WordPress Tutorial Beginners

WordPress Blog Tutorial Beginners: if you want a detailed explanation about WordPress go here:

How To Create a Website with WordPress – All the features of WordPress – Guide for Beginners Step 2

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

Let’s first try to understand what you have to pay and what you can get for free at this stage.

You’ll see that with WordPress and our advice you can create a blog, showcase sites, eCommerce or both together,

like a showcase site with Blog section inside.

You will be forced to spend a few tens of Euros to have a web space, that is: a hosting service that will host your web project.

Even if you can get your web domain for free,

or choose the graphic theme of your website from those offered for free by WordPress,

the provider, also called hosting, will be the only essential need that you will have to pay,

And in this article we recommend the best cheap WordPress hosting, Tutorial:

Siteground: The Best WordPress Hosting? Our Experience

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

Needless to say that we have not only chosen one of the cheapest,

but also the best hosting services currently in use,

you can read our experience and on our Best Web Hosting page you will find a detailed description of the various plans,

WordPress Tutorial Beginners
WordPress Tutorial Beginners

and the survey made by WordPress about the most recommended Web Hosting by WordPress customers. Take a look, go here

WordPress Tutorial Beginners – Create a WordPress blog

WordPress Tutorial Beginners
WordPress Tutorial Beginners

There are many people who want to create a WordPress blog,

and who work for days on the design and configuration of the theme, and then abandon it after a couple of posts.

Often, this happens for lack of motivation, ideas or time.

So identify well:

WordPress Tutorial Beginners – The niche you will address

WordPress Tutorial Beginners
WordPress Tutorial Beginners

Creating a WordPress blog that addresses a well-defined niche,

will increase your chances of creating a beautiful community.

For more information,

I refer you to our definitive guide that explains in detail all the steps of this process with a small gift for you,

a strategy of our invention that has earned more than $ 2500 in two months

How to Create a Successful Blog that Generates Amazing Profit: Definitive Guide

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

WordPress Tutorial Beginners – The brand and the message of your blog:

What will be the look of your site, you must already have in mind the style of communication,

the message you want to convey, to your future visitors.

WordPress Tutorial Beginners – The first posts you will write

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

When you run a blog for a long time, sometimes you find yourself running out of ideas.

To confirm your idea and make sure you have enough content to support the blog in the first months of its existence,

write a list of 50 titles.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

WordPress Blog Tutorial
WordPress Tutorial Beginners – WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

One of the mistakes most often made by those who want to create a WordPress blog is registering their site on the .com platform,

instead of using the .org version.

The former does not need the buy of a hosting plan. The sites are in fact hosted on WordPress servers (for this reason it is called “hosted”). This places considerable limitations on the changes and customizations you can make to your site.

The .org version is actually a free software that can be downloaded and installed on your server space. There are also no limitations on what you can do on your site.

If you want to learn more about this topic and the differences between the two versions, or you need a guide to transfer your Wordpres.com site to org.

Read this guide:

Transfer WordPress from WordPress.com

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

What do I need to create a WordPress Blog?

WordPress Tutorial Beginners
WordPress Tutorial Beginners
  • Domain
  • Hosting Plan
  • Theme

As you can see, some of the things you need to create a WordPress blog are not free.

So, how much will it cost you to start your site?

In most cases, the first year costs between 130 and 140 Dollars.

The name of your WordPress blog

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

The first thing you need to do is choose the name for your site.

I remind you that to create a website, you need both the domain and the hosting space.

The domain is the web address (also called URL: unique resource locator) that the user types in the navigation bar of the browser to reach your site.

The domain of SOS WP is https://sos-wp.it. Registering a domain is to ensure that only you can use it,

associating it with the server space on which the files and database of your site are located.

A server is a computer that contains the files and database that make up your blog. When a user tries to visit a specific URL, a request is sent to the server that “responds” with the files, the web page

The choice of name and domain is very important. Changing domain when the site is already started is in fact quite complicated,

and could have repercussions on search engine ranking. So think about the name you want to give your site

If you want, below,

Bluehost gives you the possibility to check for free if the domain you have chosen is free or busy,

Bluehost is one of the most performing and cheapest Web Hosting in recent years.

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

Try to choose a name that is:

  • Easy to remember,
  • Easy to write,
  • That reflects your brand or what you want to communicate with your site.

In addition, I advise you to register a “top-level-domain”, that is, like the .com extension

The domain extension does not affect the indexing of the site linked to it on search engines,

but a more popular extension allows it to be remembered more easily.

Subscribe to the most suitable hosting plan for your WordPress blog

If you are reading this article you are supposed to be about to create a blog or site,

and from our personal experience we recommend two hosting in particular,

they are two hosting that have wordpress hosting plans perfect for beginners and very cheap,

below you will find links:

Below you will find two guides dedicated to the registration steps in both SiteGround and Bluehost:

The two we have provided you with are the best in this field and are the ones we have been using for years in our various sites.

Choose an ideal WordPress theme

WordPress Tutorial Beginners

The theme (or template) is used to give graphics to your WordPress site. When you install the platform, one of the default themes is installed. By changing templates you can completely change the look of your blog.

First, you’ll need to choose whether to buy a free or premium theme. No doubt, valid free themes are available. In most cases, these have very limited functionality compared to premium templates.

If you choose to use a free theme, make sure it is maintained by the developer and updated.

If you want to choose a paid theme,

we have reviewed two of the best platforms that provide themes and plugins for wordpress,

you can find the links below:

Guidelines for Choosing WordPress Theme

  • Select a theme that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Make sure the theme has a responsive layout. That it is visible on screens of various sizes (mobile and tablet included).
  • That it is compatible with the tools you want to use
  • To create a SEO-optimized WordPress blog choose a “SEO-optimized” theme.

The main and basic things are all here in this article, if you want to go into detail and want to know more about Plugins, general settings, various strategies etc… we refer you to this complete guide:

If you have any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to write to us below in the comments,

Let us know your experience on the article and these three Web Hostings.

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