What is Vps Host? What are the best choices?

What is Vps Host? Introduction

One of the most comprehensive hosting plans that make your website fast and secure, today we will look specifically at what this type of plan includes.

Most of the hosting companies on the market offer it, with prices that are quite moderate if we think about the type of service they offer.

But what is a virtual private server? How does it work? Is it secure? Before we begin, here are our latest articles, which may interest you:

What is Vps Host?

What is Vps Host
What is Vps Host

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a server connected to the Internet, but which, unlike a normal server, is shared with other users.

In essence, it is a way of sharing a physical server between several independent computers with a partition system.

Each user using such a service is as if they had their own server, with their own RAM, CPU and everything else.

The advantage of using a web hosting service of this kind is undoubtedly economic, as it requires less money than buying a plan with a dedicated server,

while still allowing us to work on a highly configurable system,

with the guarantee of power continuity, network connection and automatic daily backups.

Any operating system can be installed on each virtual server,

although we usually prefer to use Unix without a graphic interface to consume less RAM.

We can still access our VPS via console, HTTP, ssh, FTP or telnet, and the reboot can be performed independently by each user hosted on our server.

Lately, Virtual Private Servers have become more and more popular,

both because of software development and because virtualization technologies for other architectures have made it possible for slightly less experienced users to use them:

VPS does however require a certain amount of familiarity and is certainly not recommended for those who have never had experience in this field.

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS servers?

What is Vps Host
What is Vps Host

This is one of the questions that comes up when you are about to start a new web project.

Maybe you need to create a large website, and this is where the doubts about what to buy start to grow.

In order to understand the characteristics of the products and make a choice, you need to work on the basic definitions.

Let’s start with shared hosting:

This term refers to the service that allows you to rent, for a minimum of one year, space on a server that is shared with other projects.

To explain this with a similitude, shared hosting is like an apartment building.

Each customer has their own well-defined, private space, but they have to live with other people.

With all the advantages and disadvantages of the case.

Firstly, you can count on a reduced price and services that meet your needs if you buy quality shared hosting.

On the other hand, you have limited resources: you can’t move as you like.

That’s what VPS is for.

VPS is the right middle ground between a space to be shared with other people and a dedicated machine.

This is the ideal, the dream of every self-respecting webmaster.

Customise it by adding or removing CPU and RAM by clicking on a simple command.

The advantages of this: you have the resources you need when you really need them.

Through the control panel, you can set the machines and decide how much to dedicate at a certain time of the year.

For example, in the run-up to Black Friday or Christmas.

Or just before sending out a newsletter with an attractive discount.

The advantage of the VPS is that you can choose which and how many resources to give to your site, paying only what you need.

In addition, you can limit the damage of any downtime.

This means that in the event of failures and malfunctions, content is automatically moved to a functioning node.

What are the best choices?

VPS Hosting, by Bluehost.com

What is Vps Host

Let’s see what their VPS Hosting plan offers:

Standard PlanEnhanced PlanUltimate Plan
2 Cores2 Cores4 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage60 GB SSD Storage120 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address2 IP Address2 IP Address
What is Vps Host

Where most VPS hosting solutions take hours or days to activate,

Bluehost has designed its VPS servers for immediate delivery.

You will use your server at the same time as you activate your plan.

24/7 access to in-house VPS team

Bluehost VPS shared hosting environment runs on cloud technology to give superfast website loading times.

The good thing, Bluehost offers a dedicated in-house customer support team who knows the cloud technology in and out.

You can call them anytime or you can get in touch with their in-house VPS team 24/7 (all around the clock) whenever you need any hosting related assistance. So you’re in safe hands.

Superior security

You don’t share the Operating System (OS) with any other users which simply means, you get better security for your website files.

Above all, Bluehost VPS gives you flexible access control where you can easily create passwords that grant access to specific aspects of your VPS hosting account.

To put it simply, you can issue one password for ownership information,

1 more password for server administration and another one master password for everything to manage your hosting account.

Root access

One of the best advantages of using Bluehost VPS hosting environment is that it gives you “Root Access”.

For advanced users, Bluehost offers enhanced cPanel control panel where you’ll have full access to CentOS, giving you complete control of your hosting server.

Root access means, you’ll get full admin powers to access and modify your hosting servers however you want where “root” is the administrative user that you can use to access and edit all the files on your server.

That means, you can easily use root to install and uninstall programs on your server using Bluehost VPS root access feature.

Pros of using Bluehost VPS hosting

  • Free domain name is provided (with all the plans on Bluehost)
  • Free SSL certificates (so you can securely switch from http to https version by using SSL certificates)
  • The pricing plans are really affordable from Bluehost VPS
  • Offers SSD storage (which ultimately improves your website overall page loading times when compared to traditional hard drives)
  • 1 TB of bandwidth is given even with the basic VPS hosting plan
  • 24/7 in-house expert customer support

Cons of using Bluehost VPS hosting

  • CodeGuard Basic is also not provided as it’s an extra addon from Bluehost where you need to pay extra money (it helps you take daily backups and you can easily restore all your backup files with one click)


Bluehost is in the hosting business for a long time,

they started hosting services since 1996 and now have millions of users using their services to manage their sites.

Bluehost VPS has fully managed service. That means you don’t need to manage configurations at server side by yourself.

Even if you’re a non-tech savvy, you don’t have to fret. Bluehost itself takes care of all the client side configurations to make your sites load faster, secure and easy to maintain.

Bluehost also has 3 state-of-the-art data centers in Provo and Utah that are equipped with top-notch servers.

This gives your sites a better loading performance and 100% uptime guarantee!

Bluehost uses cloud technology, all of these services are also provide automated migration.

It means, your existing accounts can easily upgradable to VPS or dedicated servers without any delay.

What is Vps Host? What are the best choices?

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What is Vps Host? What are the best choices?


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