What is a blog

What is a blog? How Does It Work?

What is a blog – Introduction

Recognized by many as the first blogger in history,

Justin Hall, in 1994, began to publish on the Internet a real story, at times even intimate, of his own days,

What is a blog
Justin Hall, The First Blogger

Even today, blogs are much more than online diaries and are also exploited by companies and institutions.

Constant updating,

more informal tones and a certain attention to feedback from the community of readers remain key features for the blog sphere.

if you wanted to expand the definition of a blog a little bit,

this should be considered as a website or web page through which one or more users share personal opinions on facts of general interest,

or on topics and topics relevant to a select niche of other Internet users.

Among the reasons for the success of blogging,

and why bloggers could be considered in some ways the true precursors of influencer marketing,

there’s the trust gained in his community of readers under a certain consonance of interests, tastes, opinions,

or competence matured in a specific sector that makes the blogger a reference figure,

as it happened, for example, for the tech blogger Salvatore Aranzulla, still today among the most popular blogger in Italy and in the World

What is a blog
Salvatore Aranzulla

Before answering the question “How to start a blog?”

you should ask yourself “Why start a blog?”

The blogger or the writing enthusiast who wants to have a space of his own and to be managed at will should, in advance,

operate a sort of scenario analysis, taking into account how populated is for example a certain niche market,

whether it be that of cooking blogs, book blogs, news blogs, and so on, in which he is trying to penetrate,

who are his main competitors and what the needs, his possible audience.

What is a blog


What is a blog
Start with us Your Blog!

Other preliminary decisions to create a blog include the choice of blog name, template and design,

the most important is the editorial line to follow.

A good headline that can make readers curious, can help traffic and readings, as well as make the right URL for example.

The colors, design, and structure you choose for your blog improve the user experience and can help build reader loyalty.

In short, there are no golden rules for how to create a blog,

but everything must be related to the results you hope to achieve,

as well as your familiarity with digital environments and technologies for example

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What is a blog – Bonus

What is a blog
What is a blog – Bonus

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