What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? What are the best choices?

This article is dedicated to those who have a well launched site with several daily visits, today we’re going to see: what is a Dedicate Server?

What are the best hosting options for this type of service?

We’ve selected and tested on some of our sites for you the best ones available, with extremely low costs for the service offered and optimal performance.

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What is a Dedicated Server

What is a Dedicated Server
What is a Dedicated Server

When dealing with a world that you do not fully understand, it is good to start with its definition.

A dedicated server is a computer component capable of managing and processing information from a specific private web space (Host)

and providing this information to all those devices that request it (Clients).

It can be described as a machine capable of dealing exclusively with the management and processing of a specific company’s data;

whereas a shared server has the capacity to process more and for more sites simultaneously.

This process has a significant impact on the speed and reliability of the server.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting, by Bluehost.com (one of the Best)

What is a Dedicated Server

The advantages of a dedicated server

The possibility of using dedicated servers where software and hardware are at the service of the client, without incurring too many costs, provides several advantages.

To better understand, here are the main ones.


The ability to be managed completely autonomously,

Without restrictions or limits of any kind, makes this method particularly flexible.

The possibility of being able to choose the hardware and software installed on the server, depending on one’s needs, is a considerable advantage.


Navigation through online shops is one of the most important aspects of customer loyalty and a streamlined and enjoyable service.

Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server has a higher performance,

this is due to the activities being closely linked to a single user and not to several sites simultaneously.

SEO strategies

When trying to improve your website, it is impossible not to come across SEO strategies, which are essential for optimizing your online activity.

Indexing your content in the best way possible on search engines is an essential step to make your website stand out and grow.

The increase in speed and on-site management, through a dedicated server, substantially improves SEO indexing and strategies related to the algorithms of the most popular search engines.


As can be easily deduced, a dedicated server limits the data passing through to those desired and does not share information with unaccepted external sites.

This implies greater security and the almost elimination of random cyber attacks.

Customizing a dedicated server

What is a Dedicated Server
What is a Dedicated Server

The advantages and possible applications of a dedicated server are endless,

but one of the most appreciated is certainly that of complete customization in the choice of technical specifications.

Each server, depending on the offer signed, can adapt to the needs of the customer in a completely customised manner;

embracing not only the requirements of cost, but also the technical characteristics most suited to their needs.

The choice of a more or less powerful server, providing greater computing or storage power according to requirements, is fundamental to making the most of this technology.

The choice of CPU, RAM, connection speed or simply the storage capacity of the hard disks can be made according to your business needs,

adapting in an exemplary manner to the size of your company and your choice of subscription.

Every company should opt for a dedicated server solution,

as the increased performance and full customization guarantee a significant improvement in business.

Best choices

As we said before, one of our top choices is definitely Bluehost, let’s see some of its best features

Bluehost Dedicated Server

Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting
Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

The use of poor web hosting for your website may limit the number of users who visit your pages.

With Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting you won’t have this problem.

Dedicated servers are completely isolated from each other,

And users have full access to configure their server, in any way they want without influencing another user,

or being influenced by the actions of other users.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Standard Plan

Standard Plan
4 cores @ 2.3 GHz
500GB (Mirrored) Storage
5 TB Bandwidth
3 IP Addresses
What is a Dedicated Server

This is a website hosting environment that provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control.

This Hosting are completely isolated from one another,

so users get full access to configure their server anyway they want without affecting another user,

or being affected by the actions of other users.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Enhanced Plan/Premium Plan

Enhanced Plan
4 cores @ 2.5 GHz
1TB (Mirrored) Storage
10 TB Bandwidth
4 IP Addresses
What is a Dedicated Server
Premium Plan
4 cores @ 3.3 GHz
1TB (Mirrored) Storage
15 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
What is a Dedicated Server

This is the fastest and best hosting platform Bluehost offers.

Dedicated hosting gives you plenty of space to grow, but, as with VPS hosting, you will need to manage a dedicated server on your own.

The Dedicated platform is built on OpenStack, a scalable cloud operating system.

Bluehost provides WHM installation, an advanced cPanel installation for:

  • Resource management,
  • Domain Manager
  • Server Management custom tools.


FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

As in all other plans a year of domain registration is free.

After the initial year, the domain can be renewed at market price.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL provides a secure connection to your website, and protects your personal information.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days of service, you can cancel for a full refund of hosting fees.

Extreme Speed

Each server is custom-built using the latest open source technology, like OpenStack. This allows the flexibility to upgrade performance of the server over time.

Fast Provisioning

Bluehost’s team of specialists builds and racks your server and connects it to the network within 24-72 hours.

This ensures that you can start working as soon as possible.

RAID Storage

The storage configuration of this plan is high quality, it uses RAID1, so that your data is mirrored.

This redundancy helps to ensure that your data is well protected.

Storage Upgrades

With the enhanced cPanel interface,

you are able to increase the memory available on your server on the fly,

in real time, without any help from the server administrator.

Root Access

All dedicated servers include full root access,

allowing advanced users with unlimited access to perform custom installations or other customizations.

Dedicated Server Hosting Support

Rapid support from trained specialized agents to assist with dedicated hosting issues.

This ensures an optimal support experience.

Advanced Features

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting

More experienced users can have unlimited access and control over everything,

from the operating system to Apache with the unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Improved cPanel

Each dedicated configuration includes the enhanced cPanel-based interface option,

which makes it easy to manage all your websites, domains, emails, resources and more from one central location.

Multi-Server Management

You can add:

-Shared hosting,

-VPS hosting,

or even extra hosting services dedicated to your existing account and manage them all in one place.

Advanced Capabilities

Bluehost‘s servers are designed from the ground up to support everything you need:

– Secure Shell (SSH) access,

– server-side inclusion,

– log file access

– web-based managers for files, databases and email.

Customize your .htaccess, cron job and php.ini files.

Database Management

It’s easy to organize, edit and manage databases on the server with: Bluehost‘s custom-designed database manager.

Optional Features

Domain Privacy and Protection

With Bluehost you will no longer have problems with:

– identity theft,

– spam,

– phishing attacks,

because you will mask the personal information associated with your domain name.

You will receive SMS alerts for changes to your domain and avoid domain blacklists.

Spam Protection

Filters out harmful and unwanted content before it reaches your inbox,

isolating quarantined messages for you to review.

InMotion Hosting – Dedicated Server

Hosting Compare
What is a Dedicated Server

This plan is one of InMotion‘s best, let’s see something in technical detail for a moment:

Increased security and up-times ensure you are always online and accessible.

Operating out of data centers located at Internet Exchange Points (IXP),

you’ll enjoy fast data throughput and ping times.

Managed servers come with SysAdmin support, cPanel and WHM.

Bare metal puts you in control with root access to install your preferred OS and software stack.

What is a Dedicated Server
What is a Dedicated Server
What is a Dedicated Server
What is a Dedicated Server


Free SSD Drive: 20x faster load times

99.99% Network Uptime: Smart Routing Technology

Multi-Layer Defense: Mitigate unplanned downtime

CentOS Experts: They are Linux Dedicated Server Hosting professionals. You get the best IT team working 24/7.

Tier 1 Network: Redundant bandwidth providers

Fast Network Times: Ping InMotion networks

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? What are the best choices?

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What is a Dedicated Server Hosting? What are the best choices?


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