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How to start a Travel Blog: Summary

The travel blog industry is very popular and turning your passions into a source of income can be very easy for you,

so you could be very successful.

It only takes very little to go on a trip a bit different from the ones you are used to.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the essentials you need to know to start a successful travel blog.

How to start a Travel Blog
How to start a Travel Blog

Ready to go? Here is everything you need for the trip:

  • A domain;
  • A hosting;
  • WordPress;
  • Our guides;
  • So much desire to tell.

Choose a domain

How to start a Travel Blog
Choose a domain name for your travel blog

The domain is the address of your website. It is what your users will type in their browser,

so you will have to choose a domain with certain characteristics.

The domain consists of two parts separated by a dot: the first part is the site name, the second part is the extension.

The .com extension is the most suitable if you want to address a wider audience,

but there are many new extensions that may be suitable for your travel blog, such as .blog, .holiday, .travel.

The name of the blog is the part you invent. Try to be concise and not to use complicated words, because it must be easy for users to remember. Use words related to the world of travel, but don’t be too trivial.

How to start a Travel Blog: Choose hosting

How to start a Travel Blog
Chose a Web Hosting for your travel blog

Hosting is the place where your blog will be hosted, the internet space where you can store your files, install WordPress and make your blog.

For this reason it must be as safe, performing and reliable as possible.

It is not easy to choose from all available services, but a starting point can be our guide to the best WordPress hosting.

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Travel Blog – SiteGround
How to start a Travel Blog
Chose a Hosting for your travel blog

WordPress to Create a Travel Blog

WordPress to Create a Travel Blog

If you decide to use WordPress to create your travel blog, you’ll enjoy countless advantages.

In fact, it is a simple and effective system for the creation of any type of website,

it allows you to insert all the features you may need and you won’t need any special technical knowledge.

You have the advantage of being able to choose one of the many themes dedicated to this very sector. Search, for example, among the themes of Themeforest,

or take a look at GeneratePress, a very fast and versatile theme.

Take great care to design the structure of your travel blog in a way that is as easy for the user to navigate as possible.

Make sure you have a clear menu with all the most important pages,

including the Who We Are/Who We Are page, the page dedicated to any services you offer, and the contact page.

Then create well-defined categories in which you will insert your articles. For this, you’ll need to know exactly what imprint to give your blog. Do you prefer to divide the articles by geographical areas? You could use the categories Asia, Europe, America etc.

WordPress is the best CMS for Create a Travel Blog

Like any website, a travel blog has features that characterize it, and plugins will help you install them all.

First of all, don’t forget to use the main plugins for security, performance and basic functionality of your blog.

For example, Akismet as antispam, W3 Total Cache for performance, Yoast for SEO, Contact Form 7 for contact forms.

Also, you can offer different services thanks to useful plugins. For example, would you like to add the itinerary of your last vacation on Google Maps, so that your visitors can follow it too?

How to Write Articles

WordPress is the best CMS for Create a Travel Blog

The best way to tell a place is through the experiences and emotions of those who have been there. Focus as much as possible on storytelling,

a very personal copywriting technique, which means telling a story, telling what happened to you.

Travelers are all sensitive people so base your style on communicating emotions.

But never neglect the practical aspect, because a good trip must also be well organized.

Within the travel blogs have then a position of particular importance photographs. Get a good camera and take the time to look for meaningful shots. The images must be of excellent quality.

To optimize the photos of your travels,

use tools like Smush or to not make the pages too heavy and pay attention to the file name and alt attribute.

WordPress is the best CMS for Create a Travel Blog

I hope I have given you some good ideas to create your travel blog.

If you have any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to write to us below in the comments,

Let us know your experience on the article and these three Web Hostings.

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