  • Decision 3: Segmentation and target identification
  • Decision 4: Online positioning and differentiation
  • Decision 5: Customer relationship and engagement policies
  • Decision 6: Omni-channel distribution
  • Decision 7: Omni-channel communication
  • Decision 8: Organizational aspects and competencies

Strategic marketing: What is it? How to use it effectively?

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Strategic marketing: What is it? How to use it effectively?


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