The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

The Complete Guide for the Selection of a Web Hosting for your New Site (Guide)

We’re having a record-breaking summer temperatures, a frightening heat that is putting most of us to the test.

But this must not be a good excuse to sit on our hands because I’ll think about it in September.

In online business, moving ahead of the competition can be the winning weapon.

In this case, talking about the web, finding the right hosting plan for your website can make the difference for your business.

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide
The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

The Essential Step

Start working on the Internet, or at least create the simplest of websites, both involve a basic choice:

the hosting plan on which to “host” the site.

Much of your online work depends on this decision. It is thanks to the hosting,

in fact, that the site will be able to enjoy certain performance (speed),

and that it will be reliable and safe,

which is very important if we are talking about an E-Commerce site,

where you must ensure greatest protection for customer data. Choosing which hosting to buy is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

In fact, it is necessary to test a series of parameters,

an evaluation that must be made to identify the best solution.

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide


What are the parameters that need to be analysed:

  • Disk Space
  • RAM available
  • HTTPS Protocol
  • HTTP/2 protocol
  • Number of mailboxes
  • SSD Discs
  • Database
  • Domain registration included
  • Automatic backup
  • Cron Job
  • Antivirus and Antispam

Of all those listed, I want to highlight three:

Domain Included:

Make sure your hosting plan includes domain registration, so you can make real savings for the benefit of your hosting buy.

If you then decide to invest some extra money,

then I recommend that you combine the hosting with a domain with one of the new extensions,

thanks to which you can make clear your professional scope.


The amount of RAM available will be the level of performance that the site will have.

To make sure that users have a pleasant browsing experience with your site

(in short, smallest loading times for the pages of the site)

and that Google takes you into consideration (loading speed is a ranking factor in SEO)

you need to buy a hosting that has a total amount of RAM available.


What Google did last January was to make a real revolution on the web.

The search engine has in fact decided to punish,

as unsafe, all sites that use HTTP, the old protocol used by millions of users.

To ensure a high level of reliability,

Google wants all websites to switch to the secure HTTPS connection.

To have this security protocol,

thanks to which communications travel in an encrypted way and thus safe from prying eyes,

it is necessary that the hosting plan includes an SSL Certificate and a Dedicated IP.

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

Advantages for your site with good Hosting

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide
The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

In a much more concise and quicker way,

I prefer to list what are the advantages you will enjoy if you don’t make a mistake in choosing the hosting plan:

  • Higher site speed
  • Improved SEO Indexing
  • Increased visibility for site content
  • Improved usability
  • Maximum level of security for users
  • Make the most of the CMS chosen to manage the site
  • Choose the PHP version
  • Edit Php.ini configuration file
  • Professional assistance guaranteed by the provider
  • Possibility of a service upgrade
  • .htaccess file management

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide

Free solutions? No thanks

If you go on the web, in addition to the various business proposals of the hosting providers you will find many free hosting solutions.

You want to know why you should avoid them?

  • No technical assistance
  • Poor performance
  • Long loading times
  • No improvement in search engine indexing
  • Inability to guarantee the safety of your visitors
  • Absence of HTTPS

The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide


The buy of a hosting represents, like domain registration,

the initial and most important moment for the launch of a new web project.

Always focus on quality, even if you may find yourself spending a few dollars more.

We realize that it can be a big expense,

so if you are interested we have a section on the site where you can find the best web hosting on the Web in this 2020,

selected thanks to the criteria we were saying before.

Thanks to our collaborations with these we are able to get very cheap and affordable prices,

if you want to take a look:

Best Web Hosting Section

Our advice is to start from economic and shared plans

(shared hosting: in practice, share the resources of a server with other users)

and then move, once your site is grown,

to more preforming solutions such as semi-dedicated plans

(Cloud Hosting) and dedicated solutions (Dedicated Server).

What will be in the future will be seen, for now try to start in the right way anticipating your direct competitors.

Develop your digital business now,

without waiting for the coolness of September to refresh your ideas.


The Selection of a Web Hosting Guide)

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