Top Digital Marketing Books – The Top 5 between 2020/2021

Top Digital Marketing Books – The Top 5 between 2020/2021 . Introduction

Digital marketing is growing rapidly,

millions of people every day take courses, read books and learn about every aspect of this world.

Digital marketing, if done correctly, can increase your profits and allow you to live a free, more unrestricted life,

We have selected the best books between 2020 and 2021, thinking that this information will help you to increase your success and knowledge.

These are all books that we have also purchased and are full of useful information for everyone.

Before we start this list of the top 5 books on digital marketing, here are some of our articles that might interest you:

What is Digital Marketing?

According to one of the official definitions, digital marketing is “the set of marketing activities that, through online channels,

develops its sales network, analyses market trends, forecasts trends and creates offers based on the target customer profile”.

So, thinking of being online with a simple website or on social networks with a simple FB page means anything but doing digital marketing.

To be satisfied with the fact that users (people with tastes, needs and desires) are surfing the net,

when it is possible to interact with them by capturing market needs and trends,

would be to devalue digital innovation and the impact that new technologies have on reality.

This is why digital marketing means developing, designing and implementing an effective digital strategy to identify, understand, study and satisfy people’s needs, desires and requirements.

Digital Marketing for Beginners: 7 Strategies That Work – From Ahrefs

Top Digital Marketing Books

The Top 5

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

1) Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

What you’ll learn

  • 1. The change of  “E-marketing” to modern-day “Digital marketing is outlined in this book.
  • 2. ASCOR Framework a result-oriented digital marketing model
  • 3. Learn how to transform a brick & mortar business to an online business model.
  • 4. Examples of some successful digital marketing frameworks that you can apply.
  • 5. Excellent case studies of India-specific brands
  • 6. Includes a hands-on guide on how to become a digital marketing expert.

2) The Art of Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

The Art of Digital Marketing is the comprehensive guide to cracking the digital marketing ‘code,’

and reaching, engaging, and serving the empowered consumer.

Based on the industry’s leading certification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI),

this book presents an innovative methodology for successful digital marketing: start with the customer and work backwards.

A campaign is only effective as it is reflective of the consumer’s wants, needs, preferences and inclinations;

the DMI framework provides structured, implementable, iterative direction for getting it right every time.

3) Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and enhance your digital marketing practice with the new edition of this essential guide,

now one of the bestselling books in the industry and required reading for more than 100 universities and colleges,

including Harvard University and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Understanding Digital Marketing is a practical, no-nonsense guide to digital marketing, the rules of new media and understanding the behaviours of the new generation of digital consumers.

Thoroughly revised, this fourth edition features more information, fresh examples and case studies,

and in-depth insider accounts of the latest developments in the industry from internationally recognized brands and digital marketing campaigns.

4) Digital Marketing For Dummies

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

What you’ll learn in this book

  • How to generate free organic traffic
  • Acquire new leads & customers
  • Create landing pages that convert
  • Build your email list
  • Interact with your customers
  • Master search engine marketing
  • How to track & measure important KPIs.

5) Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Books
Top Digital Marketing Books

Digital Minds assists you in the field of content marketing by providing your business with content marketing strategies,

social media, responsive web design, SEO, display advertising, email marketing, and more, by industry-proven expertise.

Top Digital Marketing Books – The Top 5 between 2020/2021

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Top Digital Marketing Books – The Top 5 between 2020/2021


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